Watch T.I Get Heated When Tiny Tells Him That She’s Taking Their Newborn On Tour

Watch this clip of T.I getting upset with Tiny for saying she’s going to take the baby on tour with her. In this clip you can see the distance between the two and how differently the relationship has change.

Watching Tiny after Joselyn makes Ms. Harris look like Viola Davis… Just sayin!



  1. I had to re watch that a few times to wrap my finger around why is she still standing there? Okay, like wow! if a man ever raised his voice to me like that, I would never speak to him again. The only way he would be able speak to me is through my attorney.

    If TI care so much about his kids, why don’t he watch them? All he doing on tour is drugs, orgies, going to strip clubs and getting into fights. Further more if he loved his kids so much why risk your family over hoes?

    Dang now i see why his son said he don’t treat Tiny right. This is s battered woman, yikes I feel bad for her now.

    If his sons ever see this video, they gone hate him forever.

    After seeing this I don’t like him anymore. I hope he find Jesus.

  2. T.i. is a dickhead. She needs to find some inner strength. He don’t want her let this woman work so she can start rebuilding her life without you.

  3. Tip has a point. A baby do need to be in a stable home at that age. The road is not for her. But, if he’s really concerned why don’t he sit at home and watch the baby and let Tameka work. He’s been on the road long enough it’s time he sit home with the kids. It’s only fair.

  4. I wouldn’t care what TI said – if he was so concerned about his kids – he would keep his ass at home while she went out there and did what she had to do. He wants her to be reliant on him so that he can continue to treat her like crap. I would have walked out on his dumb ass while he was still standing up there looking stupid. Boy Bye!!!!

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