Kanye Receives Backlash After Calling Taylor Swift a B*tch!

kanye west taylor swift sex lyric

It looks like Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s brief friendship is now over. Yesterday, Kanye debuted his latest line of hobo fashion during New York Fashion Week. He also used his presentation to debut his latest album, T.L.O.P.

In his new track Famous, Kanye raps, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that bitch famous.”

After the song played through the barely-packed Madison Square Garden, the lyrics made their way back to Taylor and her family. First, Taylor’s younger brother Austin made a video of himself tossing his Yeezys straight into the trash!


Next, Kanye tweeted that he had called Taylor and got her permission to use the lyric beforehand. So why was her brother Austin so mad? Because Yeezy lied about getting her blessing!

kanye west taylor swift

Taylor’s rep confirmed:

“Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous.'”


  1. He is a Bitch. He a married a hoe. Sacrificed his mother and God knows what little North is going through. I never see that child looking happy.
    …and his shoes look like something George Jetson would wear.

    • LOL @ George Jetson shoes.
      Don't feel sorry for north or the blasphemy called saint. Those two little demons were also the products of sorcery and rituals. There purposes will become very clear once they get a little older and it won't be pretty.

      That's what that wigger get for buying c00nye sneakers anyway. People should stop supporting C00nye and Kimmode

  2. poor Kanyetta. the nut continues to lose the little marbles he has left in that pea-brain. smdh

  3. Kayne may be crazy, he did sing the song, 18 yrs and he definitely married a hoer.. But Taylor is a bitch and that's just a fact.. Her whole persona is fake and so is she.. She's a serial fake dater, but she's a virtue..GTFOOH. She I'll be writing a song out of this crap.. Kayne been lost his mind.. So what's new..SMDH

  4. Kanye is finished. It's one thing offending black folks, who America doesn't give a f*ck about, but calling sweet, innocent, Lil white girls like Taylor Swift 'bitch' is a huge no. They'll lynch his black ass for this lol

  5. kim was delusional when she thought marrying koonye would help her career lol she might as well married the leader of kkk haha

  6. How.embarrassing…a.so.called.married.man.fantasizing.about.smashing.another.woman.for.all.the.world.to.hear…then.calling.a.b**ch.at.the.same.damb.time.wont.get.you.any…something.is.seriously.wrong.with.that.idiot

    • These are the kinds of black idiot nut cases that the white female attracts… ask tommy sotomayor. LOL

  7. Maybe Kanye is HIV+. He's acting a lot like that Carlos Estevez guy when he was "winning."

    • oh you think he got that charlie sheen? hmmm… On self destruct mode. seems very likely.

  8. Kanye f*cked Kim K and he has done some gay shit, so he probably has something. It also wouldn't surprise me if the elite injected Kanye with the As I Die Slow just like they did with Eazy E. Is it true Kanye is $53 million dollars in debt?

    • You can't inject someone with AIDS idiot.

      Even if someone had injected Eazy with tainted blood, it would have taken uite a while for him to develop full blown AIDS. That dumb rumor has been discounted because we know how Dre and Eazy liked to get down on the low.

      God, why do you insist on only using a small part of your brain?

      Kanye 53 mill in debt? What in the hell are u smoking?

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