Tristan Thompson Reacts to Khloe’s Pregnancy News

khloe pregnant

Now that Khloe Kardashian has finally confirmed she’s pregnant by Cleveland Cavs Tristan Thompson, Tristan took the opportunity to share his excitement about his new bundle of joy.

tristan khloe pregnant

Khloe’s baby makes baby #2 for Tristan.


  1. I take it that’s the surrogates belly! For the record Armenians are about on the same level as Romanians and Albanians, the Ni**az of Europe. Black dudes are scraping the barrel.

    • That deadbeat dad left his ex-girlfriend of two years who was already five months pregnant with his now one year old infant son for that fake bag of silicone and acrylic weave.

  2. This woman is not pregnant. Why would he do this with a surrogate for her. She will ruin him.

  3. I don’t believe she’s pregnant, at her pop up store in NYC at the end of Oct her stomach was completely flat. She just released this photo this week but the pics from PMK’s Christmas Eve party she just looks like she ate a burrito w/out spanx.

  4. This huge headed thick necked broad shouldered man hands entity ain’t pregnant… Someone also pointed out that its stomach is usually covered in moles too and not a single one in sight.

    This prosthetic belly in the picture comes with stick on ‘indent’ (upper left side) and non-flat belly button as shown EXACTLY under Google image ‘Prosthetic Pregnancy’.

    Oh! and for an even greater laugh, and before they take it down, see that prosthetic belly at work under the headline: They Just Released The FIRST PIC Of Khloe Kardashian Out . . . Showing Off Her Baby Bump . . . And Ummm . . . WOW!! (Dec. 23, 2017).

  5. First of all he didn’t tweet that,, nice try Just because its on his tweeter feed don’t believe that sounds like something a man would say sounds like a women got hold of his password and had a field day… lol not buying it

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