K.Michelle’s Groupie Claims He Smashed & Smelled Fish & Chips!

K. Michelle Smelly Cat

HSK Exclusive – K. Michelle has a groupie named Rashad, claiming that the Love ‘Em’ All lyricist mid-section smells like fish and chips.

A Washington D.C. man is saying he recently had a one night stand with the singer/reality star and ended up disappointed.

Here’s what Rashad posted on the internet about K. Michelle:

“I attended the opening of club Bliss in D.C. the other night only because I wanted to see if K. Michelle, ass was as big in person as it looked on television. When I got in the club it was late and she was already in the VIP section with her crew.

She stood up to make an announcement and I move through crowd to get to her and I had a rose in my hand and I raised it in the air. She was talking about safe sex and paychecks. She noticed me and I said “Hi my sweet.”

She took the rose and told her security guard to let me in her section. Once as I got in VIP she asked me “What’s my name?” I replied “Rashad” she didn’t say anything else before she was about leave the club and asked “If I had a girl to get home to?” I told her I was single, but I wanted to taste her p*ssy.

She looked at me shocked but smile and gave me her phone number and told me “Call me in an hour.” Security escorted her out the club. An hour later I called her and she told me which hotel she was staying at. I drove over expecting to just f*ck but what I got was something I’d never imagine.

I knocked on her room door and she yelled “Come in” there was music playing but I smelled the aroma of fish. I thought she was eating but she walked out the bathroom in a robe. I walked over and smiled and she gave me a hug and I untied her robe. My eyes got big as I saw her t*tties. They were big and hard.

Her stomach looked like a Kangaroo pouch but I didn’t mind. I could’ve been worse. It was that ass I interested in. It was big and soft although her legs were knock kneed and small. She was built like a centaur but I was all good. Because I was about to get my nut.

She asked me if I had a condom? I replied “Yes” and I asked if I could eat her p*ssy? she said “Yes.” I wanted her to ride my face. So, I picked her up but I immediately put her back down. Her p*ssy smelled so strong! P*ssy smelled like fish and chips! She asked me “What’s wrong?” I replied “Let’s f*ck.”

Yeah! I hit it even though it was stank. We f*cked for about 20 minutes and I busted on her ass. She told me she comes to town often and told me to hit her up. I blocked her number when I got to my car.

I could see why she can’t keep a man!”


  1. LMAO.
    A small part of me deep down in the left corner of my heart somewhere believe this shit lol


    • I do. This has to be the funniest thread to date. Hope dude is using an alias and not is a certain Rashad in PG that slings his light-skinnrd peen at places like Park @14th. Men can be groupies also and she looks like she smells honestly, like Trina.

    • Uncle murda rapped about 6 niggas sayin it smelled in the “yearly rap up”




        • But for real, fish and chips don’t smell bad. Now if he’s said the seafood dept at Publix, that would have really said a lot. Last time I got fish and chips it smelled not to different from Popeyes. js

  2. when female groupies talk she’s called every thot in the book. they make male groupies now? so she went from meek, idris elba to this nigga?? nah i don’t believe this cornball $hit

  3. Them roses are trying to hide that fish and chip smell LOL.
    NO MA’AM.

  4. Outcast said it first.
    SING with me y’all.
    Roses really smell like boo boo ooo ooo lol

  5. I’m more ashamed of him than her. This clown willing phuck stinky p*ssy and was ready to eat her box, even though he smelled the stink of her box when he walked in the room. This bama is dirty as shit and we can just imagine what type of STD’s he has, just look at what he willing to do not even knowing her. Ewwww gross.

  6. Oh wow!! I couldnt stop laughing whilst reading this story. Lmao. This Rashad guy can sure tell a tale.

  7. Rashid was mad thirsty for continuing to play with a stank coochie. Ugh, who does that? I’m calling a fraud on this story. He could just be mad that his fantasy girl played him.

    • Many men are nasty and will smash crackheads, homeless teenage runaways, and other dudes if the mood is right. The ones who claim they only smash dimes are the most experimental. I said in another post that rank cooch doesnt stop one from affection, especially if a chick has a nice body. A phat ass can move mountains,

      • ^^^
        Everything you said is true.


        This is how the average man operates, at least women have standards, if we smell a rotten peen, we excuse ourselves to the bathroom, and try to jump out the window,

        But men? Nah

      • And you all women will let any man with money hit it and fu** yall mouth…and bust down yall throat, and then try to speak on men saying they will catch diseases. Trifling a** broads.

