Kelly Rowland Rolls Out The J’s To Mark Motherhood?

Kelly Rowland Pregnant

Word on the web is Kelly Roland is pregnant with her first child. Just yesterday… the ‘Talk a Good Game’ singer posted two pairs of J’s — one of which are kids kicks — with the caption, “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy”. Though the news has yet to be confirmed, it’s definitely looking like Kelly’s got motherhood on her mind.

Peep Kelly’s IG Post:


What’s out there:

“Just one month after the singer and her new hubby, Tim, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Costa Rica on May 9, Kelly, 33, announced that they’re expecting a little bundle of joy!”







    • Chris shut the hell up! first off we all know KELLY shoulda had a kid first before Beyonce had hers at 14. Then Beyonce went on to tell everybody in Hollywood not to hook up with Kelly so she could be with somebody decent! sorry but I mean really, this dude proposed to her on skype. on skype people! I mean has Kelly really ever been with somebody on her level? now Kelly and her baby sister Solange can have their kids play together, oh yeah and bring tag along Blue Ivy.

    • That does sheen like she dropped a pretty big hint. Well if she is pregnant good for her and congrats. Bet she will be a better mommy than her sister, starting with the fact that she’s willing to actually carry her own child.

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    • He SHOULD be wearing grown-up shoes. Kneegros steady flaunting those stupid shoes. I don’t get it. Rims and Jordan’s. Bwahahaha

    • I’m assuming you mean ‘Looks AREN’T everything’

      It’s true too. With that said Kelly, while good looking, isn’t a true stunner IMO. She gets a lot of props because of her magnificent figure and the Beyonce backlash but she’s not wreck your car gorgeous by any stretch.


    interviewer-So I know you are excited about Kelly being pregnant
    Beyonce- Uh yes Kelly is amazing.

    Interviewer-I’m sure you will be glad to offer her advice on being a first time mother like yourself right?

    Beyonce-Yes she can call my surrogate …uhm I mean she can call my number anytime I’n here for her.

    Interviewer-How is baby Blue Ivy doing?

    Beyonce-Who? …oh the child Blue is amazing.

    Interviewer-Why did you say “The child” as if she’s a stranger to you?

    Beyonce -I’m sorry my mind was on my “On the run ” tour .Did you know it’s almost sold out ?

    Interviewer-Look bitch let’s stop with the bullshit and talking in circles.That’s why I didn’t want to interview your robotic, rehearsed ,scripted ass……my time is important I have others to interview.

    Beyonce- Well Jay and I are…..

    Interviewer-Listen did hire a surrogate to carry your baby and why can’t the surrogate comb and style little Blue Ivy’s hair?

    Beyonce- Jay and I have learned to ignore the ridiculous rumors about our child and our life.

    Interviewr-Oh now she’s your child? ….Fuck it get out my office this is a wrap turn the cameras off before I put my foot up This woman’s ass.And don’t edit this interview in case I come up MISSING .You know how the Carter’s get down

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      • I don’t know why either especially since her hair is quite thick and long enough to style but I shouldn’t have mentioned her hair lol….my bad

        • No its true. I love Blues hair texture. It’s healthy and is thick and would be great natural if only they would moisturize it. I have thick curly hair too and Carols Daughter Hair milk is the TRUTH. Somebody please hand Beyodel a complimentary bottle

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            • Seriously yall? I love it! Though I do notice its changed. As did Dr Miracles. I also like Mixed Chicks products and Uncle Jessies Curly pudding. Pricey but worth it

            • Anon 17:42
              Yeah Carols Daughter turned my hair into straw, lol. It may have something to do with my hair being low porosity because I can’t use coconut oil either. Funny, I used Mixed Chicks for the first time yesterday and I am in love. I just ordered a big bottle of it today. Never tried JC but I’ll check it out.

          • …and let’s not forget the Black Vanilla Tea leave in conditioner spray!

            +1 on the hair milk, although lately I’ve been using 6-in-1 which moisturizes it quicker than CD Hair Milk.

            • I use the Monoi oil on my hair and my arms and chest. It smells so good. I wish I could afford to use it all over everyday, but it’s too $$$ for that.

