Bobbi Kristina Brain Dead After Suicide Attempt

Bobbie Kristina Suicide Brain Dead

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found unresponsive in the bath tub, in her home, Saturday morning.

Police say they responded to the house in the Ellard subdivision off Holcomb Bridge Road around 10:25 a.m..

Brown’s brother-husband and a friend told police they found her in the bathtub and started CPR. Police took over life-saving measures until rescue crews arrived. Brown was transported to North Fulton Hospital.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Bobbi is brain dead because she lost oxygen to her brain for too long. Her father Bobby Brown, family and friends including Tyler Perry are at her bedside.”


  1. I hope this baby is okay. I think something’s up with that lady Pat, she’s suspicious. I think she wanted to be Whitney. I hope Bobbi Kris is okay, she’s been through so much!

    • I dont care what anyone says
      I say Nick and Pat has been plotting against Bobbi K
      since a mother died
      Pat is still executor of Whitneys will and Nick married her just in time 4 Bobbi Kris 1st installment of her inheritance

      • *since her mother died*

        Im glad to see Bobby Brown sister Leolah there at the hospital. She was the same 1 who said in that interview she did not think Whitney killed herself because Whitney hated taking baths
        So i know she is not stupid or a sheeple

        • People who do cocaine or any stimulant for that matter don’t sit still long enough to take a relaxing bath. much less fall asleep while doing it. It just doesn’t happen. I honestly think Whitney owed a lot of money to a lot of people…and they came to collect.

          • Not true. People who do coke are not bouncing off the ceiling and the drug affects all people differently. Who said she was doing coke, or any drug? I’m sure a toxicology will be done but in the meantime we really don’t know what happened here. Your theory about Whitney’s dealers and others owed debt coming to collect sound like a very bad life Lifetime Movie. We don’t know, and may never know, what happened to her.

            • @Please stop…I was talking about Whitney EXCLUSIVELY. Reading is indeed fundamental. HER toxicology report states that she did indeed have cocaine in her system. who asked u to pick apart my comment anyway? Fuck your thoughts honestly. My theory doesn’t sound any crazier than the conspiracy BS posted on this board daily. FOH!

          • @datjerk well if you really burrow down into it, Jesus was the ultimate blood sacrifice. His life offered/sacrificed to God in return to wash away the sins of the world. So is that a conspiracy theory also? The history of the world is full of tales of blood sacrifice to appease the Gods. These fools are just appeasing demonic forces in return for fame and fortune.

    • Here we go. First comment trying to implicate someone. Pat was not even there when this happened. Pat did not want to be Whitney Houston. LOL. If Whitney, and Bobbi Kristina had listened to Pat they may both still be with us.

      • @Please Stop

        “..If Whitney, and Bobbi Kristina had listened to Pat they may both still be with us…”

        Maybe, but they both would be picking up cans off the freeway to survive cause Aunt Pat stole every damn cent they had. That bitch is so sinister.

  2. I just heard from a doctor friend in ATL that she is brain dead, so I guess it’s true.

    I wonder if Nick will pull the plug immediately? As the spouse, it is his and only his decision.

    • I rea on Sandra Rose that it would be Bobby Brown who held that power
      Pat got a restraining order to keep Nick out of the hospital

      • On SR it said that more then likely Bobby Brown will make the decision and pull the plug
        This is so depressing 🙁

        • They don’t even knw for sure if they’re really married so all in all it will be on bobbys shoulders

          • Bobby Brown released a statement tonight stating that they were NOT married. He had her moved to Emory Hospital, since he is now the clear next of kin.

            • Thank God! Boy we serve AN AWESOME GOD! Whew…..I’m glad she didn’t married that fool!

