Janet Jackson Is Salty Over Sister LaToya’s Beauty

janet jackson latoya police

Janet Jackson stopped by Big Boy’s radio show and told the radio host how her sister LaToya was able to get out of sticky situations, thanks to her beauty.



  1. Latoya look like michael without a penis some say Mike never had a penis to.start with

    Janey too old to be talking bout her self esteem issues

    • Compared to her siblings, she doesn’t VISIBLY look like she’s had a lot of work done, outside of chisaling her nose down and maybe cheek implants. She’s still an attractive woman, just OLDER!!

  2. Sibling rivalry really does exist. I wonder if the same doctor surgically enhanced all their faces.
    Maybe you go in and ask for the ‘jaxson special’.
    Some of them look like monster mannequins!

  3. Janet can stop being jealous of Latoya’s “beauty”. One more surgery on her face and she will look like her twin.

  4. Thanks to bad plastic surgery, the Jackson sisters look like the white guy from the movie Powder!

  5. This is a little extra… like she was just jokingly telling the truth. why do y’all take everything they say and turn it into a problem. Lol I’m guessing he was asking Janet does her beauty get her out of situations and she humbled herself from being cocky and gave the cred to her sister. Y’all be just twisting stuff up way too much. It’s nit that deep

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