Kanye West Using Minister Farrakhan To Stay Black

Kanye & Kim Pose with Minister Farrakhan

Chicago rapper, Chi Hi The Prynce, hooked up his Good Music imrpint bosses, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to pose in a photo with Minister Louis Farrakhan. Know why?

Because Kanye is tired of black people calling him a sell-out. So, wanting to look like a militant, told his artist Prynce, to hook up a photo with Louis Farrakhan. Don’t believe me.. Ask Common.

Here’s the drop:

“Kanye is about to drop a new album and he doesn’t want to lose his black fan base.”


  1. He still a Sell out and a Faggot! I cant believe The Minister posed with this sorry ass coon who played a Major part in the Feminization of Black men. Kanye is sambo! Im disappointed in Louis and his family for this pic with this white tramp who is famous for a porno! Sad lol

    • Farrakhan is the BIGGEST sell out. Fake ass perpetrating as a political figure when he’s simply playing the part that TPTB allow him to. Anyone that thinks this piece of shit is a political voice for the people is so asleep they will never wake up

  2. This picture is one of the reasons why there is little respect for the black man. The only fool on earth to show off a whore like she is queen Sheba. WTF???? Farrakhan is a phony prophet. it never amazes me the hate for white men but turn around and worship awhite wwoman to no end just for validation.

    • Any and EVERY black man would love to get with a white woman if given the opportune chance
      They all say they wouldnt because most dont have the type of money white women wants
      But they would love 1 if they could afford 1

      • @Anonymous 22:26–I see you don’t realize how stupid you sound making blanket statements/generalizations like that, especially when SEVERAL blanket statements/generalizations can (And have) been made about black women i.e. You all claim to ‘love’ yourselves yet have made countless Asians and Arabs million-and-billionaires via weave purchases, positively drool over light(er)-skinned people & so-called ‘good hair,’ love having several children out of wedlock & do the 400-meter dash to the Welfare and Child Support offices as soon as you get pregnant, have ‘Thug Passions’ like mad, love your shitty atttitudes/dispositions, have no aspirations in life other than being Hoodrats…

        …You see what I did there? Disrespect & generalizations can EASILY go both ways. Thankfully, I take people as individuals, not bullshit, biased/racist media depictions. Learn how to be a critical thinker and clean your own yard before criticizing others.’

        • So you can not speak ill of a white women, but its always a good reason to speak ill of black women. Black women have nothing to do with this post however they are dragged through the mud to make sure black men have a good reason to go white. White people don’t have the best interest of black men some of them praise white as if they don’t see them as a stereotype as well.

          • Exactly! black men seem to love to play the blame game even when its clear this is a mans patriarchal society and the men have always led a tribe astray. i see soon as a few black women are caught doing something black men have always did and do in a majority, that is the excuse for them also and now we blame white man. black women get no break.

          • oh and its really funny how black women are leading in the nation with the most college degrees and still black men are straying and complaining about her every little flaw. and why do they always bring up how “some” and only “some’are wearing weaves when 75% of black women, excluding foreign blacks, do not even wear a weave at all? i’m confused but i see a pattern with black adolescents while they grow into men-boys instead of mature men.

          • how i thought white ppl have selective memory when it comes to black ppl but i think black men have it worse. how can they complain about the black woman wearing weaves when they were the ones who told her that her nappy hair could never compare to a white, hispanics or asians. did black men not think this would mental traumatize many women? also how he has selective memory when it comes to the black womans history of changing the natural coil of her hair? a Stockholm syndrome-d black man chemical genius from europe invented the perm and brought it ti america to market to black men first as a jerri curl. black women refused to wear it until they were pressured by black men about it after some years of black men pimping and interracially dating. black men even used to threaten black women about if they didnt start sucking the d like white women they would wind up alone bc nobody else wants a black woman besides black men. presently i see many black men telling black women that not even the black man want them any more. how many decades of this can a person male or female take before they start not giving a f? i saw this coming in the 90s and i’m a still young 70s baby.

