Keep Your Hands Off 50 Cent Ex Tatted Up Holly


A$AP Rocky and 50 Cent spent the weekend on instagram dissing each other over 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend, Tatted Up Holly.

Treyz Songz then weighted in to call both rappers snitches.




  1. 1.why is he mad? Wasn’t he just calling her community p*ssy the other day? 2. Why is Rocky already in her dm’s? Thirsty much? Like she still got the smell of 50’s dick on her breath. 3. Why is Trey Songz weighing in on a situation that has absolutely not a damn thing to do with him?

    • Some irrelevant motherf*ckers who desperately seek attention because their time is limited. Just like every entertainer that comes into the industry.

    • That’s hypocritical of yoh to say.. arent you asking questions about something that has nothing to do with you?

      • @anonymous
        They are rhetorical questions though. Statements in the form of questions.
        And while it may be hypocritical, it’s diff for Trey Songz, bc by commenting on a situation that has nothing to do with him, he just basically placed himself in the line of fire, why invite unecessary drama to your front door. Get what I’m saying?

  2. From a king to a bunch of queens.Their handlers are creating fake beef /drama to keep them revalent.That “power” that they so happily parade around in is temporary and comes with a price.Poor fools who are delusional and don’t know they are the pawns of the powers that be.Everything they do is orchestrated and their handlers are in charge . just have to laugh at them it’s all a stage act and we are the foolish audience according to them any how just watching them enjoy the devil’s play ground .

  3. haven’t got no damn clue why these nicca’s are beefing over some spanish bytch
    both fiddy and asap rocky are both sell out coon

    asap dissing black women wearing red lipstick, he ain’t dissing pasty white bytch wearing
    red lipstick, he ain’t dissing his pasty ex iglo australia

    fiddy called a black woman as bytch

    i haven’t got no respect for black men anymore, the sex is great but nah

  4. I don’t think either of the two like girls. sorry not sorry for saying it either…so idk what this beef is really about.

  5. why would asap and 50 spend an entire weekend arguing over a woman anyweay.

    sounds like 50 wants to check out asap’s head and ass game.

  6. So basically, he just admitted that she’s a high-priced beard./ hooker. ::facepalm::

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