      • My guess is that the lawyers will battle out who is the next of kin since she and Nick were estranged. Truth be told, I bet Bobby hates the thought of being the one to make the call.
        My doctor friend said that they could decide that since she is so young, that perhaps the brain damage she suffered (while her brain was not getting blood or O2) was not so great that she couldn’t learn to talk, walk and read again in time.
        But, and here’s the rub, IF they let her live knowing she has terrible brain damage, and she can’t be retaught the basic skills you need to be a functioning person, then you have a severely retarded human with 60+ more years to live. And that is a form of cruelty too. I would never want to be kept alive after my brain died only to be in diapers and drooling the test of my life.
        It’s a no win situation and my heart goes out to whomever has to decide.

        • I say this incident most definately suspect
          I (just my opinion) think the person who held her down in that water wanted it to look like they were trying to save her so it wouldnt look suspect
          I really dont think Bobbi tried to drown herself out of all the ways she could have attempted
          Nick and

          • Bobbi have been in 1 car accident after another since Whitney passed. If Im not mistaken, they have totalled a car more then 4x.
            However it went down, poor Bobbi Kris hardly stood a chance with all those leeches and vultures she had around her. Scheming and shyt

        • She’s 21…an adult and married. She was an adult (19)when her mother passed away. whether her husband is estranged or not, they are legally married. Then again I question the validity of their marriage since they (her family)were able to ban him from the hospital, and take away his right to make decisions where her life is concerned. If anything, he has the right to ban them as her husband. It’s all very interesting.

          • The only way they can do that unless they went to courthouse to find a marriage license. Looks like it must not be a license to have him banned.

          • Exactly: I question their marriage (and always have) as well. The hospital could get a restraining order against a spouse if he is deemed dangerous to the patient or staff. But the story is that Pat go a restraining order, which would mean they are not married.

            • If they are not legally married Bobby Brown is Bobbi Kristinas next of kin. After him it would be her grandma.

            • Now according MTO, they’re saying that Nick could inherit the $100 million estate of Whitney’s. How? Krissy didn’t have a will. But that’s where Pat comes in with the restraining order. Which goes back to questioning the marriage. Here is something. Is the marriage exist and if it don’t is Pat still the executor of the estate? Now this where Clive comes in.

            • This damn refresh is getting on my nerves..Anywho with Clive coming into play, Pat can either go to Clive to help her stop Nick from getting the inheritance or go thru the courts. Somebody else is going to get knocked off too and very soon. This story got more holes than Swiss cheese!

    • No, because they announced today that they are not married. She probably did that to piss her family off.

  3. This is heart wrenching. That poor girl never had a fair chance…praying for a miracle.

      • See now Glok9 you always go a little deeper and you may be right on this one.I remember Bobbi was saying lots of negative things about Angela Bassett.Anyhow it’s something to think about and they love casting their demonic spells but hope this is not the case and this child makes a full recovery.


          • Yeah and look at what role Angela plays now. You do remember Glok what happened to the last celeb who outed someone as a transgender? Ya’ll know she didn’t have those twins right? Hummmmmmmmm….

            I don’t think Whitney was particularly close to her either, talking about Whitney gave her a sign to make that biopic, that whole interview is an interesting read if you have time. She also changed her story about Bobbi playing the role of her mother by saying, “we did casting calls she could have came” when we all know she said she didn’t cast her because she wasn’t an actress. And I know like you Glok exactly what she meant by that.

            Check out the almanac for February 1st 2015 too. Yeah, something in the milk aint quite right with this one.


          • I always wondered why no one asked Brandy about the note that Whitney handed her in the presence of CLIVE DAVIS!!!

            • Possibly the note said “you are next” and brandy looked spooked after that and tried her best to continue that fake plastered on smile afterwards.

            • @anon 23:27 Someone did ask her about the note at that time, but Brandy stated she would not speak on what it says and keeping it close, not to be revealed.

            • Why would anyone be out for Brandy? Yall crazy as hell. No one checkin for Brandy.


  4. Sad sad news, prayers for Bobbi Kristina and her family, I couldn’t imagine what they must be feeling at this time, God Bless and Keep them.

  5. She has been through so much pain and suffering during her short time on this earth. Whitney and Bobby Brown ought to be ashamed of what to subjected her to. Praynfor her people.

