Will Packer’s Payola Play With Black Press & Publishers Exposed!


Will Packer Pays Off Black Press

HSK Exclusive — New deets reveal Will Packer pays off the Black Press to keep his name clean. This, while the Hollywood movie producer — who The Atlanta Tribune dubbed “The Man of the Hour” — has yet to payback his investors!!!

According to an industry insider, Packer “covers more than 200 media outfits by paying the NNAP (National Newspaper Publishers Association).” That would be the same NNAP that was initially designed for “harmonizing our energies in a common purpose for the benefit of Negro journalism.”

The Drop:

“Universal Studios forks out big money to protect their black golden boy.”

will packer atlanta tribune


  1. Will why don't you pay the people back their money so they could stop writing these stories about you.

  2. LOL!! This is too Funny. Jacky what did this dude do to YOU (or someone you know). This ish is sounding real personal (and its a good burn)!! Keep it coming…


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