Bobby Brown Used To Smash Debra Antney

Deb Antney Bobby Brown Lovers

HSK Exclusive – Bobby Brown is a former lover of the rapper Waka Flocka’s mother, Debra Antney. The My Prerogative singer later purchased a home for Antney, in Atlanta, Georgia.

A source is saying Antney’s brothers, Joe and Benny, were cocaine dealers, dealers who also conveniently served up Bobby Brown.

Here’s the drop:

“Deb’s brothers used to run with the drug kingpin Supreme. Bobby used to date Deb, when she was slim and pretty. All of her kids are from different drug dealers.

Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy came from a drug dealing family too. Tammy’s father is still in jail.”


    • If this is true its a dam shame cuz Bobby used Whitney to post Deb’s brother Bimmy 1 million dollar bail back in the day. Bobby also encouraged Whitney to pay all his backed up child support 2

      • that is not true. they both had money, together. why would she marry a broke nigga?

  1. Deb is my role model and I need to be in the business with her as my promoter. She is cut throat, even steals from wakka 🙂 this makes me tear up with joy.

  2. Ughhhhhh,this broad looks like a bulldog. There’s no used to be pretty. Never had,never will be. It’s hard to imagine that Bobby brought her a home ….maybe with Whitney’s money. Bobby smoked his up before he could spend it.

    • Lol. She probably was a looker in her day, just lived hard. Kinda like Chris Browns mom. You know how the prom queens and cheerleaders from highschool are 200+ pounds looking like the walking dead by the 10/15 yr reunion. Or even former Luke dancers.

      • and its sad that Whitney’s adopted Son molested Bobbi Kristina to the point that she married the homo! and NOW that faggot is trying to silently murder Bobbi Kristina and exploit her! they probably did the same thing to WHITNEY 3 years ago but detectives havent fully investigated and thats why her sister PAT HOUSTON is still confused and the family doesnt want Whitney’s adopted son around the family AT ALL but Bobbi Kristina is rebellious smh People already knew this was gonna happen! how much y’all wanna bet that Whitney’s adopted son gets indicted for all of this rubbishness thats been going on (INCLUDING WHITNEY’S DEATH)?

    • thats probably why Whitney blacked out on his faggot ass in the first place: BECAUSE OF WAKA’S MOTHER! oh and by the way, Angela Bassett did an outstanding extraordinary job by having a FLAMING FAGGOT portray Bobby Brown hahahahhhahhahahahahhahahahah

  3. LMAOOOO!bobby what you use ta do tell her she looked pretty LOL! because she always looked manly ta me,even if she was skinny at on time I know she had ta shave first lol, na man I couldn’t have smashed her I just couldn’t lol

  4. Wow! Debra and Bobby now that’s a shocker.Debra is a beastly looking woman who I thought was into men or both. She does look like her and Bobby could have been coke buddies if you know what I mean.

  5. I meant to say I thought Debra was into women and men or both. I read somewhere that their Haitian. Sak passe!

  6. Wow, this tea is delicious. High and mighty Tammy was raised off of Ill gotten gains. Interesting!

    • Shoot, if you saw her mom on the episode where they were discussing weddings you can see how she looks. She carries herself like she still bags product. I didn’t detect an OUNCE of class at all…

  7. How sad the black community has become when mothers are called out as just regular old whores . someone said black women are the back bone if that’s true our back is broken

  8. Debra and her sister Shaunie was good looking back in days. Age has caught up with everyone in their family excluding Joe and Pop.

    • and this is true ! Joe still looks the same and pop. Didnt they use to call Deb, Doty around the way

      • And in 11 days, it will be Whitney’s 3rd year anniversary of her death. Hmmmmmmm…..It looks like Whitney trying to tell us something.

  9. The Boomerang Effect! We all pay for the sins of our Fathers and Mothers. Deb has suffered tragedy in relation to her children, and. Bobby Brown is feeling the same pain…Pray For Bobby Kristina!

      • Losing her Mother at such a young age is brutally unfair, I empathize with her in this regard. Bobby helped create this problem, but, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy…Godspeed Bobbi Kris!

  10. We all know how they do statistics. Nowadays with this meth epidemic in upper and lower class neighborhoods you could find herpes on everyother white boy/girl lips that you see. And white girls stay having BV and smelling like fish. But I want clown its apart of their culture,vulture

  11. I will never talk about anothers mishap,I just thank God he spared me from diseases and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

  12. I don’t know about Bobby Brown smashing Antney but they did travel in the same circles and I met Antney in the late 1980s and she was a nice looking woman. I think she was with Hudini back then but I might be mistaken

  13. No pun intended but some black men are very nasty also so it really doesnt matter what race u sleep with

  14. What is the point of your comment, as it relates to this story? A young blackwoman is fighting to stay alive in a hospital because she misses her deceased Mother in ways none of us can fathom…The Real!

