Geraldo Blames Hip Hop For Damaging Black & Latino Culture

Geraldo Rivera vs. Black

Geraldo Rivera claims that in the last decade, hip hop music has done more damage to Black and Latino culture than racism.

Here’s what Geraldo Rivera said:

“Hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last 10 years. When you find the youngster, a Puerto Rican from the South Bronx or a black kid from Harlem, who has succeeded in life other than being the one-tenth of one-tenth of one percent that make it in the music business, that’s been a success in life walking around with his pants around his a** or with visible tattoos.”


  1. So, if that be the case…why don’t he just return all of that money from his old TV talk show he had back in the 80s/90s; because it’s shows like his that HELPED perpetuate those racial stereotypes!!! Could he be an anymore bigger hypocrite.

  2. His Wario Kart looking self has a point. Music for the las 25 years has been shyt. His ignorant outburst reminds me of Prince Philip, just not as funny.

  3. I agree with him too but you can’t leave out the white man out because they funded the music industry and they make money off of it. Black people don’t own anything and these rappers end up broke and the white man remains rich.

    • Yes but he said Hip Hop – meaning we know who funds HIP HOP and it’s not the blacks. Last I checked a white man can’t make me do anything unless I have no backbone our SOUL.

    • White america saw hip hop as a threat, uniting people of color, so they put money behind it to control the message, hence gangsta rap. This practice has been used to manipulate black organizations (donations).

  4. listen most of these “powerful” people are cointelpro meaning they are put their by design. they were here to corrupt the mind of the black and latino youth. these musicans, political, entertainers, etc are to carry out an agenda of evil not to help you.

  5. what people fail to realize none of these people have your best interest we can’t blame the white man for everything because these talented black and latino people willing sold out for money and the elites had the power to corrupt the culture.

    • Thank you It all started somewhere We don’t just begin w/o purity Each’s journey is different & obviously not righteous

  6. why is the focus always hip hop hmmm? what about these polictical leaders who also cointelpro people like jesse jackson, al sharpton, herman cain, etc all work for the elites and they paid pretty good to do so they put the focus on hip hop as if there nothing else out there

  7. Get mad with him but he is right on point. He is not wrong about this. He is usually a asshole, but this time he is speaking the truth. I hate what Rap/Hip Hop has done to the Black culture. Boys walking around showing off their booties as if they want to get f*cked. Kids as young as 12 rapping about sucking dicks. Drug use and violence is glorified and made to sound glamorous. Going to prison getting buff is seen as a good thing. Geraldo is telling the truth. Get over it!

    • Well I will tell it like it is. Black people can be hardheaded. You can say…don’t do xyz it’s bad for you. Then black people will say shut up, you don’t know what you are talking about. Then when it falls apart we sit around looking stupid. We are a head headed people with no unity. C. Delores Tucker tried warn about rap lyrics and the collective black population gave her our behind to kiss. We are hardheaded and we hate those who love us and care for us. Generally speaking of course.

  8. He is absolutely right and these hip hop people, who are making money off of our kids, should all be called out.

    • Your kid who doesn’t have a parent intelligent enough to raise their child to decipher reality from fantasy is who should be called out Uncondition your child Deprogram them before it’s too late You sleep sheep

  9. He is right. hip hop has ruined our people. Never really understood the use of the word nigger i dont care how it is spelled. nothing about the word should feel good. our people need to wake up.

    • What do you mean you don’t understand the use? Retard If we were never labeled by our skin color we would never refer to ourselves as a negro Are you stuck in the Stone Age?

      • I’m no retard. I’ve just never supported calling each other nigga in our culture. difference is as a whole we spend the most in the economy and not respected and allow all these negative images and say its entertainment. Where has it gotten us.

        • We sell out for riches Not to selfdestruct our progression for our race It’s an inevitability that lingers w/ fame & fortune

  10. Then he’s going against his own people by calling out hip hop. We all know the Jhews own and run the hip hop industry. So what sense can you make out of that? I’ll tell you: none. He may have a Jhewish mother but he was raised Catholic.
    Hip hop culture, all things considered, has been both a blessing and a curse. It has nearly destroyed the dynamic between BM and BW and glorifying prison culture has done untold damage.
    In the words of the Gucci Mane parody “just got out of prison now I’m going back to prison.”

    • I Cosign that. I went to high school 1978-1981. All, I repeat all young black males wanted to go to college and get a good job. And all black males were frightened out of their minds about prison. They worked after school jobs, and they saved their money to buy cars, and clothes. As soon as they were old enough to work they got a job. That is the truth.

  11. Well Geraldo, most of the Black and Hispanic youth in Metro Atlanta are enrolled in College or a trade school, Hip-hop has saved and created alot of Millionaires, don’t know with the FUCK Geraldo is talking about

    • Heraldo Rivera is nothing but a Fox news mascot who has a very short memory because he’s obviously forgotten how he’s sold out the like of Poncho Villa and many other Mexican heros for mainstream acceptance.FCK this clown who got his nose broken and his ass kicked on national TV.

  12. yes we have created millonaires but are killed like dogs in the street. We are not respected because we don’t respect ourselves as a whole.