          • how i thought white ppl have selective memory when it comes to black ppl but i think black men have it worse. how can they complain about the black woman wearing weaves when they were the ones who told her that her nappy hair could never compare to a white, hispanics or asians. did black men not think this would mental traumatize many women? also how he has selective memory when it comes to the black womans history of changing the natural coil of her hair? a stockholm syndromed black man chemical genius from europe invented the perm and brought it ti america to market to black men first as a jerri curl. black women refused to wear it until they were pressured by black men about it after some years of black men pimping and interracially dating. black men even used to threaten black women about if they didn’t start sucking the d like white women they would wind up alone bc nobody else wants a black woman besides black men. presently i see many black men telling black women that not even the black man want them any more. how many decades of this can a person male or female take before they start not giving a f?

          • Exactly. That must be raheims reason for degrading his mama. Smh with guys like him in this existence, we are doomed to no repair….

            • I degraded no one, and thanks for showing how poor your reading & comprehension skills are. Black men get trashed by everyone on this planet, and I don’t see any faux-righteous paragraphs defending us here, so drop the act.

        • Why are you going so hard? Anything to make your vanilla queens look good. Do you really disagree with anon when he/she said that many black men want white women but can’t afford them? This is not true of black women. We may wear weaves and change up our hair but our loyalty has stayed the same towards black men.

            • @’Queen’ Monique–I don’t need to ‘stop’ shit, you idiotic, obnoxious, desperate-for-attention piece of shit I’ve checked on more than one occasion. If your dumb ass knew how to read & utilize basic Reading Comprehension, then you would’ve seen that I was defending black women and saying that I take people as individuals, not stereotypes. So many of you black women are always bitching about being left behind by brothers, yet when one defends your asses, you want to jump on his case as if you’re being dissed, when the real problem is that your stupid asses are on guard like a Rottweiler in a living room not even realizing when someone is on your side. Bitch, get a damn life and ‘so stop!’ trying to reply to me indirectly.

            • Damn Raheim you are going hard today. I’m not mad at you though because I see your point. Sweeping generalizations about groups of people annoy me too.

        • Damn Rah, the Anon poster doesnt even sound black, you just furthered tbeir point by using negative stereotypes of black women to make your point. Although i understand what you’re trying tovsay, but damn bro, that was rough.

          • @Anonymous 5:58–No, the point was that you shouldn’t ‘speak ill’ of anyone, male of female, using stupid blanket statements/generalizations like the Anon idiot did. Learn how to utilize basic Reading Comprehension before trying to come at me sideways (And tell your fellow ‘sistas’ who fit the stereotypes to stop ‘dragging black men through the mud whenever things don’t work out for them, relationship-wise, while you’re at it, Ms. Keyboard Crusader). Press on.

            @Ohso–I’m ‘going hard’ because I can and it was warranted. Your stupid ass doesn’t know anything about me other than the above post, yet you’re on here making assumptions about me when the point of my post was to defend black women and point out the stupid-ass comment the original Anon made. Where’s your angst-and-question-ridden comment to them? And for the record, many of you have NOT remained loyal to black men (Where do you think the term ‘Negro Bed-Wench’ came from?), considering how quick the more deplorable members in your group are to help whites destroy black men by playing the Child Support & Welfare system to your benefit (As if you didn’t curry more favor from those Judges alreaedy) and locking delinquent black men up whenever you feel like it. Spare me the bullshit, as I’m past hip to it, and learn how to utilize basic Reading Comprehension before you come at me sideways again.

            @Anonymous 8:15–You stfu, you idiotic, Trolling piece of shit. Smh.

            @yikes–I’m a blunt person, so if what I said offended you, too damn bad. I was also offended that I was lumped up with a bunch of race-traitor, no-good black men, yet I don’t see you saying ‘yikes’ and ‘that was rough’ to that. Why is it always okay to bash black men, but black women, particularly the worst ones as described above and seen in the majority of replies to me, are magically off-limits? Bullshit should be called out regardless of gender, race, situation, or what have you. I shouldn’t have to tell a bunch of supposed ‘adults’ this basic information, but that’s a testament to the lack of intelligence and common sense of the group, not myself. ‘Yikes’ indeed.