  6. And in the last picture Bobbi Kris took before the incident, she was smiling and happy with some “so called friend”, I wonder if that is the same friend who was with Nick when he found her

  7. Something not right about this people. Go watch the movie Constantine and see why water is used in ritual killings and blood sacrifices. Water is the portal to the other side. No coincidence both her and Whitney were found the same exact way.

    • Tin hat much? I’m sure no one would “sacrifice” her in a near identical manner thereby arousing the suspicions of the authorities. The poor child was deeply depressed. She needed medication and therapy.
      With her mom’s death anniversary looming, she probably thought “I wanna be with Mom” and just took some pills and enacted a similar scene as what happened to Whitney.

      • The authorities don’t give a damn about suspicions being raised as more time they’re the ones doing the dirty deeds. They like to do things hidden in plain sight, because they can and they get a thrill from it.

      • Silly person, the “authorities” really have no say and power in these type of things. Their bosses are tptb. Just ask Suge

    • @David, ita with u. It is strange how Whitney was swimming in and out of the pool b4 she passed and I read that Bobbi have been doing an awful lot of swimming lately.

      • @David, also ignore the mockers, unbelievers and sheeple
        They r programmed so they will never understand whats really going on
        They only believe what the tv and media say

        • People tend to mock what they can’t understand or process. They mocked Christ too. No big deal,time will reveal all things.

    • David this so called suicide is an insult to all of our intelligence. That was murder pure and simple. Who benefits? Follow the money trail and find out.

    • It’s a full and new Moon today. February= purge/purification before spiring th real new yr. Jupiter’s giant red spot crosses the meridian at 6:30pdt, Jupiter and the full moon rise in the east as the sun sets. Today is also imbolc or he quarter day or midpoint betwee the winter solstice and spring equinox, the latter of which this year also features a solar eclipse between two blood moons on either side.

      • This past weekend was a pagan holiday.
        KAty Perry did the ritual last night.
        University of Phoenix stadium is 33 degrees latitude, Phoenix= Phoenicia,

          • It’s not Bobby or Pat or anyone around her.
            When it’s time to pay up, the artist/act will get a letter saying “Hey we need your mama, or were gonna take your sister.” whoever.
            Then they send you far, far away so you are no where near the sacrifice.
            Then you get the call. it’s done.
            IDK about Bobby though, he’s on Tv, working
            Pat knew the truth about whatever, I believe.
            Husbrother could have drowned her.
            Not sure.
            But I think she’s been dead now 2 days. They’ve already sacrificed her, just haven’t announced it.
            or she’s getting reprogrammed like crazy.
            we’ll see how it plays out.

            • And she does look like her mama. Most pictures she wears shades and looks like a strung out version of her strung out mother.

  8. The vast majority of HSK commenters are very spiritual goodhearted people. But remember this, God has never reversed brain death damage. Yes, people have come out of comas, but that is not what is going on here. If you all could see what happens to the central nervous system once the brain has been severely damaged, you would pray that her loved ones let her go to be with her MOM and God. There is faith, and there is science. Science always wins in cases such as this I’m sad to say.
    Does anyone remember that lady Terry Schiavo whose husband wanted to take her off the respirator following 20 years in an irreversible brain dead coma in FL 7 years ago? The Christians and republicans staged a massive protest and it was on CNN for weeks before the Supreme Court finally gave her husband the right to allow her to die. The family swore up and down that she was smiling at them and trying to communicate. After her death, an autopsy was performed, and her brain had completely liquified and disappeared. Her head was full of fluid and that’s it. No one should “live” in those conditions.

    • @anon21:47; never say never. God is ALWAYS in control. Whatever is His will so it shall be.

      I’m sure there r numerous miracles that we have not heard of.

      • Thank you and a person of faith knows what God is capable of .You are absolutely right.

      • There has never been a case of a person surviving brain death to return to life as a functioning person. That is a medical fact.

  9. Poor child never stood a chance! Something’s deeply suspicious and wrong about this whole thing. Remember when Whitney was offed, Bobbi K nearly drowned in the exact room on the floor above exactly 24 hours before.

