Ray J Used Code Words So Kim K. Would Wash Her Kitty * Exclusive Audio

Ray J Rolls Out Even More Filthy Deets On Kim Kardashian’s Dirty Vagina!!!

“I would suggest that anybody in any situation let someone know (if their woman’s stuff stinks).” ~Ray J

HSK Exclusive – Ray J in another tape-record drop on Kim Kardashian’s coochie — which he describes as being a “dirty, filthy p*ssy. Not only has Ray J NOT denied the funk factor surrounding Kimmy Kake’s kitty kat, we’ve got MORE AUDIO of Ray J going into further detail about it!!! Sorry Ray, this is no skit.

Here’s a transcript of Ray J’s telephone convo with radio personality Max Billeon:

It was October 21st two-thousand and whatever.

How was the relationship before that? Was it good?

I had to got through a transition … I had to make sure her p*ssy was clean because her p*ssy was like really filthy in the beginning, and just funk’d out. And I know its sounds crazy to think about her like that, but that was real. And I had to go and tell (medical doctor), gotta talk you my girlfriend’s p*ssy stink And he’s like, ‘you gotta tell her.’ And I was like, somebody’s gotta tell her, I can’t keep doing this!

Why do you think it stunk?

It stunk because it was dirty, because it had come all inside of it. Probably from other niggaz. And probably she just had a dirty, filthy p*ssy and nobody told her. Nobody told her her p*ssy stink. So, when I went and told her, she went to the doctor and she was like, ‘Yeah, I had a bad yeast infection.’ That’s when I was like, well when your p*ssy stink Imma just say,’ Why I … why I … I …I … When I say that, you know your p*ssy stink. e got an understanding.’ And it was a burden lifted off of me. And she was like, ‘Babe, everything’s taken care of. I went to the doctor, he said it was a yeast infection and I’m fine. Wanna f*ck again later? Do you wanna smell it? It’s gonna be good …’


Stay tuned, more EXPLOSIVE Ray J audio to come. Don’t believe me.. Ask Shaq!


  1. Why all of this NOW??? A porno, 2 kids and 2 husbands later and he's still talking about ol' girl ?

  2. "Wanna f*ck again later? Do you wanna smell it? It’s gonna be good" lmfaoooooo She didn't even wait 7 days before trying to throw that p*ssy back at him. Just NASTY!

  3. Reading this actually made me feel nauseous. That being said, Ray J better shut up before someone shut him up.

  4. C00n azz negros always swear a white h0e is clean just because she's white. And these filthy kkkavebitches know this, but Ray J admitted as much too…

    "I had to make sure her p*ssy was clean because her p*ssy was like really filthy in the beginning, and just funk’d out. And I know its sounds crazy to think about her like that, but that was real. "

    It's so subconsciously ingrained in these c00ns, meanwhile they comping on 4 year old expired nucca's sperm and God knows what else. smh

    Nasty ass kim probably didn't even go to the doctor, sounds like what she had was much too serious to be cleared up in one day.

    • Agreed. The ph balance is off in these broads. Disease ridden just nasty for no reason. They dont wash right! !!

  5. Who has she pissed off? It's so funny to read but Cray J would have done better to just walk away. He seems emotionally ruined – destroyed even – by her rancid snatch. We get the message now go have some therapy.

    • Comment:t That didn't stop his crazy ass from going doing on her.
      What does that say about him NASTY NASTY

  6. So tired of these people. Ray j love attention.. phony as hell. Professional manipulator

    • Right like Kim and her mother aint the queen of phony professional manipulation. FOH

  7. She wipes from the back to the front the Hairy Armenian way thats the Fishstix married her.

  8. Well you are what you eat!!! Lol lol lol #Fear factor contestant# singer# reality star…..lol lol

  9. a woman's vagina is clean. When a man has a dirty dick he will give her an infection. Anal sex then having vagina sex with out washing will cause a nasty reoccurring infection. Men think a std is like getting a cold NO for woman you are at high risk for cancer. Use a condom and was with an anti bacterial soap.

  10. Ray J is a scumbag he did Whitney wrong. This is the second girl he been with having yeast infection the issue is with him and his dirty dick. He need to shut the f*ck up and stop being a FUCK BOY.

  11. Sperm Vs Sperm In Kim "Coochie Stink" Kardashian !!! 48% Of Black Women Have Herpes !!! 100% Fact !!! Google It !!! ~ cdc

  12. I hate a Nigga that wants to down a Woman who he is no longer with. He said the same thing about Tierra Marie's cooch on Love and Hip Hop. I guess he like stinky pu-nanny's. He is the Main PUSSY in my opinion. Sour Nuts and All with a Slit.

    GTFOH talking that Bull Shitz, you Pathetic Cunt.

  13. Ray J better be cool. The Kardashsians got pull in high places and they might come after him.

  14. Heard Kim thinking about divorce and the kardashians are worried about kanyes mindstate

  15. This is dumb and Ray J is acting like a stunted child with no knowledge of self or the world.

    So she got an infection, big f*cking deal. Thousands of women get them every year. It has nothing to do with her having "a bunch of cum" in there or whatever other dumb shit only a 15-year-old would believe. Sometimes bacteria gets in there. Shit happens. She went to the doctor and got herself taken care of. That's what you're supposed to do.

    And that's if, IF any of this dumb shit is even true. And i'm not a Kardashian stan, I think they're overexposed and famous despite an overwhelming lack of real talent anywhere amongst them, but this is still stupid.

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