Blac Chyna Asking for Restraining Order Against Rob

blac chyna rob kardashian rapper

After Rob went ballistic and exposed Blac Chyna’s grimy ways, she’s now looking into getting a restraining order.

According to sources, Chyna’s lawyer is headed to court on Monday to put “a muzzle” on Rob and keep him away from her.

She wants Rob to stay at least 100 yards from her at all times and to stop posting pics of her kitty kat on social media.

“These restraining orders typically prohibit the wrongdoer from harassing or annoying the victim. The penalty for violating such an order is contempt of court and, possibly, jail.”

Sources also say Rob has cut Chyna off financially. He’s no longer making payments on her rental house, and he took back the 2 cars and jewelry he gave her.



  1. Let the games begin. She needs an attorney with all this bs going on. For sure the klan has a few and they probably have never had to deal with a family member having to stay away from someone else! Has anyone heard china refer to the momma as Mizz chris! She has! And has anyone seen that portrait of the klan females all in hats and long dresses like they are southern belles!

    • They have al attorneys on dial in LA. She needs a good lawyer who has never dealt with them. She also needs security because they are coming for her throat. The prize is Dream.

      • Yes indeed. When I saw how that dirty khloe did her supposedly black girlfriend on the show, for thinking of dating that fat f8ck, I knew they all were dirty racist white bishes only interested in robbing black men and hating black women.

        I’m Not surprised at this outcome.

        She better not let them sleazy thangs steal her baby. Like most white racist bishes, they’d rather die than see a black woman get a dime of white money.

    • nope, but their modus operandi SPEAKS ARMENIA GYPSY OR WHITE AMERICAN KKKs WANNABEES

  2. You are right. Maybe they trying to figure out how to give Dream to one of those aunties cause papa aint together enough to raise himself let alone an infant. Everyone talking about how C ran game on R and she is/was winning. No blk person wins in this system – ever. If they do it’s because YT lets them for however long YT decides. Rumor has it that R was in rehab a while back and that’s why he didn’t show up at his sis wedding to Ye. But they spun it like he was too fat for the tux.

    • Khloe. I hope Tristan does not allow himself to be used like this (future daddy to Dream). Watch her press him for marriage to fortify a case. Chyna also needs to stop this musical chairs with all sorts of men. Sure the K’s do it for all eyes are on Chyna to decide her fitness as a mother, not the K’s.

      • Listen here! NO WOMAN STOPS BEING A WOMAN NEEDING A MAN, JUST BECAUSE SHE HAD A BABY! If rob was a REAL man he’d be in Chyna’s bedroom and would have married her, but the bish is no racist to do right by a black woman

        • he’s too racist to marry a black woman, and he is not a WHOLE man who needs a woman

    • the dirty low life khloe of course. she dont want that FAKE body of her’s messed up and she acts like her and rob are incest partners.

  3. Only 1 out of the 6 kids dates white. Racial confusion. They don’t require a reality show, only headlines! Or is it fake news?

      • Who is paying them for that BS reality show? Or giving them ad dollars?

        It damn sure ain’t black folk…so STOP with the monolithic thinking, moron.

      • Thev kardashians prefer black men they have enough fame and money to attract white men but they prefer to date blacks

        Kris learned long time men go crazier over white women especially those who grew up poor or in bad neighborhoods when they get fame and easy access to date outside their race let’s face it most of these black men wasn’t getting any pussy til they became famous

  4. (Singing)
    “I saw you-and him!-fucking in my bed.
    You were locking lips and I’ll never be the same.”

    “I stuck you up for every piece of jewelry I ever bought you!”

  5. Rob got played that’s his stupidity date a whore you gonna get treated like one crying when he knew she was with many men and women before he thought his money mattered idiot why he think she even gave him the time of day

      • She is no different than rob…they got together to spite his family & they both are easy, playable marks.

        She knew he was an easy mark & got preggers to seal the deal. What she took for granted is now she is a mark too and a whole host of nobodies are going to now use her as a come up.

        • Obviously you dont know the commitment it takes to raise a kid for 21 years of full time, no days off responsibility.

          She should have charged that piece a sh8t of a man $21 million dollars to be a surrogate like a white woman would have done. She let that azz trick her into doing it for FREE. Using the black woman for FREE is what his mammy trained him to do

          • She has a child asswipe so she knew what the fuck she was getting into!!!!

            Please STFU writing to me, you are a complete ‘tard who has the brain size of a pea…

            • And where is he getting off scot-FREE? She bodies him regularly for dough…

              Like I said they BOTH entered into that situation for the WRONG reasons, they both are simps getting checked and they deserve everything they get!

  6. Lol Chyna Girl!!!! You most likely hired an attorney that really works for them, or will be by the time they get through putting up the money. You in Beverly Hills /Hollywood, all these ppl can be baught, just like you!! They money and connections go way longer than yours and You are on they turf!!! You just squared heads up with Satan himself, lol.? I hope you know Jesus?

      • lol.Nope, they got her dumb azz cornerd right where they need her, Rob maybe sad, but China dont realize who turf she on, the kind of people she dealing with or understand exactly how much money talk. This is where Goldigging goes wrong, stay tuned. lol

  7. People from other states really don’t understand Cali at all. Beverly Hills is the luxury version on Compton, but they both operate the same! One brags about they rep and the other stats silent.

  8. This might be robs plot to get dream away from her hope they come to a mutual agreement

    • if it wasnt it sure will be now. She movimg super recklass, like she dont understand how ppl play chess

  9. Chyna gonna have to find another simp now lol

    She used tuga, she used rob, she tried to play future but he dumped her hell future don’t need no more baby mama drama

    Chynathought get pregnant, get child support leave spend his money thing is chyba ain’t dealing with hoodcats but rich ass powerful Armenian white folks

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