Kanye West Escapes to Wyoming

kanye wyoming

When Kim Kardashian attended the Met Gala last week, she told reporters that Kanye was “at home.” Come to find out, he has been in Wyoming for the past two weeks!

According to sources, Yeezy has been holed up in a mountain retreat in Wyoming to work on his new album “in complete solitude.”

TMZ insists him running away from L.A. has nothing to do with marital problems. It’s all apart of his creative process.

Do you believe them?


  1. The divorce, and possibly the sacrifice. It certainly looks like their setting the stage for his fall, and demise. Kanye hasn’t been the same since that incident of his rant at his performance. They erased his memory, and lobotomized him. Kanye is nothing but a shell of his former self… Sad.

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