Benzino Caught Creepin’ in Jennifer Williams’ DM

dirty-dog-benzino (1)

Althea Hart put her baby daddy Benzino on blast for sliding in a woman’s DMs. And the other woman turned out to be none other than Basketball Wives‘ Jennifer Williams.




  1. how old is that man with his hat turned backwards? men his age (grey hairs) used to wear respectable suits, dress shoes, and fedoras on a daily basis. buy and wear the hat of a man. the joos laugh at our men because of this. along with droopy pants, they say it is evidence of our ‘little boy’ state of mind. free your mind, the rest will follow

    • ^^
      those old men suits were tacky as hell. times have changed keep up FU aka Jacky

      • times have not changed. that is your just neanderthal programming created and run by neanderthal man. according to our elderly scholars of african decent, our ancestors considered everyday the “eternal now”. besides, i wear a suit to a job interview and get the job while you kick rocks while broke looking like a slob. i am me, jacky jasper is already taken

    • You read my mind. When I see pictures of my Dad and my Uncle in the 60s, its embarrasing what has become of Black men. I had a reputation for being a very sharp dresser when working in an all white office, people notice. I’ve always said, dress down Friday aint for us!

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