Blac Chyna Fails at Scamming Rob One Last Time

blac chyna leaks rob kardashian number

Even though Blac Chyna claims she needs a restraining order against Rob Kardashian, she still tried to scam him one last time before they went their separate ways.

According to celebrity jewelry Ben Baller, the same man who designed Chyna’s engagement ring, Chyna tried to charge $300K worth of jewelry on Rob’s credit card on July 4th.

The truth came out on Twitter when Chyna’s lawyer made an official statement. Peep the tea:

ben baller chyna rob kardashian jewelry

ben baller chyna rob


  1. I’m trying to figure out why you’d need a credit card with over 300k limit. Sounds like some status and bragging BS to me.

    • credit limits are based off your INCOME and credit score. you do realize he’s rich? he has his own business…that’s why he has a 300k limit.

    • His credit card likely doesn’t have a limit and if so, it’s probably in the millions.

  2. This Dark Crytal looking whore has Gloria Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom representing her? Mum is trying to frame Cosby with a group of lying hos and convicted prostitutes, and the other is trying to fleece Rob K. What a family.

  3. He doesn’t have a job. He’s a trust fund baby. Rich means never having to work. Guess his sisters aint rich though cause they stay working.

  4. He got income?!!! So this is why they be coming after stars for those cards that aint been paid on in a year.

  5. Why is this Ben getting involved. It better be true otherwise he’s good for a lawsuit too.

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