Janet Hubert Says Kenya Moore Is Shady


Janet Hubert took to her Facebook page to say that, Kenya Moore used her to appear for her story-line on Real Housewives of Atlanta and never paid her a cent.

Hubert went on to shade Kenya Moore and said, the last time she worked with someone “so evil was on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

Here’s what Janet Hubert revealed:




  1. Black women need to stop tearing each other down and start supporting each other. I hope they can come to terms because Hollywood is the devil’s playground.

    • I agree, but that’s all the more reason black actresses shouldn’t be trying to con other black actresses (if this is all true).

      • Oh, I know it. Y’all do it to black folks too. But we were discussing an in-house problem. This isn’t about YOU (imagine that).

      • wow and thanks for the info my people needed to hear that. people most always bamboozle their own first. People act like black people were the very first and only ones to mistreat their own.every race does that. If kenya did that thats wrong but I still love her. I love how they are jealous of her but act like they are not.

      • Amen! When we do what our white counterparts do, we are only setting ourselves up for failure. We appear buffoons, and crazy! Kenya puts on a show, but it is certainly not a good look.

        It is all a sell out situation. RHOA is definitely not the show it was originally advertised to be. While they had a platform to really do positive things, they seem to only serve themselves, with the exception of a couple.

        Guess they never heard, ” To whom much is given, much is expected.”

  2. Janet better calm down with her washed up prune ass because you don’t come for Kenya Moore unless she sends for you. Twirl on that bitch!

    • LOL…oh plz. Aint nobody scurrred of kraykray Kenya. Miss Janet stood up to Princess Will Smith so you know a broke ho with a plastique tiara from 20+ years ago is not theone to intimidate her.

      • yeah she stood up to will smith but look where he is now?? so who made out better him or her? sometimes its best to keep our lips closed. I understand why she did what she did but if you want to continue working in the industry you have to follow the rues if you might as well get ya a 9 to 5

        • CO-SIGN!!!! Just like real life aka work/employment. You don’t like your boss/supervisor, you keep your mouth shut or find work elsewhere!!!

          BTW…Who is this bitter bird named Janet??!! Is she wealthy? rich? known outside ghetto circuit plays/shows??

          • Are you children serious? Janet did what was RIGHT, something a lot of you crazies no nothing about. Will Smith didn’t turn out better than Janet. Janet still has her soul and Will a torn asshole so what the f*ck are ya’ll talking about right now. Do you live for the good or for the check? Child please.

            • Yes to everything. Janet is a very talented woman, it’s a shame she was blacklisted for doing something as simple as standing up for herself.

            • I’m with you and Cheese. I mean, I get what those others are saying but Ms Janet was right to stand up for herself against queen bitch Will. Yes it probably hurt her career but Will, although rich, is a hollyweird joke. Scientology has him so confused he’s like a caricature of a coon these days. He actually said racismn isn’t much of a problem in cinema anymore and being cast alongside a snow bunny is ok because opposites attract. He’s lost. Money isn’t all. I rather have self respect.

            • It’s been chronicled multiple times over that Janet Hubbard is a Nut job and very difficult to work with.I’m utterly shocked that she’d a woman of herresume would stand anywhere near reality garbage like Kenya Moore.

            • It’s been chronicled multiple times over that Janet Hubbard is a Nut job and very difficult to work with.I’m utterly shocked that a woman of her resume would stand anywhere near reality garbage like Kenya Moore.

  3. i rather her as aunt Vivian than Daphne Reid, Daphne couldn’t come close to Janet
    remember that Halloween special where aunt Vivian was singing in recording booth, lol
    love that part where she was shaking and jiving, and uncle philip tried to her out of booth

    • I agree. She is a beautiful woman. But, she was so good that people actually look at her when she is on the screen and that took attention away from Will Smith, so….
      His little precious ego couldn’t cope with that.

  4. I was going to say Kenya is the new Nene but nobody can take the place of moose. Kenya had to step her game up because the other woman are lacking and won’t bring the drama. I hope Kenya asked for a raise because she is doing too much.

  5. I agree the other women have not stepped their game up on the show. Kenya is the only one worth to watch.

    • I don’t know Tiff. Kandi and the way she handling Todd is a train wreck. I am watching because I don ‘t believe my eyes.

  6. How much did Janet want? Because I don’t remember her being on rhoa. She should be grateful that Kenya reached out because after fresh prince I read that Will Smith blacklisted her from Hollywood and that’s why she’s unable to work.

    • @jen

      are you kidding me??? Janet was in the best video game of all time, the game sold billions of copies in the 1st day!!!

      altho she was just a supporting actress her role was funny, she was the sex starve aunt in gta (grand theft auto)

      • that might be HOWEVER, Hollywood and video games are 2 different beasts. Video games are for the washed up, has been, no paycheck actors who can’t handle the system.
        In other words, like porn stars…they get no respect. (Insider info)

        • What do u Kenya more is a damn washed up no $ tired azz beauty queen who still trying 2 make it on reality TV smdh

        • Kim K is making hella bank off hers. She annoying but right now she ain’t washed up or has been status. Not yet.

          • Dat a damn lie kim k white she making dat change kenya on da other is damn penniless with her crazy washed up azz there no $ in reality tv unless ur da kim k folks

            • U sound drunk. The fact that Kim is making money is what was stated. Pay attention. Damn.

        • Video games make money. No matter how bad the economy gets, the video game industry ALWAYS makes money.

  7. Would be team janet but could not comprehend one thing she wrote and why she felt she deserved anything ..her rants are scrambled …she never said what Kenya stole from her exactly …..lol…she is good at complaining I will say that if you do her wrong then the world def gonna know about it


        • It’s calles billing. Once you have been.on a big show or have a.name even, evento.if IRS Neeny a while you still get more. Janet is way beyond extra status.

  8. Kenya is a nutty bird but that is a lie straight from hell that she’s worse than Nene.

  9. Please Janet has lost credibility. She tries to be a firebrand but just sabotage herself. When you are on a show Called the Fresh Prince, starring Will Smith, you upset the star at your own peril.
    Who did she thing would get fired…..Will or her??????

    • In my Dave Chappelle voice: “When keeping it real goes wrong.” Even if you’re right. Sometimes we must exercise discernment yes it’s hard because one must stand for something. I was told some time ago that we must know WHEN and to WHOM we pick our battles with.

      • Um, wasn’t he effing with her paper? Why eS she supposed to sit quietly for that? Sometimes it really is your boss that you have to stand up to. You have no choice or get screwed.

  10. Sooner or later Kenya is going to get her just deserts. I was a Kenya fan. Now I see why people treat her the way they do. She’s evil and tries to use people. Pretty is as pretty does.

    • ummmm…you are aware that Kenya Moore is a Tae Kwon Do black belt. Per the rumors around town anyway (Insider info)

        • Omg….forgot Porsha dragged that bitch offstage like a hungry lioness dragging a kill. That shit was funny.

          • Porsha is ratchet heaux, who managed to make Kenya look classy. Just because you can beat a bitch, doesnt mean you have to beat a bitch. Especially in a profession setting, like a TV show.

            • Plz, Kenya is just as rachet a Ho and sells ass to Africans just like the rest of em. Classy she is not.

  11. You wouldn’t want to mess with Miss Moore. Well known rumor around town is that she’s a tae kwon do black belt.
    Watch you tube and see their amazing drop kicks!!

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