  15. Just read that things don’t look good for Bobby Kristina.

    (((((Sending prayers for her and her family)))))

    • I will join you in that Black Enga.

      Depression is real. If she survives, she needs real medical help in addition to family love and support.

      • Amen Anon 16:56. She always seemed so sad to me even as a child. This is such a terrible tragedy, as she hasn’t fully lived her life yet. But I’am just on the outside looking in, there is no telling what inner turmoil she has been living through since the loss of her mother.


        • Like BE said it doesn’t look good. Just watch the Super Bowl halftime show. I Katy Perry performed and I hate to say this but there will be a sacrifice. Saw it plain and clear. This doesn’t look good.

          • It was hideous, I watched it to look for any signs. Started with a chequerboard floor and all-seeing eye, then Lenny Kravitz/ Missy (gay agenda), the star above her head and WTF were the red eyes in that beast she rode in on?

            • I didn’t watch it live I just looked at the pics online and was like nooooo not again, what the hell!?!

              That beast with they red eyes was the worst though. They aint hiding shit anymore.

            • BE, yes girl! Talk about a mess, what got me was when the checkerboard tiles and those dancers dressed as horsemen and the all seeing eye in the tiles moving. That eye appeared so many times til I loathe count. I got a strange feeling it going to be Bobbi Kristina. I hate to say it but I got a bad feeling about it.

            • Please get and read a book call “Soul’d Out by G.E. Butler
              It had that same creature in it and it was written years ago about the entertainment industry

            • I’ve read the Soul’s out book and damned good it was too. Which part of the book was the beast mentioned as I can’t remember that part? Also, was the man with the red ball who took the girls’ virginity supposed to represent the devil rather than a real man? I was rushing to complete it in the end as I got it free on Prime lol.

            • @ D1, I’m going to see if I can watch it on YT and I feel you on the connection with BK too, it’s a damn shame with its blatancy.

              Anon 20:04, I will definitely be looking for that book thanks.

            • @anon, it was during that time they invited the ladies to a guru lecture and the beast came alive and exited out of the building thru the roof

            • @anon, its been some years since i read it but i think thats how it went. All i know is when i saw that beast it reminded me of that story

            • Yes anonymous you’re right, I remember it now thanks. That book is eerily accurate ahead of it’s time. I would love to know who was behind it.

            • @anon, oddly it was some rapper who was in the industry many years ago who never became well known. I believe he is a Pastor now and if im not mistaken he lost 1 of his friends (died) which cuz him to get out of the game
              I read that in the back of his book

        • Re: Bobbi Kris I don’t have any definitive inside information, but I am a regular on a site which is full of MD’s and RN’s and they all seem to think she won’t make it. It’s the induced coma which is the giveaway as to her brain swelling. Apparently the induce coma so the body can devote all its energies to healing the brain. If the person is breathing on their own w/o a respirator, it requires to much work for the body.
          Poor little girl.

  16. I feel sorry for anyone who is born into a family of a celebrity because they have it hard. I’m praying the Bobbi Kris pulls through.

  17. …So that’s what happened to Grimace from McDonald’s–He got out the game, got fatter & rachet (With dead animal on its head to boot), f*cked with some drug dealers, had a bunch of kids, and is now managing an illiterate one. The journey of life is truly something to behold.

      • hey anon, I am assuming you are my “friend” the British anon. If you are not, never mind. Did you read the diagnosis of Glok by the psychotherapist on the “Fiddy told Tatted Up Holly to Kick Rocks” thread? Wow….just wow. She has him nailed.
        You may have seen it, but there were no comments from you so I thought you might have missed it.

        • No, Anonymous 19:38, I’m the person who posted the above comment about ‘Grimace.’ I don’t know why my name wasn’t included.

        • DAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          U are so obsessed with @Glok9 u bring him into EVERY discussion on EVERY thread
          Dam!!!! Smh

          • You must be one of those sad women who the therapist was talking about. I dislike him for many reasons, and I pity you that you can’t see what a horrible person and a faker he is.
            conscious black man my ass

            • Well what can I say? That was an amusing read. That psychotherapist is a much more talented writer than the hairdresser that Glok/SB/Phillymofo could ever wish to be. Lmbao.

        • Hey my friend anonymous, yes it’s me here. Funny how I always know when it’s you, and you always know when it’s me even though we post anonymously lol. I missed the psychotherapist comments in that thread but shall go back and have a look, thanks for the heads up, hope you’re good.

  18. Joe and Bimmy were definetly those dudes in queens in the 80s and 90s, on 50 cent’s song “Ghetto Quran” the song that got 50 problems with supreme for shouting out all of queens biggest drug dealers, there is a line in it ” I wanna get dough like Bimmy and Joe”

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