Kanye Had White People Chanting “N***a” at Yeezy 3 Fashion Show!

yeezy 3 extras not paid

Oh, Kanye smh…After the debut of the rapper’s Yeezy 3 fashion collection during New York Fashion Week, one of the show’s participants is speaking out on what really went down!

Kanye set up a casting call for 1,200 PAID extras to take part in his presentation. One extra posted to his Instagram that Yeezy failed to pay all 1,200 extras, and he had the crowd of mostly white people chanting the n- word!

Lmao I was on the megatron at Madison for yeezy 3. shit was trash. Kanye finnessed 1200 young black adults into working as extras for free to a sold out white crowd that was screaming “all day nigga”. We didn’t find out we weren’t getting paid til 6am. He sent us to Jersey and put us in Salvation Army clothes (not yeezy, my pants were carhartt and my shirt was American apparel). I jugged some sambas from wardrobe though.


yeezy 3 fashion show white people chanting n word


  1. Fuck this chipmunk looking ass, Kanye forget where he came from, ever since he took up with Kim, Kanye's blackness is evaporating! He burnt bridges with the black community, when he and Kim mash up, he will be sprinting back to the black community!

    • Yeah, let his ass be publically lynched like OJ and Cosby and his ass will be running to the Black Woman to rescue him. That's sell-out playbook rule #1

      • IKR. They always become black again when they fall on hard times. I think Koonye is far more self-loathing than Cosby or Simpson. Cosby and Simpson are def sellouts, but they didn't troll the black community. Koonye's all about being offensive towards other blacks while his lips stay glued to non-black a55.

        • You must be on crack calling Bill a sellout. Bill Cosby is responsible for a few thousand black people graduating through his donations to black colleges.
          These hotep niggas who talk shit like you aint contribute a dime.

          • Anybody who stuck his dyck in a cavebitch is a sellout. he helped their cause whether he knew he'd pay upfront or in the long run.

          • You must be on crack if you think he isn't. He's sat up in front of white audiences blasting black folks many times. Condemned interracial couples and yet he rape-phucked like 500 white women. Now that he's in trouble we see this hypocritical, color-struck mofo surrounding himself with black folks just like OJ.

      • The sad part is a good number of Blacks (minus myself)will be waiting for him with open arms. Look at how they are lining up behind Bayonce's fake behind.

  2. The more this idiot shows himself the more I am so proud of him that he married "out". *THANK GOD THE BLACK WOMAN DODGED YET ANOTHER BULLET!* His embarrassing ass stay making kim-hoe look like a huge walking L

      • f*ck that noise I'm noticing a trend yall excusing Kanye from personal responsiblity and taking the power out of his hand as a knee jerk way to protect a brotha KANYE SOLD OUT HE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BP HE ON THAT POWDER

  3. I guess it's time for a race war, as per the powers that be, lol lol Don't believe the hype, they trying to start a fire so they can try out there new Martial Law strategy that they had store in the cabinet since 2012. Every problem, issue or debate ever founded or argued among men has always been rooted in sins but let's keep arguing about race because that will determine who will be able to avoid death. Not a single human of any color can get out of that. True value of race amounts to nothing when the hour of death is suddenly upon you. People with small myopic thinking focus on race, I can't even support people who can't get pass color. If you open someone's closet all different colored garments shoes and outfits would greet your eyes but the one color they get stuck on is skin color…lol lol taste the f*cking rainbow…lol lol

    • The dumbest thing ever said. How stupid do you sound? If color was not important, then may you lose your eyesight because that means you don't need it! Color is information, just like HISTORY! Information of what or WHO is the trouble-maker on this planet. Even an animal has more sense and intelligence to consider color and consider it's kind than a stupid a$$ MK Ultra clowns in society claiming "Color doesn't matter" and "love is blind". That's some stupid Zionist bullshit you ate like a 7 course meal. You've been eating that bullshit since your indoctrination sitting in front of the TV as a child. Color means the difference between life and death. Next time you're at a stop light I dare you to run that shit since color doesn't matter! And yes, race does matter too. Because the KKKrakkker made it matter! So we're going to see this shit through to it's conclusion. And yes, that is what is happening now. The proverbial pot is boiling over and all the suppression of color importance and race importance is going to eventually explode. Why? cause too many idiots co-sign with "color and race don't matter". Let a zebra hang around with a lion and see what the phuck happens! That's why these simple negroes out here who believe that white wash shit are easy targets, getting dragged behind redneck trucks and hung in trees using their own belts. Yep! That shit is still happening in the 21st century. Google it! Just found a brotha hanging from a tree in New Jersey in 2013 and there are plenty more stories like that – with KKKrakkkers publishing it as "suicides" and "no foul play detected". That's why that coon ass negro who married the police chief's daughter was found murdered in the woods. Google Alfred Wright!