            • Very intelligent “read” if I do say so myself. Sometimes brother, as we witness certain comments the truth hurts, in more ways than one. That’s called grown folks observation & discernment. Keep bringing it!

            • @Shortcake & Ms Reg–Thank you too for having brains, especially since this blog is in the midst of Illiteracy & Troll (Site-sanctioned or not) Season.

            • All this Bullshit and still aint saying shit! Foh Hoe! You like hearing yourself and its obvious you are Gay!

          • …Then you need your eyes checked. I’m sure your Optometrist will be thrilled to know you’ve wasted your eyesight making stupid comments on a gossip blog. Productivity is cool.

      • Most ” previously ensl@ved” black men get that straight, just like the women seeing European fur on their heads…

      • Sistas are the finest women on the planet…The Facts! Other women are breaking their necks trying to be like them all over this planet. Making foolish comments will get you roasted like a pig…Please Understand!!!

        • @Tyrone–I’m not sure if your comment was in response to mine, but if it was, I expected more from you considering the tone of several of your past posts.

          • I was responding to the Anonymous Poster with the blinders on. Folk know how I feel about blackmen hating on themselves… Self-explanatory! Just reminding the lost ones of how insane they sound throwing darts at “La Creme.” This cancer we gotta get rid of, brothas gotta understand this moving forward!!!

            • @Tyrone–I got you, bruh, and didn’t think you were responding to me, considering our shared viewpoint on black people. Carry on.

          • What’s Good Raheim!

            This is an ongoing war within our race, and our side must and will win when it’s all said and done. But, the bulls**t will be an obstacle to us being successful. Kanye wants to split this chick in half, and it ain’t gonna work. Regardless of how much Kimmy looks like our sisters, she ain’t official like that. A beautiful woman no doubt, but she can’t replace the actual factual…Get Right Brothas! Know the history of these women, which will educate us about our own. Yeah, Middle-Eastern women should be blacker…Understood! Sellout Africans gave them to the Ottomans, and we know the rest. Revenge may make us feel good, but this is not the way. Respect these women and all, but history can’t be rewritten. Sistas give us all we need and want in a woman, no need to chase after another. Raheim, keep spittin knowledge to the “Brothahood.” The Chocophiles!!!

            • @Tyrone–What’s up and good looking out! I don’t know why it’s so hard to see I didn’t diss black women at all in my comment, but it is what it is and I’m glad you were among the few who were intelligent enough to see the intent of my post. Also, I agree with what you said about Kanye’s wife & Middle Eastern women in general. You keep spitting that knowledge too, fam–Black men like us who refuse to throw black women to the wayside are a DYING breed, but some of us see the attempts at division among our ranks and sidestep it, an action which speaks for itself. Stay up, man.

      • @SoCal–I’m more black than you’ll ever be, Troll. Do yourself a favor and don’t make baseless assumptions about people you don’t and likely never will know, as I could do the same to you i.e. you being dumb as a box of rocks for thinking my post in any way was indicative of a ‘slave mentality.’ Learn the definition before running your mouth/font next time, fake black woman.

        • As a black woman, I did not feel defended by you. And to the original poster who write that all black men want white women, I vehemently disagree with that statement. Hollywood and the media, especially sports media, want us to believe that but where I’m from, most black men date and ONLY want sisters.

          • @ @raheim–No offense, but that’s on you. I also didn’t ‘feel defended’ by the stupid blanket statement/generalization that all black men drool over white women. I understand that black women have been hurt by this in the past & currently, but the point of my post was that blanket statements/generalizations like that are both stupid and make those who make them no better than white and other non-black racists who make similar statements about ALL blacks. Why people fail to see this, yet have a so-called ‘informed opinion’ about everything else under the sun, is beyond me.

