Jigga Who? Kanye’s ‘Kick Rocks’ To The Carters

Kanye vs Jay Z

So, It Was Written?

Yeezus seems to have stricken Hovi’s name from his old lyrics! During his Austin X-Games performance, he refused to speak the name ‘Jay’ — dropping Jigga’s name from the last three songs of the show. This, about three-months after Jay Z let it be known that he had no plans to attend KimYe’s TV wedding. You’ll recall… Bonnie and Clyde followed through with that statement, calling the event “a circus.” Their names are now missing from Kanye’s “Cold”, “Blood On Leaves” and “Touch The Sky”…

“He dropped ‘Jay’ from the lines, leaving a beat where they word would normally fall.”

Yes, Bey apparently gets it too — Kanye didn’t Say Her Name, Say Her Name, Say Her Name either!
In ‘Blood on the Leaves,’ he altered the line — ‘He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy’ — to say ‘You need to stop actin’ crazy.”

What’s out there:

“On ‘Cruel Summer’ track ‘Cold,’ West normally raps, ‘Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team.’

On ‘Blood on the Leaves,’ he again left out Jay’s name, this time during the line ‘I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay Z.’ West then altered the next line — ‘He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy’ — to say ‘You need to stop actin’ crazy.’ He omitted his “Watch the Throne” cohort’s name a third time on “Touch the Sky.”


And the whole industry want to f*ck your old chick
Only nigga I got respect for is Wiz
And I’ll admit, I had fell in love with Kim
Around the same time she had fell in love with him
Well that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thang
Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team
La Familia, Roc Nation

Blood On the Leaves…

Fuck them other niggas cause I’m down with my niggas…

To all my second string bitches, try and get a baby
Trying to get a baby, now you talkin’ crazy
I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay Z
He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy

Touch The Sky…

I just wanted to shine.
Jay’s favorite line: “Dog, in due time”
Now he look at me, like “Damn, dog, you where I am”

Check this clip from the concert:



  1. Kanye is temperamental and his feelings are hurt. Maybe he’ll find forgiveness and maybe he won’t but I have a feeling that no one really cares. I’m sure the Carter’s had MANY valid reasons for not showing up for that foolery.

    • Kanye needs to sit his menopausal ass down completely. No one in their right mind, with a REAL brand, image, and career to uphold and maintain attended his sham of wedding to the prostitute. Say what you want about Jay and Bey, but they are legitimate entertainers with a real reason and purpose for being famous. He’s taking these weak ass disses at them because his feelings are hurt. Oh well. Kanye should have known what time it was when he first starting dating Kum (yes “Kum”) Kardashian. He lost artistic respect for hooking up with AND impregnating a harlot.



          • Have u seen her? She looks nothing like Kris. And bitter as his ass was during the divorce if that was his baby he would have fought Kim for some custody/ visitations. He dragged that divorce out as long as he could . He himself said in his divorce papers that he wasn’t willing to speed things up just because Kim didn’t want to be still married to him while pregnant by Kanye.

            • Nothing negates the fact that Kris & Kim could have had sex. Secondly, have you actually googled Kris as a child? Kim tweeted this is what I want my son to look like (pic of Humphries). Come on now has she ever commented on Kaynes’s looks? No! So you will see North is not his child.

    • He might be alla that and then some but he’s not wrong to be pissed off. Friends are supposed to support one another and attend each others weddings. The Carter’s were expected and to simply not show up is unforgivable. Especially when these fools k ow they would attend an opening of an envelope if Missy Gwennie were hosting it. Then they go and post beach pics like they were rubbing their no show in Kanyes face. Total assholes those two are.

      • Anonymous I disagree. Just because you are friends or friendly with someone doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to their tomfoolery. Kanye and Kim especially are everything Jay and Bey are not. I wouldn’t go against my principles by participating in a made for TV wedding either. If it were just about the union and the couples love for one another; it wouldn’t have been all of the pomp and circumstance and the Carter’s probably would have attended. Beyoncé sure flew to Costa Rica for Kelly’s wedding. Everyone in the know knows this is a sham of a marriage and to me the Carter’s absence is more proof of that. Kim would have loved those bragging rights but they declined to give it to her and I don’t blame them. The words Kanye spoke at the reception, “Kim is more beautiful than I am talented,” and a whole host of other b/s he’s said isn’t love but more like idolatry.

