Beyonce’s Super Bowl Dancers Exposed for Dating White Men!

beyonce super bowl dancers exposed

Beyonce isn’t the only one getting dragged for her pro-black, Super Bowl halftime performance. Even her backup dancers are getting exposed!

An Instagram account has dug up receipts of a couple of the women who danced alongside Beyonce as she told the world how she loved her daughter’s afro and her “negro nose.” The two women in question are both involved in relationships with white men!

Does this kill Bey’s entire message of black pride?

beyonce superbowl backup dancers exposed



  1. The dancer were doing their job. That's Bey's position not theirs. Lastly you can still be about black pride and power without being a racist yourself.

    • Exactly…these tools…always trying to stir up the shit bowl on here….and some of these fools will fall for the okey.

    • The word race has nothing to do with the dislike of anything. A race is a competition, a racer is one in a competition, and a racist is one who is running a race for their race. Gew has even distorted the way we think about so many things without our knowledge.

  2. "Nego Nose" WT holy F???! Bey's mama "kill Bey’s entire message of black pride"…
    Wasn't Beyonce quoted as wishing she was born latina?

    "I’m just jealous that I wasn’t born Latina. I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful."
    -Beyonce Knowles, Latina Magazine

    • oh by the way bey no need to be jealous of the Latinas cause their culture doesnt belong to them.It comes from Africans….matter fact the whole world mimics its culture from Africans ……da pck outta here….

    • How can a look at her mama kill her black pride? Who choose their mama you dumbass?

  3. All of this shit is a smokescreen. Beyonce ain't shit and neither are her dancers. They just following the white man's orders like good lil lap puppy bitches.

    • Kanye and Lamar ain't shit they follow the orders of Pimp Mama Kris like good lil lap puppy bitches.

      • Did any of you see how quite uncomfortable & a tad out of place Lamar looked sitting with the Kartrampians at Kanye's show recently?
        You have to see it….

        • If you had been without oxygen for 4 minutes you would look a bit "off" too. It's a miracle that he didn''t end up like BK Brown.

          • Larmar is a bedwench period now a robot dumbass going back to the hoes to tried to off him

  4. 1. The dancers never claimed to be pro black, Bey did.
    2. You can be pro black and date outside of your race (provided you date the person because you love them and aren't doing that whole thing black men love to do where they bash black women to death and putting their white women on pedestals)
    3. Kendrick lamar's cousin Nick young is about to marry the biggest appropriator of black/hip hop culture iggy Azelia and Kendrick has not said a word. Where is the article on that?

    • People who are that pro-black usually date/marry black. It's more than just pumping your fist and screaming "black power"; it's a whole mindset. These backup dancers are laid up with white guys, and Beyonce's proud of her daughter's afro and "negro nose"…while straight blond weave stays sewn to her head. All these bitchuz are counterfeit.

      • Well then most black men must not be pro black seeing as they chase after every ugly ass white women before they'll even look at a black woman.
        Harry Belafonte, Sidney poiter, Most of the male civil rights activists. Not one was pro black lmao

        • I definitely wouldn't call those two pro-black. However, saying that Belafonte and Poitier are representative of most male civil rights activists is simply false. Hollywood negroes don't (and shouldn't) represent true civil rights activists.

  5. Iggy being the biggest appropriator? Jesus, reading some of the comments on here yall need to get and education and stop thinking everything is racists and it's just "the man" or some "illuminati" bs holding you down. It's yourselves.

    But anways Iggy is not NEARLY the biggest appropriator of black culture, have none of you fools seen all the rappers coming out of Asia who are basically minstrel shows? #expandyourworldview

  6. lol how many black men put their daughters or "baby mamas" in positions of success though? be real shit like this happen by default majority of the time not by choice…when it comes to the black female. bitch either u be a baby mama getting passed or you catch that damn opportunity from mr white man unless you lucky enough to get opportunity from a brotha or your own damn daddy.

  7. Joe Jackson…… Matthew Knowles…… Richard Williams…… It's a lot of black dads that make their kids stars

    • Three does not equal a lot…if it were a lot there would be more of us running shit.

  8. It's interesting that Beyonce said she wished she was Latina because why did she marry and have a child with a black man. All leading Latina actresses and singers are not with black men. Her comments show self hatred. Even for a yellow woman as Beyonce she hates herself.

  9. Black people need to stop letting other people exploit them. These singers and celebrities are puppets doing the devil's work.

    • You are a puppet doing the work of a white devil you THINK is Jesus but is really a painting of a fag named Cesare Borgia.
      dont believe me ? look it up……

  10. who gives a f*ck it they date white boys…..they never said they was pro black ….propaganda….the media did

  11. bey did what she was told …….just an illusion… incite….who the fucj\k pays her bill it sho aint the black panthers lol

      • #Preach!!! That kneegro c00n is talking out the side of his neck. Meanwhile plenty of black women have to avoid and fend off kkaveDemons who try to make passes at us in the office on the daily with not one brotha to fend for us!

    • 100% of bum male coons got molested by the hood jailbirds! Pissy sissies need to go be mad at their bum ass dad.

  12. Just some negro bedwenches, wearing black beret!

    When Angela Davis was in the Black Panthers, she married a white man. In my opinion there is no way you can be pro-black and date white men. Is like serving to 2 masters at the same time, if you like white men you be with them, but don't talk about black issues!

    • That's the dumbest f*cking thing I've read in 2016. So Angela Davis is supppose to give up her blackness becasue she married a whiteman?

      • She didn't marry a white man. Her only husband looked like Isaac Hayes. Definitely black.

      • @Sunni

        I didn't say that. She married a white man, that's her business!! All I said was, her marrying a white man defects the objects,
        how can you be fighting for black equality, when your ridding the white dick??

        These 90's pro-blacks think their can eat their cake! You can't serve 2 masters!


  13. 2 women out of 50 does not represent anyone but themselves. And the troll the felt the need to hunt for the pictures is f*cking coon, for trying to undermine something positive. Some of yall blacks kill me ain't nothing good enough for yet you contribute nothing.

  14. Many of the upper echelon of the Black Panthers were either married to of dated white women. What's the problem?"

  15. This was no black pride message. The fixed superbowl was the pale white horse defeating the black panthers. She did was she was told to do by her masters… race bait to fuel a race war.

    • Black men comprise 5% of the US population. WTF do you want them to do? Commit mass suicide? Because that's what a "revolution" would be.

    • Kanye is told what to do by his white witch maters to fuel a race war.

      See how bullshit that sounds.

    • Uh you do butmuncher or u wouldn't have commented dumb ass !!!
      100 what dumb ass lmao I get it now !

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  17. Sasha, there's no contradiction between dating an individual white person and standing up against system racism. The system is a product in part of the people in power and administrative positions (some of whom are black!) and the ignorant masses who are passive and/or unaware of their own white privilege. Standing up against that does not require boycotting all white people. That would be ridiculous and counterproductive.

  18. You are such a chickensh*t for constantly removing post, especially the one's that call you out on these BS articles…get over yourself dude.

  19. Haha. Still at it. It's a story for this site to get comments. Nothing bout nothing.

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