Did Joseline Hernandez Photoshop the First Pic of Her Baby?!


    joseline hernandez stevie j baby picture

    Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J both finally shared pictures of their daughter, Bonnie Bella.

    But their pictures looked completely different, and it has us wondering if Joseline had hers Photoshopped!

    Bonnie’s skin is MUCH lighter in the Puerto Rican Princess’s Instagram post don’t you think?

    Peep the difference between what she and Stevie J shared on their feeds.

    Say hello to #BonnieBella

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    You think Joseline is color struck and trying to make her baby light skin???


    1. I’m not buying this bullshit I don’t think that he had the baby yes that unclockable drag queen

    2. O come on, it all depends on the lighting and the skin color isn’t that far off. Cute kid nonetheless.

    3. Both photos look grainy with poor lighting. Not a professional photo for sure. She is like any other baby with people posting bad pictures of her.

    4. Stop trying to continue to separate black ppl with this color nonsense. Black is white to black and everything in between.

    5. Lord God Jesus that child looks JUST like her dad…and the darker pic up top looks waaaayyyyyy better.

      • Yep. Flash vs no flash. She’s way too real to be color struck if she was, we’d know by now. The baby is so fat and juicy! Full of enfamil LOL


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