Jackie Christie Calls Evelyn’s Daughter A “Build-A-Wh*re” Says Evelyn Wants to Be in Relationship With Her And Doug..



  1. When are these ratchet azz shows that encourage and reward BW who insult and mistreat other BW gonna go off the air!!

      • Evelyn is black…are you blind. 80% of Puerto Rican’s are of African decent and She’s a blatino i.e. Afro Latino i.e. Mullato

        • If you call a Puerto Rican black they will kill you. They’re not black ma’am. Stop being so insecure and thirsty for European offspring to be black because you hatE yourself.

          • They are fucking black….LAtin no…and certainly not Spaniards….they only speak Spanish….Ppl plz travel more…half of Puerto Africans are mixed with Africans or are straight black period.fuck em if they don’t want to admit it.

            • They are fucking black….LAtin no…and certainly not Spaniards…they only speak Spanish….Ppl plz travel more…half of Puerto ricans are mixed with Africans or are straight black period.Spaniards are Europeans and aint trying to claim no dam Puerto Ricans…real talk, fuck what a Porto ricans don’t want to admit it. Many african Americans are also mixed or light skin but speak English….doest make mean their ENlish or from england

    • It’s obviously open season on black women. The viewers keep these shows alive. They enjoys watching women debasing each other. All the housewives shows too but with BW it’s worse.

    • Lol Im tuning next week to watch the fight between these two it should be #epic. Yeah its degrading but the devil currently runs this world so good luck with “positive” black women shows ever be popping, even scandal and how to get away with murder throws sisters in a negative light. I’d rather watch reality shows then be on the gram or facebook where people have turned social media into the purge.Killing themselves or others on camera.SMFH! Now thats fucked up!

  2. I cannot watch this crap. It really makes my stomach turn when I catch just 2 min of all of these reality shows. I have to turn it off. Malaysia is the only one I can stomach and I wish she would do like Draya and get off this show with all these evil demon possessed witches. She need to to something before it’s too late.

  3. We don’t want you?? Hell, Doug barely wants Jackie’s azz! She is delusional as fuck! Ol’ overgrown immature, big eared havin’ self. Fuck Jackie.

  4. clearly jackie is bi polar and is off her meds. when will she ever be accountable for her erratic behavior? what is the real issue with her daughter if she has a tell-all coming out.

  5. Jackie’s own children don’t like her. She’s needs to get off that show and mend her relationship with her daughter.

  6. Everyone knows Jackie is crazy, but that doesn’t dismiss Evilyn at all.. She was the one climbing on tables after women.. She didn’t want to go toe t toe with Tammi crazy ass.. Evilyn daughter looks exactly what Jackie said.. They all crazy on that show, none of them are better than the other., Evilyn show on OWN didn’t last and why women keep having babies for a man they not married to.
    That young man will never marry her at all.. imo

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