Nick Cannon Spills Tea on Drake and Kim Kardashian

drake kim kardashian nick cannon

During an interview, DJ Akademiks said he thought Drake slept with Kim Kardashian, and that’s why Kanye pulled back on the Drake and Pusha T beef. Nick Cannon, who also dated Kim at some point, said, “That ain’t that far off of a concept.”

Nick went on to say there’s something “real person going on in that world” that Drake’s holding over “the whole family.”

Nick also says to listen closely to the Scorpion album because Drake is dropping hints.

What do you think? Did Drake smash Kimmy?


  1. I can’t stand a gossiping nigga omg I know they all share the same stds and all but if Drake did (which of course he did ) why is Nick even concerned. ?

  2. I’m gone need nick to find something better to do than gossip. He just went from B+ status to a C- real quick right now

  3. Wish he’d stake that turban off! Everyone gets a sample of the stuff in Hollywood for either the right price or the right drugs.

  4. To grandpa probably did too, who would want to hit that fake ass cull not me, that broad looks like a Tranny now

  5. I CAN Respect Kanye for being REAL.. I CAN’T Respect drake for NOT being REAL.. This botch a$s DON’T know how to BE himself. I DON’T get THE HYPE with drake. But Kanye keeps it 1 Million. ?

  6. Sidebar

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  7. There is nothing wrong with white people or having sex with them. God made us all

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    It’s nothing short of amazing that they can function in society while being so powerfully dumb. But systemic racism allows them that.

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