        • I agree. Kim gets married at the drop of a dime and all for publicity. Kanye needed a beard and wanted a baby but I doubt if that marriage will last.

        • Plz….Bey and Jay seem beardish too , ans their “principles ” seem questionable at best…. Alls I’m saying is, if you ain’t going, don’t go. Just don’t make it seem like you coming then pull a no show. That’s just plain tacky

          • But how do you know they ever said they were going. That was in the media but we don’t know if that was fact or rumor. I never heard Jay nor Bey say they were going did you?

            • They absolutely said they were gong and JayZ was supposed to be Kanye’s best man. The wedding itself was not filmed for the show. Only the festivities before and after will be shown. If they would have said they wanted no part of any filming, I know Kim would have accommodated them just for the prestige of having them there. I think it was very rude and low class to “no show” and then be filmed in the Hamptons having a good old time. The very least they could have done is politely declined the invite. That’s good manners which anyone of any class would do. Just because we don’t care much for either couple here, the fact is that both Kanye and JayZ have always purported to be each others’ best friend. Best friends don’t blow off each other like that. I am more convinced than ever that The Carters don’t give a shit about anyone other than themselves.

            • @ 22:23, I agree. It was really disrespectful and meant to show the Wests that they are not on the Carter’s level. I would never again call those two “friend”.

            • Anon 22:23 – Just because it was written in a gossip rag/site, it does not mean they were going, were going to participate, or going to perform. I have never heard Jay Z or Kanye talk about themselves being ‘best friends.’ I am certain you haven’t either. Or maybe the voices in your head said so? It’s so funny because these tabloids rely on gullible, ignorant, brainless, non critical thinking people to believe their ish as gospel when there is no fact to what they print… and people fall for it every time.

            • @ 11: 20 , you should know cuz u seem entirely drunk off the kook aid. I appreciate u trying so hard to clear befunky s name, that’s what a good Stan should do , but we ain’t buying it. Jay and Kanye were plenty close, plenty of pics of them partying, hanging out, leaving studios and each others cribs. That’s what friends do. Both congratulated each other when their babies were born, and attended events together. Hey just swears she

        • But again, how do you know for sure the Carter’s accepted the invite? I know I’ve read conflicting stories on that subject and have never heard Kanye, Kris, Kim, Beyoncé or Jay Z say they were indeed attending the wedding. Also, I’ve never heard Jay Z refer to Kanye as his best friend. I always thought his childhood friend Ty Ty or whatever his name is was his best friend. I did assume that Kanye and Jay were friends but maybe our perceptions were wrong. Even so, you are right; if Jay Z and Beyoncé accepted the invite only to no show that was absolutely ill mannered; however, I doubt very seriously that’s what happened. For all we know, the media could have made up the story about Jay Z being the best man. Don’t you find it strange that Kanye would select Jay Z and not a childhood friend or better yet Ricardo Tisci his rumored lover and designer of Kim’s dress to be his best man? I don’t believe for one-second Jay Z and Beyoncé just no showed without Kanye knowing. He may be pissed they didn’t attend but I highly doubt he and Kim didn’t know beforehand. I’m sure lots of people declined; why is it such a big deal that Jay and Bey did unless they wanted the bragging rights.

        • They were invited. Kris Jenner confirmed it. She was quoted as saying there was so much going on with the wedding, Bey and
          Jays no show was the last thing on anyone’s mind.

    • Right! He been suckin jay z dick more than beyonce! Fuck koonye an his plastic hoe. I dont f*ck with The Carters but im with them on this one lol

  2. I dont how much money Kanye has but after the kardashians suck him dry and ruin his life the way they did Lamar he’ll be regretting getting with Kim.

    • Especially since that baby is not his. Check out the new photo with the baby looking like “who da pappy?”

      • That baby looks like a little Kanyina. I don’t doubt that she came to be via turkey baster as apposed to passion, but she is his.
        She’s also well cuter than Blue, so he’s already won there.

        • Oh really. Well that’s funny because Kanye is so ugly, so why would North be so cute, as y’all say. She looks like Kris. Google Kris as a child. Look at pics of him and Kim. You’ll remember I told you first.

