WTF?! Why is Eminem Strollin’ Gay Hookup App Grindr?

eminem gay grindr

After divorcing his ex-wife Kim for the second time, Eminem gave an interview with Vulture and revealed how he finds date:

“Since my divorce, I’ve had a few dates and nothing’s panned out in a way that I wanted to make it public. Dating’s just not where I’m at lately.”

When the interviewer asked him if he used Tinder to meet people, Em responded:

“I mean, yeah. Yeah, Tinder. And Grindr. I also used to go to strip clubs.”

BTW, Grindr is a gay dating app.


    • You have to go gay ( full out FAG) in order to ascend. It is no surprise to me that 10 minutes after ‘signing’ so many seemingly straight artists are declaring how much they enjoy the joys of same-sex relationships.


    • dre woman beater never known to woop any dudes when pac and suge wanted to fight dre said I don’t have time for that I moved on gangster rap isa dead

      dre never dissed nobody by himself when he dissed cube he had nwa with him, big hutch told dre you scared to diss cube.

      dre dissed eazy but with snoop, daz, kurupt, doc, and later the deathrow crew.

      dre and snoop acted like they wanted to run a train on luke.

      on the wash remember when snoop was in the room with the girl but dre didn’t wanna fuck his date he was loistening to snoop fuck his girl playing with his dick

  1. Lol he even admitted in the film, “The Interview” that he was gay. They attempted to play it off as a joke, but he was really telling the truth.

  2. He once went to a Hollywood party / orgy and he was reamed-out by some big-donged stud in a room full of onlookers / observers. He really liked it.

  3. If Marshall Mathers is gay, I am not surprised. He hangs out with Dr. Dre; need I say more.

    • eazy, suge knight, pac, ja rule, Jermaine dupri, yukmouth, big hutch, tim dog, choice, rbx, luke, and tweedy bird loc all called dre a fag for years

      choice said it back in 90 dre the motherfucking bitch wearing lipstick, lace, and him and yella was fucking each other

      j prince said something bout the world class wrecking crew saying how you gonna diss a real soldier when you homosexual

  4. So I guess I’m the only one trying to figure out why he’s using a app to meet people.. He’s got so many groupies and even celebrities that he could be with.

    • he dissed Mariah carey too signs of a weak insecure drug addicted closet homo racist

  5. em showed hints from day one making fun of people who he know he can beat like Britney, Christina even dressing like them he hates his mom, he hates his wihe has a small dick according to kim,

    him and proof acted like they was fucking, o rapcity they was all up on each other like two bitches.

    making fun orf icp sucking his dick.

    bizarre made lyrics about fucking dudes in the ass.

    need I go on

  6. Eminem couldn’t even diss ja rule by himself after those murder inc dudes beat one of the d12crew em quickly signed 50 who also had beef with ja.

    yeah 50 might have put ja out of business but hell 50 had, em, and dre backing him along with busta and dmx who had beef with ja rule too.

    Eminem pick on weak targets like n sync, backstreet boys, Lindsay lohan, Jessica simpspn, will smith

    he beefed with gay ass moby of all people he even beefed with that dog hand puppet yeah good drugs

    copied his horrorcore style from esham.

    Royce da 59 goty into d12 asswes on malclom x and dissed the hell out of bizarre

    calling them a group with one star like destinys child.

    said nobody cares about bizarre all he did was run on the stage and come off

    and that since em signed 50 I don’t see proofs teeth as much

  7. No straight mtf will ever joke about gay shit he’s been gay all along 8 mile was a good movie but he was fruity in that shit

  8. It’s more natural/comfortable for caucasians (and certain eastern groups) to get with dudes.

    Might have to do with their lack of testosterone or something; and their distribution. While a woman might have something to say about it, a dude won’t. It’s also about their respect for women. Most traditional African cultures were matriarchal.

    Over thousands of years, they pretty much only messed with men unless they needed to have a kid. It wasn’t until Ethiopia’s religion spread that they stopped doing that so much.

    • I guess you are unaware of the fact that Shaka Zulu promoted man on man love as a bonding tool before heading into tribal warfare.

      Homosexuality is not a white thing. It is not a black thing. Hell, it’s not even a human thing, now that we have proof of the fact that animals use homosexuality as a means of protecting the young from predators as well as keeping their population down.

      It is what it is. And it’s been around since time began. Don’t attempt to assign it to one group or another.

  9. Em gave props to Satan and satanists allow all types of perversion and says its OK to do gay sex, oral, anal, pefophilia and even beastiality long ad you don’t harm anybody

  10. Face it, Raps inception was Gay (Bambata? Zulu nation), continued Gay with studded Leather wearing groups like GrandMaster Flash & Furious Five, and it is Gay up to this day. You have all been played into giving up real Black music and accepting this degenerate mess. I smelled something fishy when the music industry killed off Rock music in the 90s. Tipper Gore (Als wife) wanted it banned, you lot should have listened to that white woman. The white man has been playing you like a Stadavarius and you are not learning!

  11. Eminem likes to shock and surprise. Anything he says publicly is meant for that. Believe what you want, but anyone who thinks that he was coming out in The Interview is borderline retarded.

    He couldn’t care less if the whole world thinks he’s gay though. Why should he care? He has everything he wants and he is a legend in his forties. if he is gay he will be the first one to announce it.

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