Joe Budden DRAGS Nicki Minaj For Featuring Rah Ali: “That B**CH Not Even Sexy”

On today’s explosive episode of #EverydayStruggle, Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks broke down Nicki Minaj’s brand new “No Frauds” video. They debated about whether or not the entire thing was a flop and if she should have even put out a video.

Watch the full episode now:…


  1. Why she got to be a B?? So wrong for these BM to be name calling like this. Have an opinion but leave the B and H words in 2016! ENOUGH!

  2. I assumed she was in the video because she was supposed ro be Remy ma friend or something. Or is that Rock? you know in the song she say “Rock took you to her doc but you dont look like rock” was she saying rah and not Rock? I was trying to figure out why a artist that big would stick that woman in they video. Hes right, if I was Nicki that woman would never stand near me, let along be in my video. Someone did drop the ball in Nickis camp

  3. Why are some BM so involved in female sh*t?? They have more cattiness in them most females. Boy I tell, a lot of these males are on the down low and have female tendency. It’s sickening to see.

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