    • Yep. And y would she try to drown herself? I suspect there are other easier ways. Its sad how people paint drug addicts as being dumb and stupid because they made a mistake in trying , experimenting and ended up getting hooked. Yes that was dumb of them trying it but I met many stupid people who has never tried drugs
      and they are the ones who always trying to pass judgement

      • Always quick to cast judgment. It’s already been stated that no alcohol or drugs were found at the scene, although I have a sneaking suspicion that this story is going to have more holes in it than one of Glok’s personas.

    • Yes! @ anon 21.56 this is what I read when Whitney was killed. Maybe the original death was supposed to be Bobbi Kristina’s as she was found unresponsive in a bath tub 24 hours before Whitney was found dead in the same way.

      Maybe if you’re marked you still end up that way? It’s sad as her parents made choices to engage in the demonic side of the industry for fame and fortune. She was born into the mess. This is why the famous always saying demons are chasing them in interviews and can never look in mirrors (that’s why so may make artists and stylists in the entourage). And I guess when the devil comes to collect his due, there is no outrunning him.

      The world is definitely stranger then it appears. You just need to be wise to what’s happening.

  10. Something in the milk ain’t right…..I believe this was a switching from the start.

  11. I remember right after Whitneys passing when people was still alert and suspect, a few posters said that something may happen because they didnt trust Pat or Nick. And a commentor said on another site that the streets in GA said Nick was weird, and a creep

  12. I also remember a pic Nick had on twitter posing with a whole lot of guns and everyone was wishing then for Bobbi Kris to get away from him but instead she married him
    Im not saying he is responsible, but I will say he wasnt a good influence for her

  13. Even if she lives, what will be the quality of her life with extensive brain damage?

    • Not good. In fact her muscles in her perinatal or the crown area is the first to go.

  14. …I wonder if Clive Davis has had his “satanic” hand in this rather inauspicious news concerning Whitney’s daughter? – her one and only beautiful child…..

    • Indeed. Maybe he’ll throw a party to celebrate. I’ll never forget that demonic Imp had his party While whitneys body was lying upstairs above them. This is why I dislike Alicia Keys (she was playing the piano and laughing and joking during her ‘tribute’ at the party) and will always have respect for Shaka Khan, who point blank refused to go to the ‘party’ as she was mourning her friend who had just LITERALLY died.

      • I’ve always said that whole party was strange. And how odd that Pres ob ama was there in that hotel too. With his entourage and secret service, and yet that decrepit old warlock seemed to be running things. Very strange.

      • Yes Chaka said it herself that if something went wrong, Whitney would say, “Stop Everything! ” and that is true. Even her beat friend Kim Farrell said the same thing. Weird.

  15. If she has no brain function, she died in that bath tub. She will never ever be able to come back. God bless Bobby, I can’t image what it feels like to lose your baby girl. Life can really be overwhelming at times.

    • @DR1 Yes I believe this also. So sad the circumstances of her situation at this point. I just pray that her family persue what happened to her in that home and how she ended up face down in that bathtub for that amount of time in water.

  16. that nigga went on twitter posting pictures of machine guns and threatened the family in 2O13 and all of a sudden Bobbi Kristina was FACE DOWN in the tub ”for a long time” while him and his homie was in the house by themselves: That explains enough!

  17. don’t be surprise of this was a ritual killing truthfully i think she was givin a knockout drug and placed in the bathtub just like clive did whitney. maybe bobby brown wants to come back in the game so he gave his daughter up for a sacrifce. people the tptb control everything from news, tv, wikipedia, they know how to cover celeb murders to make them look like accidents tupac, biggie, aaliayh etc.

    • Yeah, let’s keep an eye out for who suddenly starts getting ‘successful’ in that family.

      • I’m looking at a possible of three people. But Katey Perry’s Super Bowl performance told it all.

