Gladys Knight: Aretha Franklin and I Shared the Same Disease

gladys knight aretha franklin cancer

While attending Aretha Franklin’s funeral, Gladys Knight shared some of her fondest memories with the late singer, and also revealed that she and Aretha “shared the same disease.” As we now know, Aretha died of pancreatic cancer.

Glady’s rep has since denied that she is also battling pancreatic cancer in a statement that read:

“[Gladys is] healthy. Someone must have misinterpreted […] Maybe she meant she feels her pain. But she does not have cancer,”



  1. Ms. Gladys, have a seat please. Today is not about YOU. Meanwhile i was in tears it was like why do black ppl only get together when someone dies? It was so spiritual, so emotional, like ron isley singing his eye is on the sparrow? Oomg, i had a real good cry today. Fantasia & Jen Hudson really honored Ms. Franklin as they all did..i was so moved. Thank you for your service Ms. Franklin.

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