    • Which makes the point that it has come down to a class war more than a race war now. And that goes for white folks too who are falling into the lower class in record numbers.
      I know nobody wants to hear this, but if you are black and educated with plenty of money, life is totally different from what I read here daily. I want to keep my ties to those who have yet to ascend into the middle/upper middle class and I DO NOT think I am any better than the poorest welfare recipient in the projects. That could have so easily have been me if not for the accidental good fortune of being born into a self- made wealthy family. The coming years will find the struggle more about the haves and have nots, and less about the color of ones skin. No one’s life should be devalued to that of the dog in the street ever.

      • When i said beind killed like dogs in rhe street i was speaking abstact. I guess i shold have being clearer. Case point refer to Jonathan Ferrell who was a student at FAMU moved to NC was murdered. He crashed his car and knocked on someone’s door for help. Police came and he was shot 12 times 10 hit but police are not being charged. He had no record. So you are saying race is no issue?

        • I’m feel for the youth of today beacause of the images and music that are represented of our people as a whole are negative point blank. Hip hop has long been dead.

  13. Fuck dude! He has such a myopic perspective which is hate filled. This fool cant differ from coporate presentation and the true culture. Fuck all the sambos who think like he was TOLD to. Its deeper than what yall youngins see. True hip hop has been morphed to be packaged and sold. The broad labels and imagery bestowed on this culture are not from those who live/created it. The imagery is from the coporations. So this narrow minded puppet is speaking on the game the thieves created! Fuck the Sambo co-signers!

  14. Isn’t Geraldo Puerto Rican and Jewish. He can’t deny being Spanish with the last name. He played his part back in the day when he had his talk show. He’s the same person who said Travon Martin would have been alive had he not worn a hoodie. Geraldo is a hypocrite and part of the problem.

  15. I watched the whole season Leeza & Brandi told Damon he should sing the Hawaiian theme song because he was the darkest & looked the most Hawaiian Then when Geraldo volunteered Kenya’s ass but didn’t know her prior I knew he was racist as f*ck Thinking the team could capitalize off the rumors off the black chick’s fake fat ass Kate Goslin bandwaggoned & tried to eliminate Vivica when it was convenient w/ Kenya to help but every chance people were attacking Kenya she’d jump on that bandwaggon too Racist ass show overall Smh

  16. And he right!he forgot the rest of those buck wild shows, it is where they display strippers try’en ta be rappers, never showing intelligent women no it’s better ta show the sluts fighting and acting ridiculously out of control he’s correct I agree 100%

  17. he needs to shut his white Latino ass up!!, what about rock music?? what about heavy mental
    is funny how people are blaming black people for their problems. they need to consider the
    fact that white people’s music is a danger too

    Eminem raps about f*cking his own mother and killing his ex girlfriend. but it’s so interesting
    no one complains about him?? they always blame the “the black rappers”

    don’t forget Eminem did a racist song called “white america” black people don’t complain
    but if a black rapper did it white people would complain!!

  18. His point is moot because there was, has, and always will be “positive” hip hop out here (after the labels intentionally killed it for Gangsta Rap in the late 80’s). You just have to look for it because they’re not playing it on the airwaves. In my opinion, the movie “Scarface” has hurt the black and latino community more than anything ever has (but no one has ever called Oliver Stone out).

  19. Geraldo Rivera is not a so called Joo because his father is Puerto Ricans which makes him Puerto Rican.Rican.The man is the seed carrier and just because that wicked Talmud teaches that the mother determines the child is a outright lie to the fifth power.

    • Btw the real joos are the Negroes here in America and the rest if the 12 tribes of Israel are the Minorities of this councountry.Whites could never be joos and why would god chose a pigment less people as his chosen? Laugh out Loud.Ask Hitler what color the real joos where.

  20. man Geraldo was part of the problem how many fighrts he had on his show, how many drag queens and gays was on his show.

    all those gang members and rappers he had on his show in the 80’s and 90’s.

    he even called coolio his friend back in the day.

    he was best friends with sly stone and was the best man at sly’s wedding he was a cokehead and had sex with thoussands of women.

    Geraldo said himself he couldn’t leave the drugs and the women alone saying bette middl;er was a beast in the bed especilally when she does coke.

    now he complains about hip hop.

    phukk him and all those other bisexual freaky ass talk show hosts who served the gay agenda.

    jerry springer admits he does trash tv.

    jenny, ricki and sally are dykes somebody please give them some black dick.

  21. phukk Maury’s trans loving ass too.

    and sally dyke ass her daughter killed herself and she and her husband were swingers.

    jenny has no kids but wanna tell you how to raise your kids on her show and sally and her dyke ass friend pat something.

    and remember that gay ass metro looking black guy who came out on maury swearing he was helping troubled kids and broken relationships.

    yeah that’s it bnext time I mistreat my girl get a muscular black duide in a WIFEBEATER AND TIGHT PAnts to yell at me.

  22. Geraldo is not saying anything new, this blog talks about this on a regular basis. Hip-hop has amplified the dysfunction that is already present in our race. The numbers don’t lie. Being dumb is cool and smart is bad…Mind State! Evil ones always target the youth by default…Remember This!

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