This is painful to watch! I pray to god that no one in the world really admires or looks to these people as a role model!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be put on ice for a while to make way for Joseline’s ‘Baby Delivery Special’ that’s set to air in its place on May 1st. The special picks up where her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta storyline left-off with her heading to Miami to be with her family and distance herself from Stevie J while preparing for the birth of Bonnie Bella..

Watch as she plots her post-baby comeback in this scene from her Delivery Special below:

Is this a new low for reality TV?

VIABroken Silenze
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  1. Will someone just give Miss Thang an award or something so she and her man can finally end their storyline!

  2. The damn trainer is a fuckin degenerate too…. trying to fuck on the way to the hospital??? Tf

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