Janet Jackson Confirms Divorce In Special Video Message to Fans

janet jackson video message fans divorce

Janet Jackson just released a very special video message to her fans.

The singer confirmed that she and her estranged husband are going to court to end their marriage, and she plans on going back on tour now that she has given birth to her son.

Peep the video.


  1. I don’t know what to say, its a new time, I’m not buying any music, or concert tickets, but maybe ya are, and she depending on that and talking to yall…I just wish she gave a good example of a relationship, but ummmmmmm then again she is human and is now a baby momma like some of her fans. A RICH baby momma, but to each they own. Don’t get me wrong I love her but….ummmm something don’t feel right about all of this.

    • Yeah I feel the same way, something is not right. I think she played her husband; & she’s shady af. Not to mention the child she had with debarge she disowned to this day…smh….ms nasty as she says. .lol

    • A rich baby mama??? HE GOT EVERY BIT OF HER MONEY!! Why else would a NEW MOTHER that is 50 years old with arthritis, and old age health problems be trying to sell sex again??? She better go tell them down arabs to buy her tickets and records because she thought she was too good to marry a black man, so my black money stays in my pocket.

      She must be penniless and she sure will NOT get a penny of his money. He married her only to be his bedroom hooker, when she acted like a wife, got fat, had a baby, her black butt had to hit the road.

    • You’re correct. These young black girls love Bey, not old ass Janet. Damita Jo isn’t going to get any of my money.

  2. Yeah, & that baby is SO WHITE, white ass baby! Black ppl really should not support any of these self hating Jacksons. What’s gonna be the excuse the next time she ducks out on her fans? These ppl are frauds, that are best left alone. Btw, ya know that Trent Jackson case where he was accused of abusing Katherine was THROWN OUT, so that should be noted. Lying ass, money grubbing Jacksons! 😛

    • Take care of the child??? A woman of 50 years old develops heart problems, diabetes (likely with her weight gains she’ll get), high blood pressure from stress of tours and child. I wouldn’t wish her life on my worse enemy but she made her bed…lie in it

  3. Damn are you all that NAÏVE???Janet and Wissam we’re both in an arranged”Marriage “! He’s about as gay as a picnic basket. What better way to disburse those rumors by getting with a famous beard like Janet Jackson. That maybe his child, but absolutely no way is that child JANET. Of course we know that she has a daughter, But she sure as hell did not have no baby in this day and age. Especially at 100.?

  4. Ignorance upon ignorance upon ignorance written here.

    Who cares what the deal was she will be paid for her services and that is that. Who cares if he is gay or has a harem? She should have never been with him in the first place…but in the end she got what she wanted $$$$.

    And to the poster talking abut color…I was whiter than a white child when I was born and now am a nice rich brown tone..so who knows what the fk that child is going to look like in the end.

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