            • @Say Cheese–Thank you for having a brain. And I must laugh at all the ‘Sisters’ living up to a couple of the stereotypes I mentioned in my comment in their replies to me. Thank you for confirming what I said you all weren’t. Brilliant strategy lol

        • Your Sperm Donor wishes he was gay seeing what a pathetic, laughably stupid, puerile, Attention-Whoring, obnoxious, horomonally-imbalanced, deluded piece of shit he has for a daughter. Or let me put it in terms your bald-headed, bad-bodied, Government leech ass can understand–Get off my dick, you punk bitch. What kind of a pathetic waste of functioning organs beefs with strangers online, and on a gossip blog at that? Get a damn life and a basic education, Welfare Queen.

          • The waste your time arguing with that hood rat, dumb moe. She only comes out her rat hole when rotten cheese is put out in the alley, LOL. Go back to your hole, rat moe!

            • LOL@Chonilla. Thanks for the heads-up. I typically don’t respond to the various vermin that’s infested this site over the years, especially not this sycophantic piece of shit who followed another bitch (Based on temperament, not gender) around this site like a confused, lonely, deranged, lovesick Inbred puppy, but I decided to make an exception this time…The rat poison I was going to feed that virulent tramp probably has a lot to do with that. Thanks again.

  3. Kanye will not get his black fanbase back. He sold himself off to the highest bidder and the’re is no turning back. all respect is out the window for this simp!!!!

    • @anon21:53; I agree. He lost his black fan base a long time ago.

      • I really dont think Kanye care about having a black fan base because he has gotten where he wants too be
        Us blacks will only come in handy if he happens to fall from his grace

        • Speak for your Mothaf*ckin sef Homie! I never bought an album or ticket of this dude. Never I liked this Fake ass Pete Rock wannabe! Im from the Pro Era of Pac! Rip Makavelli! This coon ass nigga is leading the Black youth down the drain. MY SISTAS DONT SUPPORT KOO YE OR NO OTHER NIGGA THAT CHOSE WHITE OVER YOU!

          • @Monique,f ellow sagittarius, I have never bought 1 of his albums either
            Neither have Ive never bought a Beyonce, Rihanna album. I aint gonna front though Ive bought a Jay z albulm but that was 1 time in 1998

            • Please excuse mispellings this auto fresh got me typing fast and crazy. lol !

            • Its all good and funny i’ve never bought none of their albums either! Kanye honestly makes me sick and he dont represent Chicago with his gay ass. He compares himself to the Real greats but if you are Great? You dont have to convince. It will manifest.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but Kanye has always & continues to have a ‘black fanbase,’ most of whom eat up pretty much everything he says on-and-off wax i.e. ‘George Bush doesn’t like black people,’ the Taylor Smith incident which was made into a Meme and a website full of said Meme (http://kanyegate.tumblr.com/), and ‘YOU DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS, SWAY!’ He has also always had a more or less faithful white fanbase since he first came out and was marketed as a ‘Conscious’ rapper (laughs).

    • I feel you Anon 21:53, he is trying so hard too. I watched his two new videos just to see what he was trying to bring to the table and was not impressed. And all the gay insinuations came crashing through with his lame ass dance moves, smh. I was more impressed with Rhianna’s part in the song for/five than anything he brought. I’ve always been an angry rebellious type looking for a theme song and thought this might have been it. I thought it was kind of reminiscent of Alanis Morissette , but she gives it her signature edgy tortured rawness.

      I liked the video for the most part, seemingly no secret agendas or symbolism until I listened to it about 4 or 5 times back to back. Call me crazy but it definitely has some sort of subliminal message embedded in it. I don’t know (activates tin hat), I’ll figure out soon as I can get rid of the urge to drop the f bomb and hit something that came out of nowhere.

      Real unadulterated music without an agenda in this day and age, what could I have been thinking……

      * why don’t they have any shoes on? o_O, never mind.