        • I’m going to have to watch Katy Perrys performance on YT as I never watch these mega rituals live as they feed off your enegy too. As I remember, Madonna also did a huge demonic ritual at the Super Bowl a few days before Whitney died. its a sacrifice to one of their Demonic gods. If you know that dates of their ‘festivals’ and ‘celebrations’ and know the important numerology numbers, you can almost predict when there will be a mysterious celebrity death.

          If I was one of them celebrities either minor or washed up, I would hire somebody to do a calendar of dates and make sure I was holed up in church during those times, dousing myself in holy water and reciting the scriptures to keep the beast at bay!!

          Oh!! Who are the three you have in the frame to benefit???

            • @Reg, Yes we both did. Also, I got a weird feeling about Bill Cosby. I sensing a stroke or a heart attack coming into play. I don’t like to bad mouth on people, but when those sensory moods light up, they light up.

            • I think Bobby Brown also havea lot to gain
              Especially after that tv movie making him look like a saint. He couldnt wait to do a interview after
              I know he was pissed Whitney didnt leave him any monies

            • D@aRadiant and @Ms.Reg you both have spoke on this before and now it came to pass.YOUR DISCERNMENT VIBES ARE WORKING IN FULL FORCE .

            • @9:53 My great grandma was a preacher. A bonafide Apostlic Filled Saintified Holy Ghost Annoited preacher. She said what she said about me and I took it from there. But yes Reg and I said on the Bill Cosby post.

        • DaR1 IIRC last week you predicted someone was going to be taken out around this time. Smart call but still sad.

          • Oops. Taken out was the wrong choice of words on my part because I’m not trying to participate in any conspiracies at this point.

            • I understand. Neither am I but the truth was in plain sight. Can’t miss it

            • I know but i’m still trying to hold out hope for that child. This mess is. Just too coincidental for my tastes.


  19. I feel so bad for Cissy Houston. That poor woman lost her only daughter and now the one person in the world she had to remind her of her daughter is in the hospital on life support. Cissy has been through some serious pain. Satan is a motherf*cker. If all this is the price you have to pay for some fame and money…..they can keep that shit.

    • If you recall from a documentary Whitney was on drugs way before she became big she was a teenager and her brother introduce her to drugs. I don’t know why people blame Fame- It’s the choices people make. Whitney choose to take drugs. Satan or the devil has nothing to do with this. It’s a little thing call Free Will.

      • IKR! I guess it’s just easier for some people to blame outside influences instead of admitting a person is just messed up.

        • @Cheese That is the saddest part of what I have read in this thread. The black community has historically had a bad history when it comes to dealing with mental health. We never want to admit to someone in our family needing professional help. If God can’t heal it, then let it alone.
          Now, folks here want to call this a sacrifice, an Illuminati plot, anything under the sun but what it is: A deeply depressed black sista who has been suffering for most of her short life(and with very good reason I might add.)

          When yall want to indulge all your crazy conspiracy theories I usually back off. I know it’s a weird but prevalent part of the culture. But in this specific case, we are doing a terrible disservice by blaming this on external sources. We need to recognize that there are times when medical intervention is needed…and without that intervention, the cost may be death of a loved one.

      • Bitch I think you missed the point I was making. Fame and wealth gives you greater access to more of the things that are killing you. Money she had can buy a lot of drugs.

        • First of all Im not a female Dog- This is what I mean -People can’t act like adults w/o insulting one another because they feel that their point was missed. SMH- It’s not that seirous

      • Danngle It’s so refreshing when I read someone who is not all caught up in Satanic conspiracies. When did we begin to blame every damn thing on conspiracies outside of our control? And that only serves to make people LESS responsible for their own decisions.

        • Thanks Anonymous ☺ It’s refreshing that we can have a decent convo w/o the insults.

          Most people forget the little thing we call FREE WILL- whether you have access to money or not. Many rich and famous people don’t choose to do drugs. Money can play a factor only if you allow it. It’s not a judgment on Whitney it’s actually the beauty of FREE WILL the good Lord gave to us. We can do what we please with our lives-if we wanna smoke crack then that’s our choice if we want to be a nun- it’s still our choice and it’s neither good or bad- it’s just is and it’s the beauty of FREE WILL. In which some of us don’t respect- we want to tell people what’s right for their lives-. I really don’t believe Bobby Christina wants to be in this world right now. Every body wants to pray her back into this world. I also hate when people say it’s God’s Will- God will us to will. Life is fill in the blank not multiple choice.

