▶️ Dutchess Blames White Producers of Making Black Ink Crew Look Bad

Not too long ago Dutchess and Ceaser were involved in a huge off-camera brawl with Puma and Quani at a hood corner store with no VH1 cameras in sight, further solidifying claims that their drama wasn’t orchestrated for television, but now that Dutchess has seemingly turned over a new leaf and is aiming to revamp her image on-screen.

Watch as she shifts the blame to  the producers of Black Ink Crew for continuing to make them look bad on TV.


  1. Bitch please, you was on tv and saying all that Trash talking shiit, the editing table can’t put words in your mouth.. Now that she’s no longer with Ceaz now she’s Ms Classy, bitch please you fuck your way to the boss, fucked his friends etc…. You can’t edit out of the editing room..

  2. They can only air what you give them. So if you look bad, its because you look bad.

    • Is she just now seeing the show? She’s been a ratchet hoodrat since season one. If you truly feel the producers are making you look bad, continuing to sign on to be part of the show makes you look even worse!

  3. Thank you for setting that lips crusty like pokies in new jack city, now I’m this, she always acted like she better than, but coarser momma said it, she’s not the woman for you!!!! This trick bitch like to throw shit then hide her hands, didn’t have a problem with editing when she was talking mad shit then when confronted, start back peddling and lying, that she didn’t say it, grow the fucked up, you got exposed for who you really are, your family going to ride with you and they should but be honest, you didn’t have any issues with editing when your asses were getting those checks????

  4. Give her a show of her own so she can be a hypochondriac and run all her friends away.

  5. Corrections: crusty lips like pokie from new jack city bitch straight.
    I meant to say Caeser
    Did any fucking body on the show had some vasoline??? Coco butter, some lotion???
    Is it me or did several characters always look like they just got finished eating white powder doughnuts?

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