Stevie J to Nick Cannon: “I Smashed Mariah Carey”

stevie j mariah carey nick cannon

Mariah Carey’s coochie always seems to be a topic of discussion in the industry. Now that the rumors of Eminem smashing her have cooled off, someone else in the industry is claiming to have banged the singer’s butterfly.

Stevie J was a guest on Nick Cannon’s show, “Wild ‘N Out”, and you know how the show always has a freestlye battle towards the end? Well, Nick went head to head against Stevie and Joseline Hernandez.

It all started out cool until Stevie spilled the tea that he smashed Mariah not once but twice!

Nick fired back by saying Stevie should worry about Joseline, because she was sleeping with Rick Ross behind his back.

Damn Joseline! Times must be rough!

The battle got so heated, Nick told Stevie, “You’ll never work in this town again” as if he really holds that much power in the industry LOL.

Producers had to step in and separate the two men. Meanwhile, Mariah’s laid up somewhere giggling with her billionaire fiancé.


  1. Nick aint no slouch in the power game. Stevie aint been working so, I think Nick could dead his future.

      • That was the point of the post… It's called rhetorical question. I guess you missed the *snickeling* part. By the way, are you from the crackbaby era? JK

  2. Grown ass men still dressing like teenagers (arrested development) having 'battles' for the entertainment of teenagers and white folks who laugh at us and look to us to entertain them when we behave like immature little BOYS. Sick of it. Sick of it. And the same goes for that Husbands of Hollywood show. So tired of hearing Kevin ranting and raving every episode with stupid one liners for the 'others' that I stopped watching.

        • So because i called ur bitch ass out a couple days ago for being exposed as a woman posting as Original Man you come back with virtually the same comment back? Only bitches do that. Either youre a swordfighter or a chick hired to post as multiples. Either way step ya weak ass game up. #ethered

          • Wtf are you talking about ? Trolling the wrong one 4quarters !!! Trolls stay off my dick it's real duh !!

            • Straight men dont speak like that. Yoyre either a fag or a woman. Does your girl know you suck dick with aplomb?

  3. If Stevie did hit mariah it was back when he was a top producer at bad boy you know most singers had to sex the producer in order to get their time and attention ask timvaland, and pharrell

  4. But hold up, isn't that fat black co-p fcuk'n his bitch as of the other day? Str8 fcuk'n clown.

  5. There will come a time were you will have to watch what you say. Even to about Celebrities.You better be careful. You going to far Stevey.

  6. This dude's face looks like he is eating lemons. Its like he is got something sour in his mouth

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