  4. poor north, everybody is smiling accept her. her mother look so proud to gain acceptance from blacks since no one else wants no part of her. this is.sickening and I am applaud. just ugh!

  5. I’m shocked min.farakahn would even pose for this pic. I was in the nation 20 years ago and kim would be considered the whore if whores. How is he explaing this pic to his followers.

  6. Kim starting to look old she need to stop getting plastic surgery she gonna look like Joan rivers soon coonyay west sold out on everything he’s an embrassment to the black race

  7. I feel sorry for North. Her eyes have dark circles underneath them, and her eyes are filled with terror and sadness. Babies should never look like that.
    But certain circles don’t respect children . Look up Kim Noble the multiple personality artist to see what I am talking about.

    • I agree w your entire statement. Look at Norths body language. She’s pulling herself as far away from Kim as she can go. So sad, she never smiles

      • Children are innocent but they have tremendous intuition about some things and she knows these people around her are the scourge. She can’t tell you but she shows you in every photo. Those people also know she knows. Pray for this kid. Look at BK. No they are not into drugs, but much worse dealing with the death of the soul.

        • Omg I thought I was the only one who noticed how her body language rejects Kim in every single photo. She always seems to be pulling away, and I have never seen a 1 year old that looks so tense and worried all the time. Blu is much more relaxed w Bey . I feel so sorry for North.

    • I hear you, these kids always have a look of terror and confusion in pics like they are saying where are we going and what are you going to do to me this time.

      You don’t see them genuinely smile often which is strange within itself, smh.

      • Have yo seen the new Kanye video of him and North? She looks pretty happy and normal in that. Maybe she just don’t like Kim.

        • Yeah I did, she seemed pretty emotionless in that too. I don’t know, him and Jay seem to tote around expressionless mugs most of the time maybe it’s hereditary.

          I saw Blue’s beautiful smile once when she was looking at something or someone out of a window and North just the other day while playing with her mom.

          I guess I’m just use to little kids hamming it up for the camera at any given chance. *Kanye shrug*

        • Anon 20:37

          North always looks like that. She looks like that for a reason. North has seen some things.

  8. Truth Is so what, nothing wrong with being with a white women.Is it a sin? No and note, most of yall probably have girl friends that have more body counts than Kim ever had. Her tape was not a porno, it was a tape made between two couples and it so happen to get out when Ray Gay sold it. She so happen to benefit because her fam had a reality show around that time which gave her fam more fame and on top of that her father was a former OJ lawyer, so you know her name was already going to get out much faster. Paris Hilton benefited from the Simple life around the same time her tape came out and no one is calling her a Porn star? especially when she’s had many many boyfriends, believe me Paris Hilton was way more of a party star than Kim, in fact her grand father even threaten to cut her out of his will which is why she stop her party scenes and stop making too much slutty public appearances.So its not a sin to be Married to a white women or whomever you want, if that was the case most of yall would be sinful as well, cause too many black men trying to get with these Mix biyatches and no one called them Sell outs? so please shut the freak up with calling people sell outs.When Bush created Chaos all over the world creating wars n shiiit, who actually spoke the truth and put the President in his place? How many Rappers can you say did that? None except Kanye, so unless you can tell the President like it is, shut the freak up. Sell out is not Kanye, thats someone like Stacy Dash who refuse to acknowledge her black ness and thats a sell out. Get yo facts straight.

    • Aren’t you supposed to be on school by now? You need grammar lessons! Yes, It is a sin to be with the very people who you said has caused chaos in our community! Log off and read a book, Idiot!

    • If you tape yourself or allow yiurself to be taped Fuckin? Its a porno! You sound like a idiot because you are. I dont know no sistas who want this gay acting ass nigga and his White pkastic whore can have him. Ray gay my ass.. Ray j was smart by leaving this hoe and he still getting a check off this bitch. My sistas read the comments of these sorry ass niggas and review how they talk and feel about us. Stop marching and protesting for niggas who dont respect you, Who abandon you for anything none black including Men. When the Black woman turns her back on the black male? Ya’ll in trouble! We as women are Strentgh of all strength! Its is a sin to breed with white or marry white.

