LHHATL’s Halts Production After Tommie Threatens Karen King With Loaded Gun!

tommie karen king gun

Things got a little too real on the set of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta according to sources Tommie Lee reportedly showed up with a loaded 9mm handgun and threatened to shoot Karen King!

Production was placed on hiatus and it might be time for this show to be canceled completely, don’t you think?

Here’s some history of their beef.




  1. So now that LHHATL is ready to air after LHHM, they gotta get the storylines out so people will tune in.

  2. Tommy is a violent bird that needs to go to prison, black women think their are no repercussions to their actions.

  3. If she really did this, she would be in a body bag within 24 hours, don’t believe it. Her sons are drug dealers. You ain’t pulling no gun on their mother and think you will live to tell about it. No sir……

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