  20. I truly hope she recovers from this. My prayers are with her to recover. Reading the comments it reminds me of when Mike Tyson’s daughter died. Remember his career was flatlined before hand after he’s on Oprah hes doing a one man show on Broadway. He’s on in Demand on H.B.O. He’s in films . He’s interviewed on Letterman etc.. I think he even wrote a book too .Makes you go Hummmmmmm

      • Gee Gee@Ms. Reg Says GURL
        I forgot all about that cartoon too Lol..when I saw the commercial for it was like what the hell..

        • Yeah, that cartoon trailer was a WTF double take! Especially when he knocked the old white grandma out cold with a right hook! And that damn pigeon!!

          Poor little Tyson baby. They have them just to sacrifice them at some point! But I was hoping that was just a tragedy 🙁

          The amount of blood sacrifices going on, I would be real scared if I was one of those celebrity mamas. So many dropping like flies. They need them for superstardom. I’d worry if I was Rhianna’s mama next, although I wonder if Rhianna’s association with Jay Z somehow protects her like Beyoncé???

          Somebody please explain why Jay Z and his associates are not sacrificing hard as well??

          • Kelly Roland’s mother served as a sacrifice for Kelly and Beyonce. Notice she died right after Beyonce released the video for 7/11 in which she performed the Kali Dance of Death. The never said what was the cause, was she sick beforehand, nothing!

            No doubt Kelly will prosper once she gets back on the scene. For Beyonce, it was just enough to keep them off her back but they will still be looking for another sacrifice from Beyonce (someone more close to her).

            • Beyonce’s mama must be some kind of witch. She has that vibe about her so it’s not gonna be her. Maybe her dad though as he’s no longer Bey’s handler and seem to be causing more trouble then he now worth.

              That Kathy White chick, Jay Z’s side piece was offed for Blue Ivy.

              Even the Royal Family were at it when Kate Middleton gave birth to her first baby. Some nurse linked to them via the hospital she was in supposedly committed ‘suicide’ because a ‘prank’ phone call but that woman’s death was for her baby boy.

  21. I think Pat/Nick had something to do with this. And why was Bobbi’s friend with Nick? I guess since the bath tub thang worked on Whitney, they think it should work on Bobbi! The same people that they pushed away from Whitney’s funeral are now at Bobbi’s side. I feel for Bobby because he truly did love his daughter. Nick/Pat hid Bobbi’s drug habit from everyone. At the ending of Bobbi’s reality show, Pat took her away from everyone. And why? I think Bobbi was pregnant and on drugs. She is so skinny but if you look at recent pics, she has a jelly stomach.

    • If she was pregnant, that child would inherit everything not to mention the custody issues with the family and Nick. But there were no drugs in the house sounding more like a drug sweep prior to a police search. To think this was being done while this kid layer dying.

      • There were drugs in the house. They got a warrant and returned to do a full sweep and found plenty.

  22. The will end on the same day as Whitney’s death.

    In addition that…
    I am in total agreement with EVEYONE who feels there is something “not quite right” about this whole thing.

    One other thing…
    Watch how fast this whole story goes away & the media dps

    • Damn Auto Refresh got my comment…sorry!
      The will end on the same day as Whitney’s death.

      In addition that…
      I am in total agreement with EVEYONE who feels there is something “not quite right” about this whole thing.

      One other thing…
      Watch how fast this whole story goes away & mainstream media drops it.

    • No something isn’t right about this story but I’m side eyeing Nick, Pat and the Houston family more than I am Clive, Angela and the Illuminati. I always knew that boy was no good for her.

  23. Suicide attempt my ass.

    I knew something was going to happen after that witch Angela Basset lifetime movie aired. It’s so obvious whats going on here (murder) it’s like they don’t even care anymore.

    so sad.

