Tatted Up Holly Calls 50 Cent a Woman Beater

Tatted Up Holly %0cent Drama

HSK was first to report earlier this week that 50 Cent told his girlfriend Tatted Up Holly to kick rocks.

Now, Tatted Up Holly is claiming she’s a victim of domestic violence from the In Da Club lyricist.

Here’s what Fiddy said:

“This h*e is community p*ssy.”

Here’s what Tatted Up Holly revealed:

“Now he wants me to calm down. You nothing but a manipulating woman beater.
You’re a f*cking bully. Puts fear in everybody’s heart mistaking for respect.
I treated this man like royalty but all I got in return was ass whippings.

I Don’t ask him for shit. He would buy me gifts to only take them back. What a man!!!
He wanted my love unconditionally. I’m sorry I will not tolerate a grown ass man putting their hands on me.

I was good before you. I will be good without you.”

50cent Beat Tatted Up Holly


    • Yep. Probably because it would have resulted in career suicide. Chick may be hood but he shouldn’t brutalize her. I believe her when she said she treated him like royalty, Latinas, from my observations treat their men very well. Dudes like 50 that come from shyt do not know how to love.

      • I don’t think being Latino has anything to do with it. I’m black and I treat my husband very well. Any race of female can and will if thats her personality. The problem with Fiddy is he hates women. He will never treat anyone well, not even his kids.

        • Culture influences personality. Anomalies exist everywhere as some Muslims eat pork but many do not. I doubt sistas provide the toe sucking/licking attention(as Holly has been photographed doing before the fame) or cater to a man’s ego. Again 50 comes from shyt and love wasnt taught so therefor love cannot be received which is why he beefs with everyone. Any woman who plays Prometheus and attempts to mold a man out of mud with his type is a fool. Hope she stacked her money and invested well.

          • Your doubts don’t equal facts tho. Plenty of brothers and sisters are into feet. Not me personally, but some folks are orally fixated. Making generalizations based on race or culture is racist and you know it. You just love making those kind of comments and seeing what reaction you get and you have been doing it for a while so that’s nothing new.
            Btw doesn’t sound like she was trying to mold him. Sounds like she was just trying to co exist with him. But closeted gay men are not equipped to be in love w a female, hence the abuse.

    • Its because white women know their worth. They ain’t hoeing one minute and them giving up free p*ssy the next, Especially to no rich dude. They play they position well. Chelsea on the other hand shouldnt be compared to a Instagram model. She is talented and the ex wife of the owner of some big television network. Chelsea is smart. Holly needs to make up her mind. Are you a how or not? How you letting a rich guy f*ck you for free knowing you usually get paid for it? I’m no fool. I can tell she was stripling and escorting but wanna pretend to be a regular chick when she get around rappers. Only thing is these rappers aren’t slow. They know a how when they see one and 50 got private investigator money. Don’t think he can’t find out about your hoe past. If she wasn’t so clueless she would’ve got out the moment he even acted like he was about yo hit her and been getting paid and those gifts put In her name. But she’s too groupie to do that.

      • You know what, you are very very wise. And honest too. Chelsea is very smart. Sure, she is no beauty and she has no ass, but as yo said, she was able to pull the CEO of E! with that homely mug and sorry body. That should tell you something. The head of a network can have any hot piece he wants, no matter how old and ugly he may be. He has POWER and power will get you everything you want. No doubt in my mind that Fifty was attracted to her because he wasn’t used to being around women who are respected for reasons which have nothing to do with sex.
        I imagine he felt strangely honored to be desired by a woman who is paid as she was to use her smarts and not her ass. People here say it was because she was white, but i don’t think so. I think it was the novelty of being with someone who has board room smarts as well as bedroom arts. Because as homely as she is, I hear she knows her way around a four poster.

        • Chelsea was actually very pretty. It was the vodkas that ruined her once beautiful looks.

      • White women continue to win because they are masters of deceit and manipulation. It’s not that they are better. They know the game and play it well. I’m a sista and will give them their props….i learned a little something something from those heifers. They know how to role play and will treat u accordingly and then cut u at the ankles when they are done. Sistas got to step their game up and leave the emotions at the door.

        • well said. You have it down to a science. They have made “the ultimatum” into a fine art. And guess what? 90% of the time it works.

        • True. Black women worship black men too much. That’s why sisters stay losing in matters of the heart, and matters of finances.

    • this dumb bitch took the ass whippings when all was good. The minute he dumps her, he becomes a woman beater and a manipulative man lmao

      • Depends on what kind of ass whoopings 50 was giving. If he hit my booty in the bedroom then I’d stay too. Lol j/k. But you’re right tho. She probably likes violent men and thinks that means they love her.

  1. I agree. 50 is just another DL dude that abuse women because their fighting within. 50 is the Queen of Queers…f*ck ninja

  2. Sounds like shea trying to be brave, but I think she did tolerate him putting hands on her. And taking back gifts he gave. Shea better off w out him

  3. fifty is a self hating closeted gay man so of course he’s gonna beat women up, just like Chris brown.

    • Yep. Just about to say the same thing. Chris Brown is definitely cut from that same cloth. These DL cases are all the same. They HATE women. Despise women. They also hate that they love dick, so they lash out by trying to reclaim masculinity by beating women. Lets add Kevin Mccall, Dr Dre and LL Cool J to the list of violent, woman hating bullies who love penis.

  4. Well what ya expect trick, he only treat how he sees you, I’ve viewed your little porn video and a weak porno trick, I’ve seen better way better,but he knows what you about, so he did it like felt you like to be treated like a slut,you bitches kill me try’en ta act like y’all innocent, but you have porno’s, you trick through the industry and expect these cat’s ta treat you like princess’s, gtfoh lol,he treated you like he saw ya trick yo fault

    • COsign. Since he and Floyd and tricks, women need to treat them as such too. Get all you can and leave. Stop catching feelings!

  5. 50 cents behavior and the way he treats women has been blogged and documented. Yet, women are still drawn to him. Hey must be the money. Some women rationale is that they would rather get treated like shit by a rich man, than a poor man. At least she’s getting something besides black eyes and STD’s.

    • No he’s cutting her off because of what Holly’s girlfriend exposed about her to the public and then Holly was on YouTube fighting in the hood like a hoodrat. Not a good look.

  6. @ Philly ur right he’s just a bitter Queer that’s mad because he and Floyd are no longer an item

  7. 50 May be an azz but he’s no dummie. He knows this.girl is just an eye candy floating around seeking a sponsor to take care of her. This broad jumps from baller to baller. What respect do u think u will get from that??? Play your role and keep it pushing.

  8. 50 Cent and his self-hating ways are the norm among many in hip-hop today. I can picture him laying hands on her and other women. Of course, this could be a smear campaign, but, who will vouch for him anyway? His lyrics advocate hatred of those closest to him. So, the bar is already low to begin with. Brothas gotta overstand this fundamental point…Hating the better half of our being is hell on earth. The bs that comes out of ShowBizness be damned. A new year, and the same crap is poppin off in like fashion…Mirrors & Broken Glass!

  9. That was pretty low of 50 to whip on that girl like that. Whether he was accusing of her of sleeping with different men or not he had the option of not dealing with her and walking away…without resorting to beating her tail.

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