Kevin Hart Says “Drake Looks Like a Light Skin Gerald Levert”


Comedian, Kevin Hart, continued his Instagram roast on Sunday night; this time, he took aim at Drake, asking the OVO boss if, “it’s a Canadian thing to smoke Hookah in a bathtub?”

Kevin Hart vs. Drake



  1. Yeah Drake looks a lil zaftig and being overweight is not cute or healthy. Hope he isnt on the Lean as it tends to fatten you with a belly as it did with Asap Yams(rip) and Rob Kardashian. Dark skinned people need to kill that complexion crap else cry and resort to The Dozens ya mama name calling if someone pops back. Also, men under 5’10 serve no practical purpose.

  2. I strongly agree Keira! And how dare this 3ft, all teeth ass m.f. disrespect The Teddy Bear in such a manner? Fuck that lil fruit juice pouch sipping m.f.!

    • Kevin Hart has cross the line. Please keep Gerald Levert name out of your mouth. Know one should be compare to Gerald. Gerald is a legend so show some respect.

  3. ezactly! roflmfaooooooooooooooo MEN ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE BATHS ONLY FEMALES DO THAT smmfh and Kevin Hart bisexual charcoal lookin ass need to sit the f*ck down too cause there are plenty of other funnier and YOUNGER comedians that are gunna give his tuuty fruity ass a run his money but we already know how the industries are: the bosses accept PAYMENT$ from the CURRENT entertainers to stop the newbies from being signed because they cant stand to see people that are better than them! TAKE NOTES

    • @MY LIFE II…LMAO! But my only question is men are not supposed to take baths?? LOL…I know they shower and isht, but, I mean, I don’t mind if my man comes out the bath a little smooth…take off some of that dried up skin they get from playing ball, doing construction or from underneath their feet, make their feet soft so I don’t think sandpaper is touching me under the blankets. I mean…lmaooo…they can take a bath in a manly fashion, right??? They’re just not supposed to be having bubbles and aroma oils. lmaooooo.

  4. Kevin Hart you are so full of crap. Do not get beside yourself. Why are comparing Drake to Gerald Levert? In the future keep Gerald Levert name out of your mouth.

    • I couldn’t get it out fast enough so let me put it this way….

      “Yes, exact what Dee ^^^said^^^ & on top of that I hope someone slaps the taste out Kevin Hart’s mouth for saying such a thing.”

      Damn Mighty Midget, Gerald has rolled over 10 times in his grave right about now.

  5. Soooo one friend joking with another offends you all because? The short, dark-skin jokes…very original, by the way

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