  3. Good for her but Beyonce will find away to over shadow this but good for. Her next a Beyonce story for the next nine months sad but true

      • Which means Beyonce will just buy a stronger more rounder pillow that won’t deflate .She’ll get it in different sizes this time to match each trimester.I’m proud of her.

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  4. I told my daughter the night of the billboard award the Kelly have pregnant face.she said mom you can tell by looking at her face? Yes I can so don’t forget that. Plus they only showed her sitting in car so common sense.

  5. Wendy asked how Kelly was gonna support this child seeing as she doesn’t have a job lol her man don’t either so the question is valid. DC aint played on the radio no more….

    • Who’s to say she does not have money saved up or invested.Welfare mothers can take care of their kids and mothers not on welfare who works one or more jobs .It can be done trust Kelly has money and Wendy knows this .

  6. Congratulations goes out to Kelly. I always thought she was prettier and more talented than her sister.

  7. That is going to be one funny looking kid. Her husband is very unattractive and Kelly is cute sometimes, but I don’t think her looks are strong enough to overcome the unique looks of that husband. I wish them the best, though.

    • How the parents look does not guarantee that the child will not look fine.Stop being so vain that’s childish I’m sure their child being healthy is more important .Work on your issues.

  8. There are many successful people who are not attractive many well raised children not attractive yet as their are beautiful strippers and whores so whats your point looks mean nothing character does .

  9. Quoting ay,
    Wendy asked how Kelly was gonna support this child seeing as she doesn’t have a job lol her man don’t either so the question is valid. DC aint played on the radio no more….

    She can start off by selling them baby Jordan’s ,we all know that Kelly is that broke ass bitch lol!

    • I ‘m sure Kelly has more money than you ever will have.If you can survive am sure she can three times more stop being bitter and angry at people you dont know .

    • …And has one of the shittiest attitudes of any celebrity or regular person I’ve ever known. The incident with Chamillionaire was bad enough, but whites on even made an entire thread of nothing but their & those they know’s experiences with Jordan’s bitch ass. That being said, Fuck him and his shoes, draws, and cologne.

      Here’s Chamillionaire talking about the incident:

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      • Thank you Anonymous and Raheim. Sometimes you just gotta break out your own tea when the tea on the table is weak. Not bustin’ up in Jackie’s web house, but it is nice that the consciousness and real tea is in the pot.

        • No problem. I’ve said it on here once and I’ll say it again; if there’s one thing I hate about celebrities is those who treat their fans, service workers, etc. like shit, and I have no problem calling those people out on it & castigating them. Similarly to the purpose of this blog, I feel it’s important for us, the prospective consumers of entertainment, to know who we’re dealing with, and to not deal with those who do and would treat us like shit.

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            • Hey I heard an aboriginal from Australia is playing with the spurs at the moment.going alright too from what I hear.

            • He invests because he is too lazy and ignorant to do his own research and he thinks he is in a class by himself – that he is no longer black.

              But like you say, his is AmeriKKKa and even Michael Jordan will get his nigga wake up call.

              Michael Jackson sure did

            • My nephew told me patti mills. His mother or grandmother was part of the stolen generation.

            • Yeah, but Michael Jackson had a little hand in his own undoing don’tcha think? I mean, it’s not like he was doing his thing and out of nowhere the man came along and yanked his card for no reason.

            • @Anonymous 22:14

              I think we are saying the same thing. Both MJ was rollin’ with the Beatles catalog and then he thought just because he had YT money he was actually white and can do things YT does and not get caught.

              Jordan is the same way. He will get his YT pass pulled in some way.

  10. Don’t nobody care none of these roll players and puppets only stupid people do one thing you aw ta know they don’t know you exist so who cares and why do you care?

  11. Congrats to Kelly and her husband. Now almost everybody from the original Destiny’s Child has a baby except for Letoya Luckett who’s my favorite. I hope the originals members do a reunion.

  12. If Kelly did alot of writing on the Destinys Child albums and her albums she should be good in the publishing checks dept.

  13. Umm he looks good but is old and I’ve been told that old sperm or eggs make children look “old in the face” by elders.

  14. If by now you still don’t ‘get’ CC’s tongue-in-cheek humour, you probably never will.

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