      • Somebody said if Cochise grew up out the ground men would have muddy knees!

  8. WOW! now that’s f*cked up,wowwww! I would’ve showed a least she knew he was bout ta do a drive by, LMAOOOO!

    • Real na-na funk like can’t simply be washed away. Cooch with a ‘fishy’ odor is usually attributed to bacteria vaginosis, or basically a bacteria infection that’s a result from an offset pH level in the vagina. She needs some medicine or herbal solution for that.

      • Exactly. BV cannot be cured with herbs and natural health food type products.

  9. Are The Cakes Real… My Only Question? Why is Rashad spilling the beans like a teenage girl choppin it up with her girlfriends at a slumber party?


  11. Lort…. this is embarrassing. But I did need a good laugh. 🙂 Just to remind the fellas that women aren’t the only one’s who might need to wash. Maybe some groupies-male and female, need to put on blast the MEN who stink as well. Make it fair is all I can say.

  12. The only reason I believe some of this story is because she said she was talking about safe sex and paychecks asked him if he had a girl to go home to and then when he admitted he hit even though it stank got my azz rofl

  13. Dat nasty nigga still ate her box out but want 2 talk abt her smdh triflin mf I bet his dick smell like a 6 pick of piss & abandon crib

  14. Only read the last few lines. Question, so you had a condom and did not use it while knowing she smelled foul, explain?

  15. If this is true she needs to take a trip to the gynecologist. She may have an infection, either that or she needs to bathe more lol.

  16. I don’t think this story is true. First of all he is nasty to hit that with the smell strong in the air. Her stomach is not like a pouch. So he must have hit a look -a-like that night. His facts are off point.

  17. Ahahah I have got to see what this guy looks lik . Don’t hate the playa hate the game.

    • Fuck the game & the player if you’re referring to Std’s, odors & shit. It use to be white folks getting down foul ,now it’s any & everybody. Either way it goes. It’s trifling!!!!



        • That sound so ignorant. Some niggas were just plain ol nasty way b4 integration
          Just as some asians and hispanics arabs

  18. Idk, he seems too good of a writer. For a fool that thirsty to use the word centaur sounds odd… But she does seem that easy so idk. This is 50/50


      • I am a respectful black man and ALL I know is the chick that steps to Glok is my new wife!!!! Damn I love you ladies!!! My dick is hard Chonilla, Anon 12:50 & Glok’s Mama. Ya’ll got my dick dripping!

        • Well we love a respectful black man too! You can now be part of #Team Anon/ymous SlowUrRow and thanks for the support!!

          • No problem Anon 13:18, but I only want to be a part of your team if I can suck your puzzy, of course I’m assuming it don’t smell like fish & chips but it smells like flowers on a spring day. I would LOVE for all of you ladies to return the favor. I know Glok was disrespectful, but the way ya’ll acting, he ain’t got nothing on ya’ll disrespecting him! I love it! Maybe we can talk about ya’ll sucking my dick afterwards.

    • You know what I love about you ladies…ya’ll are geniuses. In order to expose someone as a disrespectful, woman hating, scumbag…ya’ll do so, by acting just as unladylike and unbecoming and disrespectful as him. And it looks worse on ya’ll because ya’ll are females. But hey, I love it! The Devil always likes when he turns people to the DARK SIDE! LMAOOO…Glok could never suck your puzzy like I can!

      • That’s too bad that you feel that way. I have never used a word of profanity when dealing with Glok. He is the most profane and disrespectful person ever to post here. Your #team anon/ymous credentials have been revoked.

        • Me either. Never have and never will. Try again cos team anon/ymous will run eloquent rings around you then send you back home in your hairdresser car. Buy bye!

          • And @ Anon 16:07, I want you to run “eloquent rings” around my hard black cock. That don’t scare me…I told you…I like that Glok made ya’ll turn to the dark side. It excites “my nature”…can you suck me off and let me spit on my dick so I can ram it up you???? Please….I got a slew of niccas that feel the same way about you

        • Well, Glok9’s Mama said “My p*ssy stank to
          mainly because my retarded son dropped out of it” and Chonilla co-signed it by saying “LOLLL”…so where do you ladies feel you’re better than Glok…you just as raunchy and even raunchier…and I’m just sayin’ I like that. Fight hate with hate…that makes my dick hard…is all I’m sayin

          • I’m not a rough neck…I’m a lover, can’t you tell??? These raunchy rough neck bitches got my dick hard…but I got my dude up in Clinton Correctional that could use your services,

          • My boyz will rip your sphinxter in two and break you a new one tho…I’ll send you their inmate # and specs so you can send them some commissary and a package.

