Is NeNe Leakes Leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta?


NeNe Leakes is getting ready to step down and quit her role on the reality show, Real Housewives of Atlanta. Know why? Because NeNe thinks RHOA is no longer classy and that her new cast members are too ratchet.

Here’s what NeNe Leakes said:

“I’m embarrassed about a lot of things that happened. In the beginning when it started, I was having fun. I would have to say now I am not having as much fun.

I feel like there are girls that come on the show because they are thirsty… and they are willing to do anything to be on television.I feel like anybody, whether you’re a good person or not, if somebody pushes you up against the wall, you do have a breaking point.

There are times when you will say and do things that you wish you hadn’t said and done. You don’t want to be seen that way. There are times when I do go home and wish I wasn’t seen that way because I am not that person every day. And so I do feel bad about certain things that happen on the show.

I think our show, in the beginning if you will, it was more about reading and being shady and no physical fighting. I think as of late, it has become very nasty, because I feel like the networks have to compete with one another. There are some shows that are physically fighting, drinking, and I think they have to now compete.”


  1. It’seems just time for ALL of these scripted reality shows (and I use that term loosely), to be cut out!

  2. I HOPE SO!! I HOPE SO!! Get Sasquatch OFF the show and I’ll watch it again. Then I’ll follow the tabloids to watch this “Rich Bitch”‘s fall from grace. She is one of the worst attitudes on TV.

    • HAHA! Good one!
      I gotta say if you too rachet for Nene, you are too rachet for planet earth.

    • Thank you! SHE’S the reason the show is no longer fun to watch…but I don’t believe she’s ready to quit. She just leveraging her threat to “quit” to get more money.

  3. I think she is full of it. She fought and acted a fool on these shows for a check also. Now if she has actually grown and wants to change for the better I’m all for it. But she shouldn’t act like she didn’t try and get physical with some of her cast mates.

  4. Thirsty? I guess Nene is referring to Demetria and Claudia. Nene has never been classy and ratchet is Nene’s middle name. Its been long over due and Andy better kick her to the curb.

  5. What an epithany? And how timely, since she brought ratchet behaviour on her first day.
    she is just mean all the time.

  6. Nene been selling wolf tickets for the past few years saying that she’s leaving the show. You’ll notice that her talk of leaving always seems to come towards the end of the season and near the time to renegotiate contracts. I think this is just another ploy to up her salary on the show.

    • I 100% agree but with Kenya bringing so much CHAOS NeNe might just lose out on the biggest paycheck that she has ever received …the irony in that

      • Chaos? From Kenya? NeNe is the show trouble making ghetto bug. NeNe has been a shyt starter from the days of Sheree and Kim
        It seems as that most people who support Niecy is from the ghetto (or ghetto minded) or from Athens

  7. Nene know she need to stop! She’s as ratchet as they come!! LoL ..most of the other ladies from the show ain’t with all that bullshit that nana brings.. Lmao

  8. Her personality is the most f*cked up out of all the women.. nasty, nasty, and then more nasty. Go somewhere.

  9. now that nene is rubbing shoulder with white folk she’s acting like big headed like most black folk do
    nene is hypocrite she practically told porsha to ditch her husband!!!

  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah…..she says this every reason like people really are pressed. She is really feeling some type of way since she became hollyweird….meanwhile, they are laughing at her big bird awkward killing country bumpkin self.

    • But in fact, the ugly ass inside and out bitch got Bravo by the throat. NeNe knows that shit & straight running w/it. THEY created that monster now they got to feed it.

  11. So she considers herself to be classy?She has willingly engaged in the drama like the rest for a check,but now she’s over the drama? Yeah okay! I believe that she would have left the show in a hear beat if she knew that something more interesting was available to her..something less reality and more prime time or mainstream. No better offers are coming in that’s exactly why her azz is where she is on RHOA..7 seasons later .still talking about leaving…

  12. If NeNe is really leaving, You best to believe
    she has a lot of projects lined up to keep the
    checks rolling in. Girlfriend is no Fool. Remember, NeNe Keeps her Hustle On and Knows how to Grind to keep the cash flow intact. If leaving the show would jepoardize her life style, she would probably stay a few more seasons doing the same old same up to drum up more controversy and to keep her in the style in which she has come accustomed to , Money Honey. On the other hand she just might be using the end of the season to drum up a better salary for upcoming seasons, but she is probably willing to Roll the Dice with this ploy because she has a great backup plan with other projects that are in the works, if negotiations fail.
    Eitherway, Remember she’s the Bitch (Respectfully Called) who sold the show to Bravo and brought Sheree and Kim along for the right in the Show
    in the first place. People seem to forget NeNe gave most of the women an opportunity to become famous by being on the show. NeNe is the one who recommended Sheree, Kim and some of the others to Bravo and because of it the women lives turned around for the better financially and fame wise. Plus dear old Kim got a loving husband (Kroy), A lovely Family, Money , Fame and a short lived singing career, Her Own Television Show and happiness out of NeNes putting her down with the show. In other words Nene seemed to help and some people may even say upgraded a those women. Remember, Sheree was going through a major divorce, very tough times and the show empowered her and gave her a platform to show the tough time her Bob giving her by not supporting her and the family properly, plus the show gave her some money that she probably needed and was happy to receive during a dicy and tough time ( it seems that way by the looks of things). Give Credit were Credit is Due NeNe May act a Fool to Get that Money, but NeNe Aint No Fool. Black People have used this method (playing the fool, the Comic wheter labeled that or not)in the entertainment industry to get and stay in show business for ages and it still works. So as long as Ms NeNe can make that money playing and acting like a Fool (sometime) or like She has lost her mind, remember it is calculated and just an act. Remember, things aren’t always what they seem to be. I applaud her. Keep getting your Ms. Nene

  13. I guess you are quitting don’t nobody like you anymore. She’s no longer the star Kandi makes about just as much as Nene on the show. She’s jealous of the other girls. She think if she leaves RHOA she will get more gigs people will take her more serious. Watch lol bet they want.

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