Judge Throws Out Aaron Hernandez’s Murder Conviction

aaron hernandez murder conviction thrown out

Aaron Hernandez’s first-degree murder conviction for the 2013 shooting of Odin Lloyd has officially been thrown out.

The former New England Patriots tight end is no longer a convicted murderer based on Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh’s ruling.

Since Hernandez, who hanged himself in his prison cell last month, didn’t complete the automatic appeals process for his conviction, the judge threw out the conviction and dismissed all of his charges.


    • That money belongs to AH. Patriots just need to pay up before AH’ s fiancee start telling his story. I bet they won’t like what she has to say.

      • So get the money thru blackmail when her family is not legally entitled to it. They cut him before his conviction so overturning the conviction is a mute point. They are not owed the rest of his season salary and his bonus will be carved up by the lawyers and the families of his victims. His daughter is entitled to whatever he has left in his NFL pension or insurance policies AH left behind (at least those that cover suicide). She can’t extort the team unless she has corroborative evidence of wrong doing by them. Also she better be careful about blackmails games.

        • According to the law, he has no victims, remember? His conviction was thrown out and he was acquitted on the Boston charge . From the law’s perspective he is a “innocent” man. And the Patriots dropped him when he was arrested, not after he was found guilty, which might be a breach of contract. Technically, he did nothing to be fired for, if you can believe it. If I were the Patriots, I would just settle. They don’t want to go up against Baez. 19 million was not guaranteed cause it was for 2015-2018. Approx 20 million may still be.

  1. His fiancé do not seem pressed about his funds! She really ain’t said but no words at all. She seems like she will be okay with or without his millions. The lawyers will be going for it though, and they gone make the NFL pay up because the NFL spend that money on donuts for office meetings and then write it off as a loss on they taxes. Heck they may even capitalize off his death to recoup it. But that ain’t nothing to them. However that dude family, gone have to fight to get they obey out of it.

    His daughter gone be straight. I wonder if Aaron did this to take care of his family.

  2. Is it sad I like Aaron Hernandez? He really comes across as a good dude. It seems this man took his life for his daughter and fiancé.

    • Not sad, LovelyLady. I get it. Something always seemed off about this situation from top to bottom. The minute I saw that white dude has a black baby mama, I knew there would b trouble. He should have dropped all those old friends the minute he got in the NFL.

      • yes, thats what I thought was the problem too. He was rolling with a bunch of haters. I dated a white guy in 9th grade and I alot of black guys at my school were so mad, they told ne to stop talking to him first, then told me a bunch of lies about him, them when that did nit work they shot him. He did nit die, they inly shot him in the leg. So anyways I just never talked to another white guy because of that. And that was my best boyfriend ever.

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