          • alright, GAY MAN, gotta go. They finished with my car…But your girlfriends on this thread are fierce!!! I love their style…they crack me up tho, with the #Team Anon shit tho…priceless! They think they got a little hate club!! That’s cute…my bitches got game! Chonilla and Anon…I’mma give ya’ll my e-mail so we can get down and do what it do.

        • But you can’t revoke my dick from your mouth. Let it marinate in their my loveliness. Just when you’re ready to blast Glok about him being ignorant, a drug addict, a poor ghetto smelly, chidlin’ eatin mf…I would like to put my big mandingo dick in your mouth and let my juice burst like a starburst behind your throat. Just at that moment, when you’re saying how ignorant he is and how his mother don’t love him, and he used to smell his grandmother’s panties…that’s when I want to squirt in the back of your throat…right there.

      • I like p*ssy tho…nice black, ebony, Nubian haired vagina…I like it bald too…I’m not select like that.

  20. how they got all this cash in they bank accounts but aint trying to take care of their odors that are probably medical problems or a health risk LMFAO they also say that Beyonce’s breath still smells like chunks of diarrhea up until this very day SMMFH

    • Right all that money, and can’t get with your doctor to help you out!!!!!

  21. Not buying this one Rashad is lying. If she really had a foul odor why did he screw her? Makes no sense

  22. 1)Wash vagina and ass using a light scented soap nothing strong smelling
    2)wash more than once a day especially after taking a shit
    3)make sure to wear clean panties every dfay
    4)change was cloth daily
    %)freshen up if about to have sex …….lol wtf is wrong? and eat a healthy diet back off all the meat and greasy foods it seeps through your vagina and smells through the pores …..you welcome.

    • You forgot what should be #2 on your list and I have had to school several women on this…USE WET WIPES every time you sh*t!!!!! toilet paper along cannot clean your a**!

      • REAL TALK you are talking REAL talk ……Terrence Howard said if he’s dating a woman and does not see wet wipes in their bathroom he’s not dating them.He’s always beating on his women wonder if they ran out of wet wipes …..Hmmmmm

    • Big azzes need extra care between the crack of the azz scrub under the azz cheeks around them too and the skin between them thighs.Oral sex needs to be comfortable for the man and vice versa.

        • Nah forget about perfume .If you are freshly washed and smelling natural no need to cover it up with strong smelling perfume .Not every person will like your brand of perfume hell sometimes it offends others.Just keep it natural.

      • You are right Millionairess and yeah you sound like an educated gynocologist or a woman who knows her body.

  23. *wash cloth* *100% freshen up* dammit trying to type fast before page refreshes lol NO EXCUSES FOR A FUNKY ASS ESPECIALLY WHEN DOCTOR SAYS YOU ARE DISEASE FREE DAMMIT

  24. Wash your penis and balls every day with soap and hot water. Wash the inside of your ass not just the outside. Wash the entire shaft, the balls, and over and under the balls. Wash that thot off you. My nose thanks you.

    • If a man cleans himself good and complete the way you just mentioned then he’s good for a day or two. A woman should never skip a day of washing because she was born with the opening called vagina and smells do leak after the end of the day.It’s natural and it only takes a quick wash up or shower no big deal.Women and men have different body chemistry also some women have strong odors down there and have the nerve to wear the same panties again ……….STOP IT

      • Nah, I’m a gay man and men can smell nasty too. A man nut sack need to be washed daily. If he takes a dump he needs to shower right immediately after! Don’t think that shit don’t creep up and down your ass crack and under your nuts. Matter fact wash TWICE A DAY! Believe me a man crotch can get foul

  25. I don’t believe this crap at all. K Michelle was very tiny before the plastic surgery so all of her will probably be hard even her ass, she did not have any fat really to relocate to her butt to give her volume. That ass is not real at all it is not a result of a body contour because she did not have enough fat to make her ass that large. Considering K Michelle did not have the money she has now and this was some years ago before butt enhancements improved, that ass is hard like Kenya Moore’s stallion booty. Now K Michelle has stated on radio several times, she does not like to get her box eaten. She said that she doesn’t really experience anything from it so that’s why she can’t stand having it eaten. I don’t know about this story, as much as K Michelle loves to talk about people I think she would keep that box fresh so it will not come back to bite her in the ass.