    • @truthbuster writing a damn essay to defend the whore of Babylon. Lol somebody get this bitch her nut filled condom award. Damn homie you must be mad, you even brought Paris AND Bush into the mix to take up for her. You must see your image in her cum stains

      • Someone from the K camp hops on here to defend Kim her mother and their overworked crotches. A while back they discovered this blog and unfortunately they stay on here popping that tired yang about how Kim is this innocent flower and the whole sex tape thing was just this big misunderstanding. Ha. Like we all don’t know she’s Dubai s number one portapotty.



  11. Farrakhan sold himself out when he made NOI members do Scientology courses, selling himself to the white devils he’s always preaching against. Hypocrite.

    Kim and baby North look terrified in that photo

  12. Im from chicago and im not in the nation but had respect for louis because of his teachings on black people and what it is we need to do but i read an article where he said there was nothing wrong with being gay… I was shocked! And this picture with him and these cliowns speaks volumes. Louis is obviously just likectge rset on some level smh. This is sad to see. Kanye us a disgrace and kim is a rich whore. Fuck them all!

    • What hood are you from, rat queen moe?? Englewood or the west side? That’s where most hood rats stay at…right around them areas. This explains your hood rattish behavior.

  13. kanye better take his gay a$$ to paris. kiss some more white designers a$$. he became his own lyric “and when he get on he leave yo azz for a white girl”..

    • Thank u I was trying to tell my KING the same thing when I showed him too ….lol thank you

  14. Don’t care. Don’t trust Farrakhan. Don’t trust Kanye period. Both of the guilt of selling us out o the KKK….?Brother Malcolm X ….What happened to him, mean while still f*ck Kanye n all the coons he roll with.

  15. Damn is anyone happy, who frequently uses this site? I mean damn,the beauty of being an adult is that unlike children,you are supposed to think in a more grey area, not one way or no way, like children! Judgemental,hateful,hypocritical,makes generalized statements about people like they know everybody in the world, and yet they are so “holy” and only want to spread “Knowledge”…The internet has made people really terrible and unreasonable these days.

  16. kim looks like a f*cking vampire,

    kanye should of taken his own advise about marrying a gold digger, he’s damn fool
    most celebrities tell their fans not to do stuff, but these celebs don’t take their own advice

    he needs to remember white people ain’t buying his shit black people are
    he need to keep the black community sweet, by the looks of it he might need the black community
    once he divorces kim!!

    • What a joke. In Islam, Kim is the perfect candidate for a public beating and killing. So is her entire family. I don’t think North is wearing a head cover for anybody.

    • I think of her as a parasite, a blood sucking worm who is totally devoid of a brain. This woman just wants money. It does not matter how she gets it. Kanye will get his from her one day.

      • Look, I’m no fan of Kum the whore so lets get that straight from the jump. But she is not a gold digger. She is now worth more money than Kanye and she was just named the most photographed and famous woman in the world. Kanye knew exactly what he was getting into and he wanted it. They are in a mutually symbiotic relationship from hell. They both provide each other with what the other one needs. He is just as much of a whore for marrying her as she is for marrying him.
        And when they eventually divorce, neither one will be financially beholden to the other. Do you really think that a judge is going to grant spousal support to a woman who is worth over a quarter of a billion? Community property and that’s it.

        • If Kim is worth so much why is she being passed around in the escort circuit?
          On’t even get me started in who else being passed around with her.

          • Women who can fetch one million per “session” like Kim and Dita Von Teese are few and far between. This is just my opinion, but I think that Kris arranges these billionaire hook ups not for the actual cash they bring, but for side deals, endorsements and stuff that we aren’t even aware of. And those side deals continue to raise the profile of the Kardashian brand. Example: say a ME arms dealer or potentate wants to bang Kim. PMK structures a deal where in exchange for the session, the Kardashian women will be flown by private jet to Dubai(or Paris, London whatever) where they will open some fancy new casino or hotel as official ambassadors. They get their pics all over the Daily Mail and the media looking all glamorous and rich, and once again their visibility is heightened and their price goes up. I don’t believe for a minute that PMK books Kim to fly to NYC and f*ck some hedge fund manager for half a mill at the Mandarin Oriental. Well, at least not in the last 5 years.