  24. Bless Bobbi she’s where she wanted to be–with her mom. They are reunited and eternally happy.

  25. How can someone be silent in a bathroom for more than 8 -10 mins, the time it takes for severe brain damage to occur, without being monitored especially when they are fragile like BK? Im like a parent with my fam/company. If I dont hear water splashing, gargling, razor buzzing – some movement after 5 mins the door is getting that MARSOC kick(as my dad used to in my childhood, now he at least knocks first). Im no conspiracy theorist, just think the family was negligent. I pray for her. She can recover. NIH has documented cases of brain damage reversal. The family has the money to leave American shyt specialists and seek assistance at places like Tel Aviv University where they have had success with oxygen chambers or even Stillnox Rx. Wish her good health and a fast recovery and hope for the best.

    • She was alone. Her husband had moved out. She called him to say that she was going to commit suicide, he rushed over.

  26. Damn shame i was at a super bowl party and this katy perry with the diamond eyes on the lion and the checkerboard floor damn illuminati!!

  27. some real scary shit going on, but the thought of $100 million dollars is what killed her Mom and possibly lead to Bobbie Kris pain…Get Well soon..sending nothing but Love and truth her way.

  28. they made bobby brown the villain!! just like chris brown, they both got the same surnames
    black women stop getting black men in trouble, whiteny introduce bobby to drugs

    now bobby is getting all the blame, they don’t blame the women

    what i’m saying is black women stop getting black men into trouble, stop making them look like a villain

  29. I don’t think ppl who commit suicide tell ppl they are going to do it, they just do it. And eventually they are found dead. In my heart I do not believe Bobbi Kris called and to tell Nick that she was going to kill herself. Something isn’t right with this nigga, it seems like he never really loved BK like she loved him. They took the saying like Mother like Daughter to a whole new level.

  30. bobbi k was a drug addict.

    she was born into a drug lifestyle but even if her parents never did drugs she still might have ended up a drug addict.

    bobby was too busxy chasing women and smoking and whit was doing the same thing.

  31. whats with this bath tub thing anyway bobbi k drowned a week before whit died.

  32. I do care what no one says, this shit was planned. They are trying to off BK like they did Whitney. It seems like Pat always have her hand in some shit. Someone held her head down in that water into she stopped moving. Smh f*ck hollyweird

  33. Lord have mercy at this. this poor child really wanna be with her momma in death, so she tried to kill herself or has succeded at killing herself by drowning in the tub allegedly. so sad.

  34. its possible bobbi did call nick and tell him.

    some people who commit suicide have strange ways of telling themselves they wanna die.

    whitney was going around telling people shes going home to jesus, when someone talks like dat watch out I’m thinking Waco or Jonestown.

  35. Perilous times. Greed is truly a bitch. Money, fame is never worth this type of shit. People just don’t care how they get it. Conspiracy or not, this shit is janky.

  36. It’s called anoxemia or brain death due to lack of oxygen. You can come back from a coma but you don’t come back from brain tissue death. Brain tissue does not regenerate. If she does survive, it won’t be the same person. Remember Terry Schiavo. Sad for this kid. The money fight will be ugly.

    • If it is true then what shape will she be in? Will she be able to function normally again? Her brain was deprived of oxygen for a long time. If she comes out of this, that will be proof enough that miracles do happen still. God is able to do anything. I was told by a medical professional that once the brain has been damaged like that you never recover.

    • It’s strange but eonline is reporting that she was not initially in a medically induced coma. In fact she was revived at the scene but non specified ” life preserving measures ” were taken. Maybe that means she was eventually placed in a catatonic state so doctors could monitor her brain activity . They spoke with her male cousin Kennedy on Bobby side and he said she had been happy and focusing on her music. Her and her brother/husband/ handler were estranged. Oh and at the time the paramedics arrived there were 4 people in the house, Nick, his friend who called the emt, and two other people. 4 people in the house with her and no one noticed her floating face down in a tub for about 10 or 15 minutes.

