Jennifer Williams Files Restraining Order on Ex Who Leaked Benzino’s DM

jennifer williams tim norman

Tim Norman from Welcome to Sweetie Pies accused Jennifer Williams of slashing his tires and tried to run him down behind the wheels of his car. But come to find out, he’s the psycho in this relationship

Jenn posted proof that she was the one who filed a restraining order against him for stalking. And text messages between Tim and one of Jenn’s friends show that he leaked the DM from Benzino as payback.

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  1. Since he was paying for the P, his story is probably more factual. She said no money, no honey-and then he started acting a fool.

  2. Black women have no problem running to the white man eh! No snitching somehow does not apply to them.

  3. I wonder why he still has a home in LA. Sweet Times never opened and both NOHO and Inglewood are closed even though they still show as open on the website. I think the St. Louis drive through and the Mangrove location are both closed too. It seems that Tim’s better at closing restaurants than he is at opening them.

    Tim must have attended Trump University.

    • He wanted to franchise so bad, so he just started opening restaurant after restaurant, now many have closed, SMH.

      Jennifer thought dude was gonna be so happy to be with her, lucky to have her on his arm, that’s why she chose his big womanly/manly built, facially challenged lookin ass, but she played herself, dude moved on to the next. Blew her ego out the water.

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