          • I don’t think Kanye is ugly, his personality leaves a bit to be desired, but he has a nice smile.
            Anyway, she is still cuter IMO . Them camel genes be strong.

            • Kanye is not ugly. He may not be the most handsome man in hip hop, but compared to JayZ he’s a 10. And I do think the baby is cute. And I’d bet a bag a donuts that she will be as pretty as (the old natural)Kim when she is a teenager.

            • Yeah. True. The baby, like her daddy, doesn’t smile much but when she does she lights up. I don’t think Kanye is handsome but he’s nothing to throw stones at. And I don’t think she looks at all like that knuckle dragged Kris Humphries. That man is strange looking.

  3. Just wait until he gets mad and hot as fish grease at Kim and see what her songs turn into .

  4. Sounds like a lover’s quarrel to me. Like when you break up with your boyfriend and delete his # out of your phone even though you still know it by heart lol

  5. Kanye is as emotional as a premenstrual Pisces with a double shot of Espresso, but it’s funny how people feel so comfortable dissing the Carters now. Interesting.

  6. I laugh inside over this. Beyonce up here fronting like she better than the next bitch. Let’s keep it 100: what has Kim done , included being filmed f*cking, that Beyonce won’t or didn’t do?. Not a damn thing. bey knows she has entertained heads of state, etc and whoever else so why is she fronting like she is so much better than Kim GTFOOHWTBS. That Halatosis having hypocrite harlot needs to sit her inexpertly braided head down somewhere .

    • Im not a beyonce fan but she is Better than that bitch! Beyonce has a talent an can dance. An its naturally pretty. She works hard at her craft… Even if its bullshit! Kim has zero talent an is fake. Bought body parts an a known hoe! The nigga she married to is a Sellout an is gay! He been kissing an sweatin The Carters like a groupie an they son’d his ass! Team Carters! I’on even f*ck with them but jay an b aint tryna b bothered an to me thats some real Gangzta shit! Sorry lol

  7. dissing the carters now? who the f*ck were the carters ? or is it the knowles? i can’t keep up. ppl are twisted. get your f*cking mind right. who the f*ck are they and what the f*ck did they ever do for anybody? ppl need to figure who is who because everybody is the same. we all going to damn die and that’s it. you need to get off their dick.

  8. very interesting? what the f*ck is interesting about them except how she lied about being pregnant? and how ignorant her sister is? and their mother is dating a crackhead? oh.

      • Kanye stupid for many things but that baby is his. Looks just like him. Ain’t no wait that cute girl belongst to Kris Humphries prehistoric cave man looking ass.

      • Stop it LOL. Ain’t nobody buying what you’re selling here. That child is Kanye’s no doubt about it.

  9. Its funny how he is showing his feeling for a fake friendship but where was you feeling when they killed his mom this was and always will be about m oney you work for Jay z did you think they were your friends Jay z is the one that told them to sacrifice your mother how sick can your be your feelings are hurt gtfoh

    • Lanette… chile! You hit on the head lol An this nigga showed no emotion wen donda died but he bitchin ova bulkshit an goin out his way to Coon for the K klan…. If he died i wudnt gv two f*cks! He is poison an really The Carters are too.An those of u refering to his uncletom ass as yessuz are losers. No man on earth is equal to The Creator. Kanye seriously needs to shot! Get rid if this nigga! Word life. At least Pac had something to offer. RIP Tupac!

      • Didn’t he make an entire album about the death of his mom? How many people have ever pledged or been apart of a society where you are not allowed to talk about it outside of your fellow members? And what if God was a stranger on a bus reading DOHSK, how many of us would fail?

        • He is not God. Kanye is a idiot! An if u believe in Snoopy dats yo bidnizz.. But u foul if u make Mockery of The Creator of all things! See… Satan has his followers an they r doin a number on u idiots! Kanye an all
          The Coon klan r at fault for spreading Bullshit!

          • No hes doing a number on YOU religous fanatic idiots cuz you use satan as a scapegoat to blame all the world problems on, who needs satan man iz evil enuf now go.sit yo hypocrite azz down somewhere

      • Showed no emotion?? The dude had a full on breakdown. Where in the hell did you come up with that?

