Is Kerry Washington Secretly Living Life Of A Single Mom?

Kerry Washington Single Mother

HSK Exclusive – Nnamdi Asomugha has been M.I.A. for many of Kerry Washington’s biggest moments, since the pair reportedly tied the knot.

Now… seven-weeks after giving birth… Could the Scandal star be suffering from a serious case of bearded-baby-momma blues? Kerry is really the only person who can answer that question, but one thing’s for sure: she never once mentioned Nnamdi’s name during her sit down with the LA Times, yesterday — her first interview since the pair became parents!

“She’s remained tight-lipped about her child and how her life has changed since her arrival.” -LA Times

Here’s what Kerry said, just yesterday:

“But I will say I feel really, really blessed. I feel really blessed that I’m kind of living extraordinary dreams come true in my work life and in my personal life.”

Let’s not forget… dude did leave a very pregnant Kerry Washington to walk a number of red carpets on her own. That would include Oscar’s red carpet. Previous reports also reveal… he pulled M.I.A.’s for Kerry’s 37th birthday, NYE AND Mother’s Day!

On May 11, she wrote: ‘Well…I still wont talk about my personal life on here. But…I see your tweets. And I am filled with gratitude! XO #HappyMothersDay.

A trip to both of their IG accounts reveal… neither of the pair showing one another any social media love, let alone pictures. Nnamdi, who’s been inactive from social media since May 16th, make the following May 2nd post… but there’s NO mention of Kerry!


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  1. looks like shes going back to the wqhite men.

    strtange she even phukked any black dude guess she misses the black penis or she wanted a sperm donor.

    • I think the baby is by a white man. I think the yt man is married with a family also. So until we see the baby if we ever see the baby I don’t think old boy is the daddy at all.

        • Me neither. College roommate from freshmen year has a son by a married dude and the situation is so awful. The guys marriage broke up over it because his wife found out when child support came after him. So now, dude hates my girl and doesn’t even really like their son. Never sees him, never visit and she’s hesitant to even let them speak by phone because he says hateful things to the five year old he has seen 4 times. Plenty of free agent dick out there . Leave married peen to its keeper.

        • Wow. Late to this.

          She had the baby from one of them. Neither scenario is appealing. One dude is married the other is a gay deadbeat dad.

      • If she has even half a brain that baby SHOULD be by a white man. Stupid kneegros can’t be a father – just a baby-daddy.

        • You sound dumb. If you are married by definition you are not a baby daddy. That term means you are not married to the father of your child.

        • Wow, what ignorant trash. Black men make great fathers and stupid Kneegro trash believing in stereo types created and enforced by white men.

          White men kill murder rape don’t see their kids don’t pay child support for their kids etc.

          • Its so much fun to be white! I have killed 3 black women and raped 17 in the past month alone! I have 12 kids and never pay chile support!

    • It looked bogus anyway …. Kerry is white owned , Massa lent her out … It’s a good day for brotha got his pay and went thata away !

    • @CrazyChris

      Bearded Fury…The relationship is smoke and mirrors. Kerry is a beautiful woman, her so-called husband would be proud to be seen with her in public…Bottomline!!!

  2. Funny how they can’t fake the funk. She’s an actress…but she still can’t hide the fact that her marriage is a farce. Not talking to the press is one thing but ….”my baby” what about “our baby”. It does seem strange. Kim and Kanye are a beard couple too and they do better than that!

  3. I really dont care. I’m more upset that the bish interrupted my Scandal season with an unexpected pregnancy. Yes, I believe it was unexpected and that Shonda nearly blew a gasket when she was informed (prolly by HSK).

  4. And between Kerry and Columbus, they’re making Black actors look crazy. Who at the height of their career ends the season to have a baby and then wont talk about it. The cast members arent allowed to talk about it?? Smh.

  5. Sounds like one of those Hollywood quickie marriages to me: married today, divorced tomorrow. Sounds like they’re broken up and trying to hide it. I don’t think this man is gay but I can’t tell. Some celebs don’t want their children dragged through the press and I don’t blame her.

  6. Nnamdi was with her at some of these awards shows, he just didn’t walk the carpet with her but he did take a pic at some of the events he went to.

