Say What Now?! Kevin Hart Never Wanted a Third baby with Eniko

kevin hart saturday night live

During his SNL monologue, Kevin Hart admitted he never wanted to have a third child with his wife Eniko.

He comes clean at the 1:05 mark:

Sounds like Eniko was trying to secure the bag regardless. Let’s just hope his son Kenzo doesn’t see this clip when he grows up!


  1. I did not get that out of that. He’s s comedian, I thiink he did want the baby from Eniko, y’all just so anxious for they relationship to end because of how her trifling self got him. So y’all keep taking any and everything to literal. If Eniko is as trifling as it appears, time will tell.

    • they are both guilty as hell for the scandalous relationship, you can’t blame just her. he gave up the married dick freely….and still is for that matter. you can’t turn a hoe into a husband either.

  2. Damn HSK, it was just part of his opening monolog, You headline thirsty bastards. Yall knew that shit when ya posted this damn story. Simple fuckkas.

  3. He’s charbroiled kettle korn. Why air MORE dirty laundry–he should just tap out. Games are for kids and crazies. The rest of us grown folks will move onto the next joker and learn to endure.

  4. Kevin Hart is not funny and he can’t act. Nevertheless he is currently the most successful black actor in hollywood. What did this short black guy do to become so popular? Do we really want to know?

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