  26. This story sounds like Ducktales….K. can make me eat that kitty and a** anytime and I’ll give a truthful review on it.

  27. Keep it up and you will be getting truthful reviews in your medical reports from your doctor lol…….you can catch things from oral sex too

  28. Ok, I hope she is reading this.
    Get you some Bragg’s Apple Cidar Vinegar, run you a good bath and soak you got to do this for a few days. Also ” go see the doctorrrrrrr”. OMG this was y hella funny didn’t dude say she was coming out the bathroom, and was still funky? that’s got to be yeast, bacterial vaginosis or something worse. By the way I worked for an OB/GYN lol

    • Uhmmm not being funny but what does Apple Cider Vinegar do ? My girl mentioned it too

      • Honey, this gets your p*****y back to the normal PH balance. We have so many bacteria in there, and this shit is a miracle worker for several things tho, google it, and Wal-Mart has it.

        • Gets your p*ssy back to normal PH? WTF is that? PH stands for p*ssy hot? p*ssy heat ? GTFOOH am going stir crazy dammit

    • Wtf some women smell like vinegar anyway wtf would they use that on they kitty cat? Answer me? that is funky on top of funky I’m out of here dammit.

    • I use Braggs for my bentonite clay masks. Good info as I didnt know that it kept the crevices clean.

    • There is no question about it. Apple Cider Vinegar is the key to sweet p*ssy. My grandmother knew it, my mother knew it and I know it. Please don’t ever use any of that cover up stuff like Summer’s Eve. That will f*ck your shit up even worse in the long run. Keep your PH right, and you’ll never have a problem again.

      • I dont care if you women use banana ,apple or strawberry vinegar keep that shit away from my nose when I am giving oral sex dont want no vinegar .

  29. No, you soak and when you get done there is no vinegar smell, plus Apple cidar helps the PH balance, also you got to eat right and drink water

    • ok you win I will educate myself and do research I just had to get over the initial shock of hearing about vineegar thank you doc.

      • After you’ve soaked in the apple cider bath, you rinse off in the shower. A shower following a bath should be standard procedure anyway seeing as bathing alone is dirty. Personally I shower, bathe then shower again. I’m the same with the dishes too- wash by hand, dishwasher, then rinse by hand, put them away, rinse again when taking out to use.


    • Oh ok glad you mentioned only pour a little cause I would have walked in on my girl taking a bath and pour two whole bottles of vinegar in her damn bath water.

    • Make sure it’s Braggs ORGANIC Apple cidar vinegar or any other organic apple cidar vinegar, NOTHING ELSE.

      • Can I suck you to a gloss Chonilla??? Does your puzzy smell good because of the apple cidar vinegar?? Damn, I LOVE a good smelling snatch. mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm!

      • GTFOOH I’m grabbing the first bottle of vinegar I see in the kitchen cabinet dont care if the bottle is past the expiration date aint looking for no BRAGGS or brand name just douse her ass with vinegar and she can do the rest thats too much damn work just to get laid my lady better get busy

      • No way! Whiskey has sugar in it!!!! If u don’t want a yeast infection don’t try that shit!!!!

      • Dammit 8:48 just let me enjoy my whisky I am already traumatized about hearing about the use of vinegar on my girls kitty cat don’t make me spit out my whisky…..talking about low grade infections and shit.

  31. This was funny and I believe it. Most men won’t admit it but when they say a girl has a odor they still f*ck the girl. This makes soooooo much since, this is why Trina can’t keep a man to save her life!!!! So sad, pretty lady tho, I pray she gets that taken care of.

    • SOME men are attracted and turned on by the odor of a woman even if it’s rancid lol …it makes them stay harder too I heard.

  32. Damn y’all got me going to DG and clean all they shelves cause if this. Damn y’all is Hell! Lmao! Imma take all the damn soap off the shelves now! Lmao!

  33. LOiL . This is the FUNNIEST thread ever….here’s my contribution. I was watching this documentary in my women in cinema class and it was about frontier prostitutes during the wild wild west. Back then folks didn’t care about odor. You could have no teeth and a wooden leg and still get laid on the regular. But as a precaution hos used to stick silver dollars up their snatches. Back then the money was genuine solid silver. My class was like wtf? Was that a good luck charm or they didn’t have change purses or some shit?….our professor said it was because silver wards off Infections and was actually very effective against vag infections. So maybe K need to get over to whole foods and find herself some collodial silver. You have to get the right dose but apparently it can be strong enough to kill ebola? Anyone heard of this?