      Either you're a KKKrakkker spittin that MK Ultra race doesn't matter shit on here, or your a walking target coon waiting to be the next face painted on t T-shirt. KKKrakkkers can see who is awak e and who is walking dead and they know who to phuck with!

      Color has always mattered, and will always matter, just like race delineations. Before the KKKrakkker, everyone was black but Nationalities still mattered above everything because nationalities were bloodlines and family clans. So not everything black is African either! Even the Bible says nationalities matter. You need to get a clue if you're black and need to kill yourself if you're white.

      • So you prefer war and strife between races. After you kill all the whites, who will you go after. And Asians who outnumber everyone, who will they go after they do away with those not like them. You have offered an explanation of the problem, but no solution.

        • The solution is much too broad to go into detail here. But it's all outlined in a simple place. Every one's got the playbook in their house somewhere. Even in hotels. The bible. But it is encrypted to those who don't what time it is or who they are. The solution is not pretty. Chattel Slavery wasn't so don't expect the fix for 400 years of bullshit to be either. You are kidding yourself. KKKrakkkers were given a short time to rule with as much evil as they could so that my people could wake up and recognize real. That time is almost up. Ezekiel 25:12-14… God will use the hand of his people to deliver themselves in the initial stages – then it's His SHOW TIME!!!

          • The Beatitudes

            He said:

            Blessed are the poor in spirit,
            for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
            Blessed are those who mourn,
            for they will be comforted.
            Blessed are the meek,
            for they will inherit the earth.
            Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
            for they will be filled.
            Blessed are the merciful,
            for they will be shown mercy.
            Blessed are the pure in heart,
            for they will see God.
            Blessed are the peacemakers,
            for they will be called children of God.
            Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
            for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

            I don't mean to get religious but do you recognize this. Try it.

            • Just like the other MK ULTRA bullshit. Like when KKKraKKKers say the name of Martin Luther King hoping you will back down and become docile… smh. So the KKKraKKKer can run your babies down in the street and shoot them up like dogs while you're busy quoting Beattitudes. LOL… silly ass negro. This is why the situation is intensifying, it will continue to intensify untily you WAKE UP! Notice these devils are up in arms because Beyonce represented more of Malcolm X than Martin Luther King – ask yourself why. Notice MLK has a day and not Malcolm X. Ask yourself why? Unless you really like getting your ass whipped by the KKKraKKKer. Which is what it seems like. Even MLK found out just before he died that his own dream was bullshit. Here is his quote to Harry Belafonte before he was assassinated: "I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House" – Martin Luther King Jr.

              Wonder why THAT quote never made it to mainstream. Beatitude THAT!

              • Seems you pick and choose from the Bible then to justify your positions. Good luck with that.

        • Thank you for your support. United We Stand, but no war can be won with a sub-category of Benedict Arnold and Judas goats among us.

    • It's a good analysis of what not to do because in the end, tptb will always try to dominate and control. No race no people no one owns the planet. You either learn to live in it or remove yourself from it.

      • Thus sayith who? You??? When the bible says that the Earth is given into the hand of the wicked (Job 9:24), follow the clues of the word wicked throughout and you find it is aligning with KKKraKKKers. Krakkkers are ruling just about every "corner" of this planet today!!! Then in Revelations 18:18 says God will destroy "…those who destroy the earth" Sounds like someone's in denial.

  4. To bad we can't send some of these coons back to the 1800s Stacy dash #1 on the list followed by Raven symone

    • ever notice coons never marry coons? that's cause even THEY dont believe wtf they say LOL

  5. Kanye was the one that had the balls to say on TV that Bush didn't give a f*ck about black people and now yall want to throw him to the wolves niggas aint shit

    • KANYE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOU BLACK PEOPLE are you blind deaf dumb and of course stupid?? Yall f*cking fatherless crack babies always ride each other's dick!

  6. Black people are the only ones that will call another black person the term white folks use to call us back when we were in chains and then want to be taken serious niggas aint shit

    • WORD and don't blame nobody but the coon in question, aight! Kanye is a grown as man stop giving his power away he knows what the f*ck he doing

    • Dear retard (Mo87) That's just it! It's NOT my bible. I didn't write it. So essentially you have a problem with God. You got cavebitch yeast on the brain. Keep your eyes on Koonye, to see your future.

  7. Black people need to stop using this word. Its not acceptable for non black people or black people to use it. I don't care how you try to justify its use! Its a negative word and its wrong!

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