Teyana Taylor & Draya Get Freaky On Stage!

teyana taylor draya

Draya showed up to Teyana Taylor’s latest concert, and when the singer brought her up on stage, things got a little FREAKY!



  1. Who is paying to see this mess and WHY! Some black people continue to give the world a sexual show and that’s how whites view blacks. There was a time in history when we were forced to fornicate in public but many of us still continue to do it with no whipping needed. Living the stereotype…

    • “Some black people continue to give the world a sexual show and that’s how whites view blacks.”

      That’s the reason why Halle Berry won all of those white people’s false idol awards. She took off her clothes and put on a sex show. #MakeMeFeelGood

      • exactly, they wanted a harlot and you had to play a harlot to get an award which is bull shiit. Halle should of won long ago, but she had to bedwinch with a Neanderthal telling him he needs to make her feel good in order to win an award, i even heard that scene was some real shiit smh

  2. Desperate diseased infested bitches. Onto to more important news, black people’s favorite President, Barack Obama did not attend Aretha Franklin’s funeral. He and Michelle Obama attended John McCain’s funeral. WHAT THE FUCK?

    PS: John McCain ran against Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential campaign

    • I like Aretha and all but she was no national idol like McCain was, he fought for his country, Aretha was a music legend, 2 different things.. it would of been like Barack Attending Michael Jackson funeral, made no sense… they are American idols but not national idols!!

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