    Nnamdi is obviously does not care for the spotlight

    • I saw him in the background at some of those events. I think that they’re trying to save their marriage by keeping everything quiet

  7. I think some women prefer to be single mothers. I dont know if Kerry’s father was in her life. It’s not fair to the child to not have both parents. I was hearing rumors that this man was taken and Kerry swooped him up and now she’s raising the baby by herself. Anybody say karma!

    • I think Kerry’s parents were/are still married. She comes from a good home. Maybe that’s why she decided on this last minute marriage.

      • Kerry parents are alive and well and very much together. They are happy and loving grand parents. Kerry comes from a loving and wonderful home.

  8. I was surprised she had a baby by a black man because Kerry was always with a white dude. Maybe her biological clock was ticking and she had to have a baby and didnt care by who.

    • Maybe she got tired of being a sellout and wanted a real black child and not one of these breeds that you all swear is so beautiful but they aren’t and it isn’t just because they are breeds but because they just aren’t really cute.

    • well im black & dated a white man for yrs, our relationship ended cause he kept cheating secretly & had kids he disowned, anyways i found a realy nice black man who was family oriented & wanted to settle so i gave it a try, we are still together 9yrs & counting with 2 kids, its hard at times but it doesnt mater what race a man is from, when you know u know, i like kerry

      • What? A white man cheated. Noooooooooo! They are perfect in everyway. Doubt know how he slipped through.

  9. white men ain’t pefect blaque women need to realise it their using
    blaque women sex and is the truth!!!!!!!

    • You again. Child you what receipts? BM swirl marry and date 3x more than BW do and there are less BM than BW so you do the math. You brainwashed and a hater you want BW to be alone.

      • Its very transparent you love Whitey.I have to give you alot of credit for taking up for Massa.You make a really good Slave.

      • @theee 1

        if you think that then your very naive and delusional white people only marry and date blaque people for sex and sometimes
        money. kerry is a sellout blaque women do’t know why she’s married to a blaque man but it seem little shady. why is she now
        married to a blaque man??? maybe her handlers told her too

        damn a lot of you self hating coon are on here you guys need help!!!

  10. I use to call Kerry a coon for her incessant dating pool of white men,but when she does get a Blackman she gets a got damn Hamite.GTFOH!!

    • she’s a very good looking blaque women. why do successful blaque women always date white men??? what’s so good about them??
      is it the sex??? is it the money???? dating/marrying a white person isn’y gonna solve anything white people look down on blaque people

  11. She sposed to be a lawyer and a fixer but never goes to court or fixes shit. Just runs to massa for help then sucks him off. Show sucks. And sheep keep following.

  12. I think Kerry is a lesbian and i’ve thought so since seeing “She Hate Me”. She probably just used this no name for his sperm.

  13. I thought that Tony Goldwyn is supposed to be the father of her child. Has anyone seen the little lady? It might be too soon to tell, though.

  14. It kills me that so many black women love Scandal. Then again , so many black women love to watch Real Houswives of Atlanta. Both shows show black women in a negative point of view.

        • Cosign.

          Wigged out weave heads acting like loud common fools (RHOA) and upscale hooker(Scandal).

          • Totally agree. Both shows are garbage, scandal just covers the odor a tad better. Will never support either one

            • Most black women have low self esteem so they latch on to any show with a blk female lead no matter how ratchet. Wendy, rhoa, etc.

    • We like it cuz we like it. Ever watch a telenovella? The plot lines suck the women are all victims, sluts ,or just plain evil. Everyone cheats on everyone and then someone dies. That’s it. Yet no one criticises Latina women for watching because its ENTERTAINMENT. What’s up w that. Does everything ha e to be a political statement of can we just kick off our 5 inch heels and watch some telly?

  15. Are they saying this is a beard marriage because of her or him? I don’t get a gay vibe from dude’s picture. Looks more like ‘I wish y’all would leave me alone’.


  16. I encourage all of my fellow brothers and sistas to stop watching Scandal, RHOA, Basketball Wives and Orange Is The New Black. Those shows are MK-Ultra garbage!

  17. Speaking of MK Ultra anybody take a good look at a Michael Kors purse? Helllllllooooo?

  18. Speaking of black women who choose to f*ck with white men, Snitch is reporting that Eve married some white man.

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