Christina Milian Gets Dragged for Letting Daughter Wear Makeup

christina milian violet daughter makeup

Christina Milian is constantly getting criticized on social media for what many consider to be poor parenting.

Back in December, she was dragged for putting 20 inch weave in her 5-year-old daughter’s hair. And now, she’s being slammed again for allowing her daughter to wear a full face of makeup.

Christina posted this video of her daughter, Violet, doing her own makeup. She did a good job, and I’m sure it was all for fun, but why is Christina so desperate to have Violet look and act so grown?

What do you think? Is this harmless fun or nah?


    • Yeah O-Man, I don't see the problem. What lil girl didn't dabbed in makeup when they were lil girls.

  1. They sure do OM. Most little girls like to play dress up and makeup with Moms. If Violet were a Vito then we have free reign to bash. Milian seems like a good Mom. Leave them alone y'all.

  2. You're absolutely right Knutz…this is such an irrelevant topic. What about the damn water in Flint? What's being done to save the lives of these people suffering. I'm sick of it. Step up the topics HSK. We got work to do!

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