    • So let’s see: Kanye paid that sketchy doctor Jan Adams (who was already in some hot water) to do the surgery after 2 highly rated Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons refused to do it based or her coronary artery disease. Then he paid Dr Adams to be sure that Dr West would in fact go into cardiac arrest on the table. What are you smoking? The final autopsy and coroner’s report explains exactly how and why she died. And it was a combination of her pre-existing medical conditions and negligence on the doctor’s part.
      I happens every week folks! Anytime you have elective major surgery at an advanced age you are taking a big chance. And if you fail to tell your doctor that you have heart issues, you are asking for terrible complications. If the doctor had known about her heart, he would have INSISTED that the surgery be done in a hospital O.R. where there would have been life saving equipment at their fingertips. But she hid it from him because she was determined to have the tummy tuck. Did Kanye convince a very intelligent woman to lie to her physician knowing it would mean her demise? So in effect, she was the one who precipitated her own death. How could Jay Z, Kanye, Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine or any other of the Industry Illuminati honchos have convinced a doctoral professor to withhold critical info which would lead to her own fatality?

      It was a tragic example of human frailty. We never want to believe than we’re going going to be a sad statistic, so through a momentary lapse of judgment we make a terrible mistake. Even if you believe in blood sacrifices, not every death of a famous person or their kin is a sacrifice. Famous folk die just like every one of us and our family members. I’m not saying that there has never been a nefarious death or even a killing, but this wasn’t one one. If Kanye was told to sacrifice someone in his life, why not his father Ray West or Amber Rose or the CEO of Fatburger or Louis Vuitton?

  10. First Kim burn Bey by not disinviting Rachel to the wedding, now Kanye does this! Bonnie and Clyde falling fast as hell! If Bey gets divorced, who she gonna hang out with?!

      • Wrong…. Kelly’s going to have a baby and Michelle is, well she is Michelle and rich! I NEVER see any of them hanging out!. Does Bey have any real friends??? Once again Kim K gets a check and mate!

        • Trust me on this one if Beyonce needs some people to hang out with it will be Kelly and Michelle it always been like that no matter what they will and have dropped every thing to be by her side you will see.

          • Im not doubting that they won’t be by her side,and definitely that album and tour is coming. But besides Kelly, does Beyonce have any childhood friends?

            • I don’t know if she do are not if she do she will not bring them up she seems to only hang out with her family the only person from her childhood she talked about was just her ex boyfriend she was always with the girls from destiny. Child.

    • Kelly and Michelle…she will make a Destinys Child album and people will buy it…

  11. don’t count jigga and bey out yet.

    both can survive a divorce.

    reading jay and beys prenup jay has to give her 10, million plus another million a year for each year b was married to him.

    and jay has to pay an additional 5 million per child and access to their private jet, mansion and a fleet of cars.

  12. Kanye is OVER. A sell out a butler a laughingstock when he dies the whores get the money. Hell of a way to handle a LEGACY. And if you think that baby is going to identify as Black you are crazy. Not with a trashy white whore as a Mother. Follow the money trail these coons giving the slave masters daughter the cash. Where is the outrage? Oh I forgot gotta save that for Scandal and coons forget that Kerry Washington married Black unlike them.

    • Amen. They give every dime they get to Missy Ann and end up dying in some nursing home or ghetto. Amazing.

      • Cosign. Give the money to Missy Ann and shit on your own people o die in the gutter in the ghetto.

    • Funny how Kanye is over when, he’s forcing the fashion world to accept Kim and her body type that they’ve been running from forever. Even when it comes to white women and they know they have to admit that! I’m a six foot tall black woman, 120 pounds and I cannot find pants that fit for the life of me! models cannot find clothes that fit they have to be tailor-made. So finally the world has to admit that fashion has been bullshit. That doesn’t seem over to me, that seems like a big thank you and like I can finally get some pants that are long enough and fit my non-existent ass. Because even though beyonce has a fashion line you guys don’t seem to be wearing it, I’m not either. And just so you guys know when Abercrombie and Fitch pants, they aren’t long enough and they don’t fit over my thighs so whatever models they’re using are not in a size 0-3! I’m practically a skeleton and still cannot fit that s*** !stop losing weight to fit into clothes, force the fashion industry to make clothes that’s fit everybody’s body type. 7 billion people on this planet, we all can’t be wrong! everybody always hates on transs/t-girls, well that’s what I dress like! dresses w/ tights +flip flops. KANYE AIN’T OVER! SHE’S JUST GETT’N STARTED!

