Gucci Mane’s Baby Mama Demands $20K/Month Child Support


    gucci mane baby mama child support

    Sheena Evans, the mother of Gucci man’s son, Keitheon who was born in 2007, is demanding an increase in his $2,026 per month child support payments.

    At the time of the initial judgment back in 2011, Gucci was making $24,000 a month. The woman says she peeped Gucci’s lavish lifestyle after he was released from prison, including his $1 million wedding to Keyshia K’aoir, and the amount of money he spends on fine jewelry. She believes he’s making a lot more money these days, and she wants at least $20,000 a month, as well as $15k in attorney fees.


    1. just a minor suggestion…. how about the money that you receive already for child support invest that for your son? Why do you have time to count Gucci money?? Are you his forensic accountant? They have the kids at the house all the time, so what’s the bitterness for?

      • Plus can’t touch the money Keisha made before they got married anyway. I give it keish in that aspect… LMAO the courts can only go for Gucci’s new income…

    2. After seeing how much that white bitch got from that mutt griffin…I will never say shit about how much any of these other women are asking.

    3. She should only get what she’s entitle and according to his salary. He’s lucky he has seven years to go and should directly take care of his college money instead of passing to the mother to do it. No college, no money after 18. It seems that none of these women ever want to get a job after they have a kid. The question is, what did the men think was going to happen. Every single one of them, married or single go for that child support big money after it’s over. Quit having kids. Snip your thing and un-snip it when you are ready for kids.


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