  17. louis frarrkhan is fraud he and kayne both work for the skull and bones and the boule we have no black leaders they are controlled jesse jackson, al shapton, maya angelous, nelson mandela, even tupac. these people are paid to lie to black people by the T.P.TB.

    • Nigga get yo dumb ass outta here! Keep Pac name out yo mouth! Tupac wasnt part of no damn skulls and bones! You f*cking idiot! You are truly stupid. Smh lol

      • Get off his dick, you Duck-billed Platypus-looking bitch! Learn how to knit or something productive you pathetic waste of life. A box of Girl Scout cookies has more value than your sad ass.

  18. What a joke. In Islam, Kim is the perfect candidate for a public beating and killing. So is her entire family. I don’t think North is wearing a head cover for anybody.

  19. What is going on with this website??? From my phone is looks really jumbled and looks like broken links all over! Maybe consider a mobile version?

  20. After such gaucheries as penning a letter of praise to the Hennessy fueled, Twitter king Jay Electronica(&Camel) following the Brooklyn Festival, I thought Farrakhan was done endorsing dark-skinned parvenus with their token lighter counterparts and unintelligible Foghorn-Leghorn assed, misleading faux militance which lacks substance, strategy, or sincerity to mend social injuries with justice. He may be fearful ever since NATO assassinated his Gaddafi and sons(rip) and has since fallen hard. But, being sadistic me, I am relishing, cackling like a dolphin having a seizure, as I share the news with my NOGE buds. Wonder if he and ‘Ye discussed supreme mathematics and suras over KK’s signature soul food meal. This whole photo op reeks since black people haven’t vigorously dyckrode Kanye since the Late Registration lp(i.e he will survive regardless of the support). Also, I cant get that shiny suit theory remix with JayE and Idris Elba out of my head….and that precious child still resembles George Zimmerman to me.

  21. Loyalty Is Everything! My advice to the lost sheep among us… Stop The Mind Games! You can’t turn other women into blackwomen. Kanye got caught up in the foolishness in hip-hop. I’m tired of this crap, it’s not doing a damn thing for our people… Real Talk! Posing with the NOI is too little too late. Farrakhan is not about that life anymore… He A Sellout Just The Same!!!

    • I agree and honestly in chicago alot of brothers dont f*ck with him. Sad but true

  22. While Farrakhan calls out white folks he hasn’t done anything significant for blacks, he’s no better than Jesse, NAACP, or Al (they’re all cut from the same cloth)…… I’m not shocked that he is being so inviting to them they’re rich celebrities, so his negative interracial relationship views have just gone out of the window lls. This world just gets more sickening and pathetic as the seconds tick…………

  23. Fraudacon, has been a CIA puppet for a while. So this isn’t a surprised to me

  24. kanye’s brand and reputation is tarnish because of his associate with the katrashian
    no one is gonna look at him in the same light and no one’s gonna take him seriously, once the katrashian finish with him
    he will be running back to the black community

    bashing the katrashains and advice young black men not park their cars in the katrashian
    dirty garage, kim used kanye for her own reason to get loser to beyonce and jayz
    and to get more media attention!! bragging rights

    kanye west is fool, sadly white women ruin black men!! a classic story

  25. black man ain’t shit, they haven’t realize that white women are using them for sex!
    once these shagged out white women get fed up of being dicked down by a nicca

    that’s when white women will ditch these nicca’s for their own kind (white men)
    heldi klum left the swirl to date a white man, in fact she cheated with her own kind

    white people will cheat with other white people, it’s a known fact
    black men need to realize their just a sex toy to white women

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