Jesse Williams’ Estranged Wife Using Their Kids as Pawns?

jesse williams ex wife child custody

Now that his divorce is underway, Jesse Williams is battling his estranged wife, Aryn Drake Lee, for custody.

In a new petition, Jesse says Aryn is restricting his visitation with their two daughters.

According to sources, Aryn tells Jesse how long he can keep them, and has rejected his requests to see them numerous times.

“Aryn restricts my time with the children and decides when, and for how long I may have them. She has rejected, without any reason, each and every request I have made to have the children sleepover at my residence. On the few days that I have the children, Aryn has insisted that my time with the children be limited during the week to approximately two and half hours per day, despite my requests for more time, including overnights with the children.”

He’s now seeking joint custody.

Do you think Aryn is using the kids as pawns in their divorce battle?


  1. She probably doesn’t want them overnight with the mistress! I don’t blame her. He has lost my admiration. That little speech of his at that award show can be officially flushed because it was all BS! “we promise to do better” ?????? yeah, right…

  2. The white bitch is the black man’s kryptonite! Any time a strong, intelligent, heterosexual black man threatens white supremacy, the government will dispatch a plain looking broke white bitch to seduce and destroy the black man. Unfortunately these black men continue to fall for the white devil’s trick every single time. Jesse Williams made a big mistake; he shouldn’t have cheated on his wife with that white bitch.

  3. He wants the kid so he and his ho can parade them around, look at meeee and my new family. It’s disgusting.

  4. He will get all his worst fears and its all because he didn’t keep his promise to God to love his own wife. His relationship was over when he first got into it and this new woman is as seasonal as winter and spring. Just wait for it

  5. Read Between the Lines: She got the ‘goods’ on him aka secrets on his sexual preferences & crazy half breed antics. Therefore she make the rules with the children. He prolly has more money & resources but when she say jump he say how high, she got the goods in his ass. Better play the game bro.

    • I bet she does. She probably tolerated his thing but now he wants to do his thing without wife and kids in the way. Minka is nothing more than a rent a girl.

  6. Parents always use their children as leverage when things aren’t going well in the relationship. Avoid taking vows you can’t possibly keep—and marriage is slavery and children are just commodities to be used by the same sex parent as emotional hostages…

    • That’s true, but there are nuances in every marriage and in this case with both being in the entertainment industry, you have to be careful who your kids associate with. She ma be afraid of who he will expose his children to. Minka is not girlfriend material and if he’s gay like the rumors say, she might be concerned about men he brings about. The courts will get involved and things will spill out about what’s really happening with them.

  7. These posts make me want to throw up. I see why he’s seeking a divorce. Any parent who uses the kids to punish the other parent is trash.

    Keep grown folks ish between grown folks. And for all of you who want to hang him for dating a whit woman……aren’t men supposed to want someone like their momma?

  8. Marriage is scary and people don’t know how to commit to it anymore. If you are single get a boyfriend or life partner but don’t marry. If you want kids, go to a sperm bank. Men can get a surrogate if they don’t want to commit to just one woman. You both have your children without the other parent drama and child support and can run around doing your adult things.

    • But yet you want to act like minkho is not plain, in your other comment.

      Whatever man.

  9. She was there when he was a teacher. She boosted him up when he got into modeling and acting, supported him.

    Now, he’s in a different scene. She’s trying to protect the kids from Hollywood.

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