Bobby Brown Warns Kanye West: Stay Clear From Me

bobby brown kanye west

In response to Kanye West using a photo of ex-wife Whitney Houston’s drug-strewn bathroom for Pusha T’s Daytona album cover, Bobby Brown had this to say:

“Ignorant people are ignorant people, and they’re going to be that way until they find themselves […] You expect disrespectful stuff from Kanye West anyway, so he’s not going to change […] Long as he stays clear from me, he’ll be safe. He’ll be OK.”

Kanye purchased the photo for $85,000 and Bobby previously told Rolling Stone he found the album cover to be in “really bad taste.”


  1. Bobby has lost weight and appears to be doing a lot better. It looks like the lady he’s married to now is really good for him. I wish all of the members of NE good fortune.

  2. Ironically, Whitney(r.i.p)was the worst thing in Bobby’s life.

    He wanted to stop the drugs, she didn’t.

    This new woman(his baby mama i think)rejuvenated his life and brought peace, calmness, and normalcy to his life. Whitney wanted to do her thing and had the funds to do so. She was stubborn and bullheaded and didn’t wanna change with Bobby so he left despite her money. It’s too bad he was with his other family and didn’t react quickly enough when Bobbi Kristina(very pretty girl with a cute nose)was goin through her meltdown.

    Kanye thinks he tough but he just a rich bitch with a big mouth. I see nerdy middle class black dudes like him all the time. They think because they know a few goons that they about that life but hell naw!! Bobby should give Kanye a good ole fashioned Orchard Park beatdown on principle!

  3. Well damn – maybe Bobby gonna redeem himself! This ‘skit’ on MTV where Bacardi makes fun of black leaders is the latest new low! Black people trying to disgrace other back people….2018 entertainment….h

  4. Kanye is living the best life ever

    His clothes are the bomb, he’s married to the most beautiful woman ever , he’s cool.woth trump , all.his albums sell. He’s the best producer ever he creates all his own beats

    Kanye is in Jesus level nobody can go.into a psycheward and come out like he did

    • He’s been living his worst life since his mother passed. His clothing line looks like it’s been hit by a bomb. Being married to a succubus is nothing to brag about. Nobody is cool with trump and all I’ve heard from others is that nothing is as good as College Dropout, which was a very long time ago.

      I won’t say he needs to retire but kanye is way overdue for a spiritual cleansing. IMHO

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