  37. Hilarious to see poor niggas speculating , you all should be writing murder she wrote scripts

    • And you should be some where sucking a Dick and not concerning yourself with our affairs.

    • It’s called caring about someone besides yourself you ignorant motherf*cker. We have compassion for her and we care aboutbher well being you dumb ghetto ass nigga.You stupid ghetto ass types take this thug tough guy act too far. So stfu homo-thug.

  38. It will be interesting to observe, which day/DATE, they decide to “withdraw” the life sustaining thoracic ventilator…I wonder if by chance, they will announce her “death” on the same day of her mother’s death?…..(these Zionist zealots, be it if they are, religious, labourists, or revisionist Zionists etc., they have a plan and an agenda and they are getting away with it in plain view, dates, numeracy and planet alignments are significant to these murdering, demonic degenerates….). I am not a pessimist but I think we have already “lost” this young girl….sad but true….

    • If you truly think that the Zionists are all wrapped up in the life of the sad and lost daughter of a deceased sad and lost star, I think you don’t really understand what motivates them. This is NOTHING to them.

    • Who are you referring to your mother? The evil you wish for her might become your own reality. When it does just remember that your own mouth gave life to it. Sometimes it is better to say nothing at all you stupid motherf*cker.

  39. Ipso facto!!!…that is what I meant – Be it the life of ONE famous person, or One million famous persons, or 100 million personas non grata….Life means NOTHING to them….that is why they do what they DO and get away with it…As one stated, they filter through domains that you would not think, that they are ‘interested’ in, but they do and they are. As previously, stipulated, be it Labour, Liberal, Revisionist, Nationalist, Religious, geographical, politcal , secular or emergence of environmental spectres or which ever realm or principality, you wish to investigate, they are there “controlling” and manipulating every aspect pertaining to LIFE or or to our existence. However, I hasten to add that, MAN has a ‘say’ in his destiny too, and he is accountable for his ‘actions’ be it in his personal and professional compass’ but the ULTIMATE global ‘strings’ are being pulled by a covert force. Of which, if sourced, certain characterisations, accusations, tessellations, conceptulizations, imagery, policies and affirmations are clearly seen, once you know what to “look for”. Shafiri Gershenik and Zuriek Elias – make interesting reads…just to name a couple of reading materials. Both written in Germanic, Italian, Spanish and English texts…(tried to source it in Arabic but could not find it)…I have read it in all three languages and there is no deviation within the translation of of all three. I recommend it/them. In the meantime…Peace.

  40. *One was meant to say as well as these literatures are written in English, they are written in German, Italian and Spanish so therefore, Four languages. Was rushing to type before the “refresh” refreshed itself….lol.

  41. I think that this may be a very simple matter of a young lady of 21 doing what so many other young ladies do – drinking too much wine, downing a Xanax or two, and then making it all worse by getting into a hot bath. It’s likely she slipped under the bubbles and was lost. I doubt there’s any ‘conspiracy’ there, as the cops are not acting like there’s a conspiracy, and while Tyler Perry’s money might keep the Atlanta police quiet, the Roswell PD isn’t going to help anyone cover up a crime – celebrity or otherwise. When those two young men found BK, I am SURE they flushed away any incriminating drugs or paraphernalia that may have been present – a ‘sanitized’ crime scene, just as was done when WH died in the tub. I think NIck and that white boy both had serious money motives. It is a shame that BK couldn’t reach out to her auntie to help keep her safe and keep those predators at bay. Now what we should do is pray for her, or light candles, or send “healing vibes” – whatever you would do if you heard that a friend is losing someone they loved. That’s what is needed. Peace & love to all.

  42. We will one day know some of the “TRUTH” about what happen with Bobbi Christina, Let’s pray for her family because they’re hurting right now….

  43. MY Prayers goes to the Houston’s and Brown’s family, They are battling with something right now.Let’s be considered of others feeling,The bad remarks about what we think has happen isn’t cool, Let’s pray for them and see how everything unfold….1-Love

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