      • You are adorable Glutin. And you really hit the nail on the head with you points. Keep writing sis.

      • Lol….very funny. I used to wear boys jeans, levi 501, the button dogs, because I needed the length. Fashion has come a long way but still has a way to go. My older sister has trouble finding bikinis. Her body is like ka-pow. Size 8 booty but 38ddd breasts. She gets soo frustrated.lol. fashion industry needs to catch up .

      • Thank you so much you guys, I realized a long time ago that I’m not the only one who cries walking through the mall! Oh… and for all my bigger white and asian girls, for some odd reason in middle class black /”urban” neighbors, Forever 21 has the exact same clothes just bigger sizes I believe they call it Forever 21 Plus. How does that work? Happy shopping!

  13. Alot of these black athletes, musicians, and actors sell their souls for fame and money. I dont feel sorry for them. Jay and Beyonce’s reign been over. They both need to sit down somewhere.

  14. Dame Dash believed in kanye, not Jay-Z. Karma for kanye. Jay left his dick riding ass hanging like a testy. Lol

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  16. Sometimes life can hurt so bad. No one ever stop to think of what Kanye must be going through with the death of his mother. I know it’s been years, but there is still pain. I pray they workout.

  17. Timing seems to be everything. Kayne and Kim get married, Jay-Z & Bey are rumored to be divorcing. I guess it is all falling down. Now K&K will be the new “it” couple. And J&B will be getting dogged like K&K are now. Wow! When it all falls down.

  18. Regardless of who daddy is who, who is cuter, who got better hair all that BS. North and Blue will live a much more comfortable life than everyone this damn thread adn probably will never have to work a 9-5. SO they both winning. Now leave kids out of adult matters.

    • Maybe maybe not. Because money isn’t everything. Sometimes I pity these celeb kids just because the parents are su ch freaks . But I’m rooting for both those pretty little girls. I really am.

  19. Kanye is a Hot Mess…Why would any sane person want to be friends with such a fellow???


    Next, Beyonce and Jay Z, want no parts of her.
    Beyonce is NOT letting her, be on her level just by association.
    Kanye said Kim was “His Beyonce”… And everyone looked at him siideways.

    I would not fool with her no talent having self eitther.
    its like your Boy, whose Girl is strung out on crack.
    He’s cool. But you want. No parts of her!

  21. He’s always been jealous this Kanye .. always sneak-dissin’ Jay, always tryna out-do Jay in every way .. only thing he out-did Jay in is winning Grammy’s-that’s it. Jay bodies this self-proclaimed ‘god’ and Kanye himself knows it.That’s why he going to stay mad!

  22. He’s always been jealous this Kanye .. always sneak-dissin’ Jay, always tryna out-do Jay in every way .. only thing he out-did Jay in is winning Grammy’s-that’s it. Jay bodies this self-proclaimed ‘god’ and Kanye himself knows it.That’s why he’s going to stay mad!

  23. Kanye has been > than his fallen hero for a long time. JayZ’s the stone-cold practical one who sold kids crack back in the day. Now he sucks up the big $$$ from the flush consumers who still buy into his outdated gangsta act & get off on imagining they’re thugs.

    But ‘Ye might finally have noticed his old buddy doesn’t really care about black people (tho he’s glad to take their $$$ w/one hand while using the other to sign off on deals w/racist companies like Barney’s). Meantime, Kanye keeps using his brain, sense of humor, AND emotions to awaken his audience & tell them they can be great (see clips from his Atlanta show).

    The media has us so sold on their Krazy Kanye karikature, we’ve forbidden ourselves to “listen to the man” where it truly matters: in his music. OK, I wish his crazy insecure a$$ would stop reminding us ALL. THE. TIME–but he really is an artist–one who keeps growing, & is never afraid to be real. Like many artists his ego can get so inflated with wild dreams you wonder why it doesn’t just explode (um; that what the “BOOM!” effect is in “Blood…”? 😉 . Still, I’d rather listen to a Dreamer than an S&L Banker.

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