Kanye Slams Fashion Critics:” I Will F*****g Laser You W/Alien Eyes!!!”

kanye fashion critics lazer alien eyes

Newsflash: Kanye West forgot to take his meds again…

After the intense backlash from his disastrous Yeezy Season 4 runway show that left models passing out and stumbling down the runway, the rapper-turned-fashion designer refuses to believe he’s the laughing stock of the fashion industry.

Kanye says his Yeezy brand is one of the “top four trendsetting brands” in the industry LOL!

“Think of how it is now – [Yeezy] is one of the leading trendsetting brands now; like top four trendsetting brands. And, and that’s with little to no support on the apparel side.” – Kanye West

The rapper is confused why no one understands his vision. He says his fashion line isn’t a “f*****g hobby.” He’s actually taking his brand seriously.

“Very few people even knew that I have a f****g Ph.D. in art, you know? And not that that would even make the difference, but me saying that makes the difference to the exact people I’m talking to it’s, like, shut the f**k up.” – Kanye West

Is he really bragging about the honorary Ph.D. that they hand out to every celeb? Oh, okay….

But then, things got really strange, and we think it’s about time Kanye gets placed under 5150 hold and thrown in the loony bin.

In speaking about the doubters and naysayers, Kanye said…

“I will f*****g laser you with alien f*****g eyes and explode your f*****g head. Shut the f**k up – try to write a rap. Okay then. I made this f*****g T-shirt, now shut up. And it cost me everything I had and I gave everything I had.”

Click here to read the rest of his delusional interview.


      • @Scorpiess!… This photo of him was taken at the met ball, he was also exposed for having Doo-Doo ??stains on the seat of his pants!…The close up looked suspect because, sweat typically ain't brown!….I'm just saying!

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    • Beautiful. Was not expecting that:) Thank you, Ansari. That was much appreciated:)))

    • All these MoFos think they are gods. Why have we not spoken about Rihanna's ANTI album and media releases?? That tells some shit!!

  2. OK now time to leave this man alone knowing what follows him he just might got so special powers this is a sick man who the hell be pumping his ass up no phun intended

  3. He keeps giving Kim more rope to tie him up. When the time comes for her to walk, she is going to use this as evidence of his instability to get everything he has because he won't need it in a looney bin.

    • he's loony but he is INTELLIGENT! she wont last long in a fight with him. believe me

  4. Such fukking craziness…… I don't know how some people stay in his company……

  5. I did read recently that his 'rants' are all part of carefully planned distractions to keep us (the useless eaters) focused on the minutiae of life rather than on more important things.

  6. I keep remembering that interview (on U tube) where his almost stepfather described him when they all lived together. This behavior didn't suddenly develop.

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