    • Yeah go chopp some onions,garlic or fish then afterwards rub your hands on some stainless steel or collidal silver the smell will disappear.Go to Amazon they got that stainless steel soap you use with warm water .

    • Nice contribution and good history lesson. So I wonder if that is why older women refer to the vag as “coin purse” or “pocketbook”. I though they were just being reserved but maybe grams kept silver in her box.

  34. ^^^^cuz this bish K Michelle go too much to lose to be pickin up stray dogs in da club.

  35. Vinegar and hot water do the trick as well…if one doesn’t have the money for Summer’s Eve that is.

  36. I kind of believe that story she look like the type that has sum STINK PUSSY that’s so horrible

  37. Drink a whole lot of water, cranberry juice and a cap full of apple cider vinegar everyday (including washing 2x daily) and u should always smell good down there ladies

  38. Fishy smelling p*ssy is the result of bacterial vaginosis, PERIOD. Trichimonias is the other term.

    All the cider vinegar in the world will not help that. You have to see the doctor for a script of antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria which is producing the fishy odor.
    I’m not saying that cider vinegar isn’t an excellent way to keep your puss healthy and fresh…it is. But once you get the bad bacteria(you get it from sex with a man who is covered with fecal matter etc) then the only way to kill those bacteria is with Flagyl or similar.
    The dude should take it too. Once you get it right, then use vinegar weekly to keep it sweet.

    • Thank you, the PH is disturbed when using all that stuff. If you keep semen from all kinds of men from marinating or simmering in the vagina, there would be no issues. The natural smell of vagina is not offensive at all.

  39. Bacteria Vaginosis is not sexually transmitted .Even virgins can get it and also Trichimonias and BV are two different things. Antibiotics are to keep the doctors pocket rich that shit dont work.Going the natural route works and antibiotics causes yeast overgrowth so a pro-biotic is needed while taking antibiotics.

    • You are correct and I was incorrect. I thought BV and trich were the same thing and I was wrong.

      But are you saying that antibiotics are not needed to treat trich? If so, can you give me a source to back that up? I was under the impression that it’s one of the few things which truly call for antibiotics. By the way, I agree that they are greatly over-prescribed, but as someone who was in the hospital for 9 days last winter with an antibiotic IV and a case of mycoplasma, I know that there are times when antibiotics an save your life.

        • She also said he did not even have to ejaculate to spread it, just allowing him to put it in without a condom would cause her to contract BV. She broke up with him and has never had BV since. Go figure!

      • Antibiotics are definitely needed you are correct but I was saying Flagyl and metronizadol and a few of the older antibiotics are known to work temporary and many people avoid them now.Sometimes our bodies are resistant to flagyl and doctors won’t be honest and let us know it does not cure BV. They have many women complaining about BV comes back right after antibiotic treatment.

    • BV could be considered an std. I have a friend whose bf was a cheater and everytime he would travel up north he would give her BV. She even had her gyno monitor the situation, he also said her bf was prob sleeping with someone unclean or that slept around. Thanks to him she changed her life. Thank God!

  40. Thank you for the info. I was told by my OB-GYN many years ago that for vaginal discharges which smell like fish, antibiotics are required. Of course there are more discharges that don’t smell fishy than do(like yeast.) Appreciate your help.

  41. Comment in mod, look up probiotics to cure BV and keep the natural flora in your digestive tract and vagina balanced.

    Activia yogurt works too.

    • Yes. I was told that any yogurt with active culture helps mep you from getting a yeast infection when you are on antibiotics. You don’t have to be on antibiotics, just eating yogurt daily helps maintain the balance.

  42. Bodies need breathing room, that goes for women and men. If you’re constantly wearing tight and too much of any clothing, you may suffer from yeast infections or jock itch and you may have an odor. People let your bodies breath!

  43. I don’t particularly like K. Michelle but whoever wrote this post is wrong. This didn’t happen and K. Michelle needs to sue you for slander. I hope she doesn’t sit by and let this go. Why someone would want to smear someone like this is beyond me. You know Karma is a ‘SON OF A BIT**” right. Have you ever heard what goes up must come down. Well it’s the same thing. You put out negativity and that’s what you get back. You put out lies and you’re life is going down hill. Don’t know what to tell you and I’m not sure how you fix this but I will pray for you because that’s all that’s going to help you!

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