Did Shaq Save His Azz By Taking 10-Bucks For His FL Crib?


“Shaq originally purchased the home in 2012 for $235,000.”

HSK Exclusive – The Haitian businessman — who just landed Shaq’s Orlando mansion for a mere ten-bucks — may have more than just the key to Shaq’s former Florida digs. HSK has exclusively gotten word that point to Yves Paul Demesmin as a man who could also hold the key to some of Shaq’s darkest secrets!

That’s the real story behind the countless reports telling of Shaq’s recent $10 sale of his 3,904 square foot Orlando mansion. According to our source… the shocking real estate transaction stems from the damming info Demesmin holds!

Dig the Drop:

“He has some kind of hold or information that could ruin Shaq.”


  1. I’m 1st. Yea that Shaq is GAY ok Bi just like all thee other celebs. Shaq probably attending those mansion parties. Smh

  2. Say what? He really sold that mansion for 10 bucks. Wtf is that? Just give it away and be done with it . What the hell is the point of ten dollars?

    • No, you Are thinking about that big house on cribs. The house they talm bout was a crash pad in Orlando. I think shaq bout it for $300, 000. It needed work when he bought the bitch, it needed grass and all kinds of landscape work done. But ten dollars I a deal for 95 percent of houses in the world….lol

  3. I really just can’t with that geechee ass pink double breasted tux thing he is wearing. Yikes.

  4. These are some dumb mothaf*ckas fa real why would you let somebody hold sum over your head? What you do do it by your self now what ever this ugly ass cat got on you he gone run that shit in the ground and it’ll be all complements of u shaq black male now what you gone do? Keep paying him? Stupid stupid stupid I say put a red dot on his head because he gone use that to his full advantage dumb ass that’s what you get shouldve done your dirt by ya self mane u stupid

  5. i was watchhing the game the other night ,he dont look the same ..better not let donald sterling find out

  6. I would like to know why Shaq would sell his Florida mansion for ten bucks. I would like to know Shaq’s darkest secrets. For some reason, I don’t think he is gay. I think it’s more serious than that.

    • Shaq is gay and he rewards his gay friends/ lovers with property and easy living. Mark Stevens who has been his long term manager and business partner is GAY. This is known for a fact because I know someone who had a crazy interaction with Mark and his lover (which is a man) and he lives in a condo in Buckhead that Shaq comes to ALL OF THE TIME along with the other Q dogs who smoke cigars on the balcony. Shaq keeps it in the low and it doesn’t come up because he pays and everyone does love shaq and he is really cool but between them putting out hits (mark included) I am sure dude has all kinds of info on him.

  7. Shaqs darksecret is that he cannot digest gluten. That’s why he came out with Shaq Soda made without corn which I thank him for! When he comes out with that gluten free, corn free vodka I will be so happy! F’k you Diddy and your gluten free vodka! Yeah, I said it!

  8. I have always wondered if Shaq is a sissy? Any man who dresses up in women’s clothing is a sissy to me. Especially if you are already rich, what the heck would you want to do that fo?!

  9. Wasn’t it rumored that he ended his friendship with Penny Hardaway when he learned he was gay? Just a question for the old schoolers in the know

  10. Shaq isn’t gay or bisexual. I don’t give a f&*k if you believe me or not, I’ve been knowing him since 1996 and there is no funny stuff going on with him.
    As far as his wearing women’s clothes, y’all all know Shaq thinks of himself as a comic. He’ll do near anything for a big laugh or a dare. Shaq putting on an old lady dress isn’t gay, it’s clownish-which is what he likes to do. He is just a big kid inside.

    I don’t think he ended his friendship with Penny because he found out Penny was gay, but I can’t vouch for that. I doubt he was happy about it, but I don’t think that was the reason. As far as the Haitian dude who he “sold” the house to, I would guess that there is some business deal/gambling/under the table finance
    deal that he had to make good.

    • Dont know the man so cant say anything about who he prefers in his bed but you can get a laugh without cross-dressing. He may not be gay but his actions sure enough are.

  11. People are always looking to pitch /find dirt or quick to call another successful Black man gay. Shaq and his family have contributed a great deal to the Orlando, Florida community for the past 20 years. Dr.Oneal is one of the most successful former professional NBA player who ever played the game. The mans net worth is over $300 Million. He owns numerous businesses and homes here in central Florida. This house he supposedly sold for $10 is the size of his garage. This was one of many smaller properties he has owned. Stop trying to shot every Black man down with that g*y sh*t !

    • You can buy degrees in case you didn’t know, and his worth may be 300 million on paper but trust he is like every other industry-owned slave (Oprah, Tyler Perry, Colin Powell etc.)when the master is ready to cash in on his slaves papers, he will have nothing. He’s so positive but yet he gets on national TV and makes fun of physically disabled people. All of these people are deceptive and rarely are they true humanitarians


  13. Comedian or not. No str8 man wears womens clothing. And yes a lot of Shaqs actions are gay. I think he’s GAY ok Bi…smh

  14. Blackmail…Ooops…Blackmale! “Yeah Shaq, I Got You Over A Cliff…Talk Bout.” Skeletons like to shake, rattle, and roll baby.

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