Jesse Williams & Wife File for Divorce, Did He Cheat With Minka Kelly?

jesse williams wife divorce

Jesse Williams and his wife of almost five years, Aryn Drake-Lee, filed for divorce last week.

According to sources, the split is “amicable,” but the rumor mill suggests otherwise.

A blind item was revealed back in March which stated Jesse was cheating on his wife with actress Minka Kelly, and the two took off to Paris together for a romantic vacation.

“We walked along with them for almost three blocks in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. They were trying to be incognito. He was wearing a hoodie and she was wearing a cap but I recognized them immediately. He looked a little tense and was trying hard not to be noticed. She looked very happy and content. They were holding hands and being very romantic. They were definitely acting like a couple!”

jesse williams minka kelly


      • I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t a set up from the Jump. This dude, on a national stage, stands up for Black empowerment and then leaves his black wife for a white trick and and loses all credibility. Sounds about right. Anything to knock the morale of Black folks and the the cause of equality, injustice, and unity. I do not trust Hollywood types, they are all bought and paid for.

  1. Minka Kelly has Herpes. All goes back to Jeter and Rock Fox. Enjoy diseased pussy, Jesse.

  2. The government will dispatch white women to sexually seduce and ultimately destroy you. The white women that many black men screw around with are undercover government agents. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, I believe the government conspires to destroy all black men who are capable of creating real “Hope And Change.” No need to send the Ku Klux Klan, a good way to destroy a powerful and influential black man is to send a bland or ugly white chick to set him up for a painful, disastrous scandal.

    Here is a perfect example; Tiger Woods was three wins away from breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record for most major tournament golf wins. All of a sudden, Tiger Woods is caught up in a major sex scandal involving over a dozen white women. One of the white women Tiger Woods had sex with was a porn star. Tiger Woods hasn’t won a major golf tournament in eight years. Mr. Woods is no longer the dominant golfer he used to be. One more thing about Eldrick Woods, his white ex wife divorced him and received over a quarter of a billion dollars in alimony and child support.

    All black men must control their sexual urges. All black men must realize that the devil’s daughter works for the devil. These beckys will gladly use their sex to destroy you and your entire family. All black men must be aware that you are being watched all the time. If you screw around with a white woman, the government will find out. Finally if you screw around with a white chick, and she claims rape or sexual assault, your career and possibly your life are over. Black men, stop messing around with white girls!

  3. Here is a list of black men who had their lives ruined because they screwed around with white girls:

    1. OJ Simpson (Locked up in prison)
    2. Kobe Bryant (Arrested, charged with rape, cost him over $100 million dollars)
    3. Lamar Odom (Almost died in a Las Vegas brothel)
    4. Kanye West (No longer the outstanding rapper he used to be, married to a fake ass porn star)
    5. Bill Cosby (Reputation, image and legacy completely destroyed)
    6. Nate Parker (See Bill Cosby)
    7. Taye Diggs (No longer black hollywood’s go to actor)
    8. Tiger Woods (Can’t play golf, marriage destroyed, lost over a quarter of a billion dollars)

    • What about Aaron Hernandez? Oh yes he messed with a black woman. Like Brian Banks( 6 year false rape), Mike tyson (prison), Tupac (prison), Duke Lacrosse Team(false rape), Apollo Nida, Chris Brown (self defence from a crazy bitch) Ike Turner,( Malicious smear in Hollywood movie), Half the NBA, 90% of black boys raised by single black moms in American inner cities! New edition members Moms, shall I go on!!!!!

      • Both you fuckers are morons…no one makes any man do anything!!!

        And the false rape BS goes both ways so stop the madness…

    • NBA, you speak truth that folks aren’t ready for. Using coon women or white women they are gunning for the Black man in this society. Believe it or not. There are too many examples of the “Rise and fall” method for too many brothers to just be a coincidence.

  4. NBA is fuckin crazy. Everyone of those black men brought their destruction on themselves.

    You can’t blame everything on white women.

  5. That pic is not minka kelly, that’s his married and pregant Grey’s Co-Star……..

  6. NBA… sometimes a little off but he’s right on this. I recently had a long conversation with an elderly client of mine trying to refinance for a home. He’s in his late 80’s and is a former army Sargent and worked in the medical division. Think the older war hero in the car salesmen movie with Ken Jeuong and Jeremy Piven. He was constantly squawking to me about how he fought in the war and listens to no one- including police officers. Anyway- he told me in While he was in Germany the black soldiers were chasing the white women. He told me the. Blonde white chicks were like catnip to them. So they started sleeping with them- sharing the same women and catching all types of stds. It got to the point where the outbreak was so bad he was commissioned to go to certain bars in various towns and arrest the women. Come to find out the German army had given the women stds in order to infect and reduce the black army’s population there. True story. Armeggedon = Bio Warfare.

    • Yet in still no one made those dumb fucks sleep with them…if men used their big head they could negate half the shit that happens to them off top.

      • @Anon 12:05. Really?! What if I gave you someone that was u were really attracted to and thought you had no reason to fear? Then you slept with them and caught some std? It’s easy for you to judge but when someone is manipulating you emotions and desires form behind the scenes it’s not that easy to navigate through that. It’s not easy to see the Oz behind the curtain.

        • GTFOH with the emotions BS, truth is truth…like I said use the head with the brain, before diving into the pussy, because that is all most if not all of those fuckers were thinking about.

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