Witness Testifies: Jim Jones Dodged A Ra Bullet!

Jim Jones Assasination

“Jim Jones observes Ra there and it’s like he’s seen a ghost, scared.” -Algenis Caraballo

Testimony from the murder and racketeering trial against one NYC drug kingpin reveals… Jim Jones may have escaped from becoming a murder victim, back in 2010. Just ask Algenis Caraballo… the government witness who took the stand against Ronald ‘Ra Diggs’ Herron, during yesterday’s court proceedings.

Caraballo — a former personal driver for Ra Diggs — said Jim Jones caught street beef with Ra Diggs after he booted the reputed crack kingpin out of his recording session over a Bloods gang dispute. “Jones barked at him, ‘Take that Bloods s— outside!'” Caraballo told the court. “Ra was enraged.”

“Herron stormed out of the studio, shattering a glass door… they tracked down Jones later that same night… to shoot Jones.”

Check it:

He [Ra Diggs] was accompanied by a couple of armed goons when they tracked down Jones later that same night at Sue’s Rendezvous jiggle joint in Mount Vernon. “The DJ shouts out, ‘Ra Diggs is in the building!’ and Jim Jones observes Ra there and it’s like he’s seen a ghost, scared,” Caraballo told prosecutor Shreve Ariail. Jones quickly left. Herron’s late enforcer at the Gowanus Houses, Tremaine (Cakes) Patterson, were “looking for an eye signal from Ra” to shoot Jones, the witness said. Jones fled in an orange Camaro, Caraballo recalled. “His whole entourage left,” he said.


  1. What the hell is a jiggle joint!?!?!?. sounds like a place I might want to go. Sounds almost as good as Rays Boom Boom Room.

      • Well, I will pass, got no time for that shit. Thanks for making me smart.

    • Sue’s is one of the BEST STRIP CLUBS IN THE COUNTRY!! Beautiful girls and celebrity’s everywhere. Its a fun joint and the girls treat everyone special (Hey, its NY – That bum lookin’ dude might just be a Wall Street Billionaire). If you get a chance to go dont pass it up.

  2. Ive seen love n hip hop and its no surprise that Jim and his girl Chrissy are nasty individuals.

    • So? I dont read the NY Daily News and NEVER would have seen this tidbit. People forget that not everyone reads the same blogs/news. I only scan a couple gossip faves and if the news isnt there I wont see it. Thnx! Jacky.

      • Your problem is you’re reading gossip sites. Try reading real news paper sites. Then again, this ain’t real news. (Well the Jimmy Jones stuff ain’t real news. It has no impact on your life)

        • WRONG!? I’m a VORACIOUS Reader. Thats reads information based articles all day/every day. Thats why I only have time to hit a couple “Gossip” sites. They’re fun and junk food for the brain. I DARE anyone to follow my history – It doesnt contain ANY visits to social media (no twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) just Poltics, Science, Programming and a shit ton of other information based topics. If we traded I’d bet $1000 you’d learn more from mine than yours.

          • Nobody asked or cared about your history. It has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

            Also, why did you type “WRONG!?”? Are you not sure about something?

            You’re still noisy.

  3. So was Ra going to shoot him for being a wack rapper or was he going to shoot him for having bad taste in cars? Or was Jim Jones a marked man for pretending to be a blood?

  4. jim jones named himself after the infamous cult leader who had all those folks poisoned before he shot himself.

    rappers paying homage to devil worshippers ain’t nothing new nicki minaj called herself roman after a damn Satanist and pedophile.

  5. New York Kingpins are normally cuties unlike down south or west coast. Guess Alpo Martinez set the bar.

  6. Why are street birds in NY copying a bunch of color-coordinated negros from the Left Coast? Red and Blue bandanas signify “The Bottom.” Killing another blackman over purple is beyond pathetic.

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