Marlon Waynas & Kevin Hart Instagram Roastin’

MArlon Wayans vs Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and Marlon Waynas both recently took to social media to throw shade at each other.

Here’s Kevin Hart clapping back at Waynas, by telling him he looks like a Lenny Kravitz starters kit:

Kevin Hart Roasts Marlon Wayans


  1. Marlon Wayans talks too f*cking much. Him and Lord Jamal just had a beef not too long ago. Coon ass Marlon got a chip on his boney shoulders.

  2. Nice hands Kevin. Nice vest Kevin. Nice to see you joined up. Now take off your pants end bend over. I gotta extract your manhood and pride.

  3. My heart just burst with pride when black men at the top of (somebody’s) game call each other ‘monkey’. If this is the ‘pinnacle’, please keep it. Coonism is alive and well. Yesssir!

  4. Look how Kevin is holding his hands.

    Yea I see what time it is dude is member of the brotherhood of death.

    Fuck both of these coons.

    • He sure is. In my search of the Marlon Wayans picture I posted, I noticed he had several pictures of him throwing up the ‘horns’ sign:

      I don’t know whether the whole thing is some huge Trolling attempt by the Industry or real, but the number of celebs of all races doing these hand gestures makes you think, at least.

  5. I really like Kevin Hart..I think I like successful people who get on peoples nerves about it, seeing as how he was an under dog… that Under Dog!

  6. Kevin Hart is a coon in a dress. Wake up black people, theb time is now, separate yourself from those who . Want to tap dance all the way back to the plantation. Kings and Queens come together and let these industry pawns stick to checkers.

  7. how many times marlon acted like a fag on the wayans briothers didn’t him and shawn uased to hump each others asses all the time.

    think marlon dressed like Madonna one time.

    fag ass marlon exposing his bare ass in norbit like a ho.

    there was always gay chit in the wayans productions.

    didn’t a crackhead dude suck marlon’s dick in don’t be a menace.

    • Not to mention all that ass up in the air in those stupid”a haunted house”flicks.

  8. im pretty sure all this dissing just fake ass, and have a good feeling ima be seeing both marlon and drake on real husbands of Hollywood very soon #allboutdaBenjamins

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