Kanye Finally Answers the Question: Does Trump Care About Black People?

kanye west donald trump

Kanye West stopped by WGCI radio station and was asked about his disastrous appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. The radio host finally gave him the opportunity to answer the question of whether or not he thinks Donald Trump cares about black people.

Click the play button to hear his response.



  1. I can’t even concentrate on his response without being bothered by the residue of saliva in the corner of his mouth.. ugh.

  2. Well dam if a mouth grill do all that..take that shit out ur mouth..smh
    .mouth looking like u ate some powder donuts or some thing #thickWHITEstuffINYomouth

  3. Medication side effect?
    WGCI was told to allow KW on the air and defend himself. It’s only his opinion but he sure gets a platform extended to him all the time! The planet will NOT be impacted positively by anything this man has to say or do, thus far anyway….

  4. Why even ask? Black people don’t care about black people, why do you expect a white man to?

  5. His mouth looks disgusting first off and second off why he blinking so damn hard like he’s communicating with extra terrestrials?! Wtf kinda drugs do they have this dude on smh

  6. I think they tried to clone Kanye and he escaped. So it only half way went through. It’s like he really smart but it’s somethng holding him back from going hard. He’s right. I like Trump too and I believe if he was in office when that Trayvon Martin case happen Zimmerman would have been brought to the highest court on a federal level. But instead Obama’s said f— it.

  7. Medication slowing him down

    Why the hell you think kim is hiring a surrogate to carry their kids

    Is Kanye and kim even phukking or does the meds keep Kanye from maintaining erections

  8. Who really cares what Trump thinks about Black people? Or what Kanye thinks period?

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